The Subprime Crisis Obama is Allowing, But Doesn’t Want You to Know11 min read

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  1. Clancey says:

    Obama has clearly done whatever he can to win the voters, even if it means screwing them.

  2. Lawrence Peterson says:

    If the whole world is printing, then the whole world is in the same boat. They’ll all figure a way out to skip paying the debt and work together and wipe it out.

    1. Bigshot says:

      You’re an idiot. Other countries would revolt if that every happened. The world may work together but there are many nations that despise one another. Russia for example

  3. William says:

    Obama’s lack of business knowledge was supposed to be helped when he surrounded himself with mart people( friends). The Secretary of Labor,Energy, Transportation, Health, State, Defense, Envor., Education, ETC. GET THE POINT EVERYBODY HE HAS HIRED HIMSELF HAS EITHER QUIT OR BEEN FIRED AND HE TAKES NO BLAME ALSO SOME HAVE RETIRED BECAUSE THEY KNEW HIS LIES WOULD CATCH UP TO HIM. He treats China better than he treats our best Neighbor CANADA and he has hurt them immensely because of his borrowing from China he has to give them perks and he uses Canada as bait. We do not need them (CHINA) THEY NEED USA and CANADA and OBAMA has thrown CANADA under the bus and know they won’t help him no more, Please forgive us CANADA for we knew not that Obama was a snake, make him pay or he will have his Muslim Brothers running the USA!

  4. Malcolm Smart says:

    Blame Obama! Blame Obama! Blame Obama! Despite the fact that Presidents have no control over the Fed. Right? You Tea Party Republican Types have no shame, no trace of objectivity!
    Your article didn’t mention inflation. Why? Because there’s none? Ha! See how I knew you were biased?
    Why did I waste time reading your article? Aren’t you one of those ‘Pump’n’dumpers’?

    1. j says:

      Want to find out where you live.Here in So California,there is plenty of inflation,in goods and services.Lots of product downsizing,everywhere I look.Actual inflation can be found by multiplying govt figures by 2.5-3 times.That will give you inflation,well over 5%.

      1. Ben Broaden says:

        uhhh…Malcom…I am pretty sure Equedia is Canadian.

        Someone really likes Obama.

  5. Patricia says:

    Thank You, Ivan !! Your education and information
    is very timely for all of us retail investors. In particular, I appreciate your honesty and “telling us the facts” that many bankers and politicians neglect. Kindest regards, Patricia
    P.S. We all need to proceed with caution, and open our awareness to massive government debt and
    massive private debt !!

  6. Goldeye says:

    Great commentary Ivan! Ultimately, the only tangible “insurance” governments and individuals can buy to get through the coming financial tsunami is gold. Which begs the questions: how much gold does the U.S.A. really own, is there really any gold left in Fort Knox, why isn’t the U.S. buying massive amounts of gold like China and Russia, and just why are the Germans demanding the repatriation of their gold from the U.S.? If the U.S. dollar is to continue as the world’s reserve currency, the Fed at some point will have no choice but to back the dollar with gold.

  7. William says:

    Obama called Zimmerman a White Mexican so what does that mean is he a White Black Muslim President who likes to play golf and live in a house on tax payers money or does he lie everyday because he has learned what the word Veto means. Maybe it is just that he can exempt all his friends so they don’t have to live by the rules that Nancy Pelosi says when we get to that page we will see what it says. Really what color is he, that should not matter but it does to him just like when he called Zimmerman a White Mexican. Does he know that he lives in the White House or was that just his TV monitor and he did not know what he said. Maybe he is just color blind and thinks we should all do what his Muslim Book Says! He should take a look at what the Constitution says he might realize that you treat Americans voters with respect not by the different shades of color which brings a good question, what shade of an AMERICAN COLOR IS HE IF ZIMMERMAN IS A WHITE MEXICAN?

  8. Malcolm says:

    Every Tom, Dick, and Harriet, can’t set the Inflation Rate. In the US, it is the Labor Dept. – an impartial and independent body, in any Administration, whatever anyone else thinks, that sets the rate. Case closed.
    Exactly where did the President call Zimmerman, a ‘White Mexican’? Where? Where? Give me the quote. I dare you! Zimmerman has shown his true colors AFTER the trial!

    1. Tanya Gerard says:

      Malcolm, while I understand what you’re trying to say, you really need to open your eyes and stop defending Obama with hate. If you think inflation is non-existent, you need to learn what inflation really is and how the numbers by the Fed are drawn up. Spending your way out of a problem is not good as far as I have been taught growing up. Obamacare will cripple America.

