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Is Canada Zinc Metals the Most Undervalued Zinc Play?19 min read

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  1. Franklin Fundoula says:

    It says that there is lots of community support,but have the FN been consulted and rallied to support this too? If not, then proper negotiations with the FN need to be addressed or this project will likely fail to meet its true predictions based on the failed negotiations of the Site C Dam planned for nearby..

  2. Joe says:

    Interest rates rise = real estate prices fall

  3. I have three mines in Colorado that will produce large quantities of zinc as a by product. With eight other highly sought after rare metals,Antimony being one. The deposits will last 125 years with 24/7 mining going on. Anyone care to get involved? We have not started mining. Looking to start summer of 2017. Montana RedSky is my name and you can find me if you google me. Looking to find real investors that want a real piece of the mining operations. I have ample samples and will even show the right investors the mines after non disclosure has been signed.
    Thank you, Montana

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