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The Results are in: Newmarket Gold Update

Last week, Ivan wrote a Letter on Newmarket Gold. This week, Newmarket Gold climbed over 28% while its peers fell flat. But how? How did Newmarket outperform other gold producer stocks by such a wide margin?

One of the Best and Most Undervalued Opportunities You Never Heard of

This week, Ivan Lo talks about an incredible opportunity that just presented itself, and tells a story of a company that may be one of the most undervalued producers that you probably have never heard of: Newmarket Gold

The Real Reason Behind the Iran Nuclear Deal Explained

The Iran Nuclear Deal has been signed and is now waiting for final approval. But why is it so important and why is Obama so adamant about getting it done? Here’s a look at the real reason behind the Iran Nuclear Deal.

Has China’s Steel Bubble Burst?

In today’s “Single Best Chart,” Bloomberg’s Brendan Greeley displays the decline of crude steel output in China. Watch the video to see more.

Why Oil Prices are Rising

This week, Ivan Lo shares the real reason why oil prices are rising. Contrary to what analysts and experts tell you, it has nothing to do with global supply and demand.

California Disastrous Drought: $10k fine for water wastage?

The Governor of drought-stricken California has called for a $10,000 fine for residents who waste water. This comes in addition to the existing penalty of $500 for serving water in bars and restaurants unless customers ask for it. RT’s Lindsay France reports.

Nuclear Arms Race Threatens the World

We are now closer to global catastrophe than we have been for nearly seventy years. While nuclear weapons have been thought of as the technology that could one day wipe out humanity, they are now making a comeback with the world in a renewed nuclear arms race.

The Cash Crop: Canadian Cannabis

In the latest episode of our Canadian Cannabis series, we take a look at how Canada is missing out on an economic windfall by continuing down a path of restrictive marijuana policies.

Oil Industry’s ‘Man Camps’ Are Dying

On “Before the Bell,” Bloomberg’s Betty Liu and David Wethe report on the repercussions of lower oil prices on industry perks. They speak on “In The Loop.”

California in Worst Drought in at Least 1,200 Years

Bloomberg Intelligence’s Kit Konolige and Yale University Senior Fellow Stephen Roach discuss California’s historic drought. They speak on “Bloomberg Surveillance.”

How Big Oil Leaned on Scientists Over Fracking Quakes

Bloomberg’s Matt Philips reports on big oil pressuring scientists over fracking wastewater’s link to earthquakes.

Why Does Yemen Have Such a Big Affect on Oil Market

Why Yemen Is Roiling the Oil Markets Yemen is the 39th biggest oil producer in the world, contributing only 0.2% to global output. So why does Yemen have such a big affect on the oil market? Watch as Yvonne Man…