  9. shroyer says:

    Don’t miss the points made in the article. But don’t miss the fact that the stock market has benefitted anyone holding stocks, not just the rich. Not many investors could imagine the Dow at 15,000, when it was at 6,600. And don’t miss the boat when the Dow soars to 21,000 and over in 3 years. Be alert and get rich too!

    1. Jones says:

      I’ve been following the Equedia Letter for a long time and Mr. Lo did indeed predict that the S&P would set new highs. He never said stay out of the markets, but rather told people not to miss the boat. I subscribe to many advisory letters and they all scream doom and gloom.

      The facts presented in this report show us just how leveraged we are. In the long run, stocks will keep rising. But that doesn’t mean we don’t take deep pauses as we did during the tech boom.

      From my interpretation, Mr. Lo is telling us that we’ve had a great run since 2008, but eventually we’ll crash before we climb. Just becareful.

  10. Malcolm says:

    Ben, all I’m saying is that the Fed. is independant and Pres. Obama or no other Pres. can ‘allow’ or ‘disallow’ what the Fed. does. That’s all!

    1. Ben Broaden says:

      Malcolm, they are independent of each other but Obama nominates the chair of the Fed. The Fed doesn’t control the debt ceiling or the spending of the government who has needed the Fed to buy its bonds because other countries simply wont fund the Americans as much as the americans would like.

  11. Malcolm says:

    Hate? Please, no hate! If you won’t accept the Labor Dept. Stats, Discussion’s over! Fact – Spending has decreased since 1911. Congress supplied funds to fight recessions before 2011. Bad Luck for Obama after 2010! Tanya, if you can’t see the need for Universal H.C. Ins., as all Industrial countries have, I give up! The US Infant Mortality Rate is higher than Europe. Without malice.
    Ben, Presidents get to appt. Fed. Chiefs. Most stay on after 1 term, and are left in place by a new Pres. All have same objectives

  12. William says:

    I am so sorry that Obama thinks you spell Canada like China he is a looses and has thrown the Americans and Canadians under the bus, I wish he would get under the bus. I Love and respect my neighbors from Canada please do not feel Americans are for Obama those ones that have never been conned so much in there life. I am not one of those I knew Obama was a snake , Please accept my apology for a President without no morals or integrity, he has hurt Canada and I respect what ever Canada has to do to stop Obama from putting the screws to you. I do not want China I want Canada who takes care of there land and people being forced financially to go China’s way, neither of us need Communism or Muslim Brotherhood Obama’s friends from getting between our nations as friends, we are different but we all bleed red and Obama’s looking down at Canada is not how Americans think, they just got conned by the Devil’s Apple which is Obama’s Muslim ways hopefully Obama will step down because if he doesn’t stop we will all be run by the Chinese Communism and Muslim hate now is the time to not take his snake bait!!!!!!!!!

  13. amabobama says:

    Thanks for your astute explanation of why the QEn haven’t yet produced inflation.

    My question is what do you think Janet Yellen will do about the situation? She surely understands it and knows that if further stimulus does eventually flow into investment (and the sign of that will be rising employment), Americans will suddenly turn optimistic again and start competing for loans–with the inevitable consequence that interest rates will rise.

    Yellen probably foresees this. But she will nevertheless push ahead with more stimulus, because she knows that a 4% rate on U.S. debt, while unsustainable with the GDP at 2%, is easily covered by the new revenues that will come from a 3% GDP. And those new tax revenues will be voted on unanimously by the new Democratic Congress of 2014.

  14. Joe Barile says:

    Ivan, lets wake up here for ONCE. I have no doubt gold will have its day and I enjoy your letter but for crying out loud you gold pundits need to wake up. I have made more money following my own intuition on cycles than listening to the constant pounding of gold and silver pundits about the upcoming bull market. Gold will have its day not until all capital flows have done their thing in this very complex world. Yes there are some great deals but guess what gold will go to 1000.00 or less and silver will go to 16.00 or less SO,,,,, why not tell your readers to wait and buy the absolute capitulation that is sure to take place. Then I hear Puvlava, Moriarity, Schiff, and yada and yada, buy the deals yes but why not wait until it is a REAL DEAL. This madness needs to STOP. I am quite frankly surprised at you, you have educated us well and your pics haven’t even been bad BUT the gold bull is 18-24 months away and you know it. Let it go, educate your reader now on waiting for the BIG SHAKEOUT, when there is no bird left in the tree, and then fly then fly in to pick up as many worms as you can. THAT MAKES SENSE MY FRIEND. JB.

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