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The Rise of the Retail Investor10 min read

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  1. Brian Kreutzer says:

    I wholeheartedly agree with this letter.

  2. GEORGE HALL says:

    I will expect your next Equedia letter to arrive by e-mail tomorrow.. .

  3. Jerry Hefner says:

    An incisive report. My investment philosophy has changed from speculative to long term positions primarily with dividends. Covid has affected much and my mindset as well.

  4. Al F. says:

    “…If the market can hold off until the U.S. elections next year”

    Excuse me, I thought the U.S. elections were this year! 🙁 (Correction required!)

    1. Equedia says:

      That was an excerpt from a Letter in April 2019…last year…no correction required 🙂

  5. Every Person says:

    Ivan…appreciate your consistently excellent work. Wondering what your thoughts are if Trump, or Biden, militarize the distribution and possibly military personnel doing the injections. Seems like all bets are off if that happens and chaos may ensue. What do you think ????

  6. no I'Mspartarcus says:

    LMAO… “retail investment”?!?! or as Bloombullshit and CNBS call them “the bottom feeders”…. or as Mr Einstein would put it… Criminal, parasitic insanity – doing the same thing over and over again and then expecting different results…

  7. Akash Maan says:

    You know the internet is full of phony ” investment experts ” talking crap ! But this letter: it’s just precious, invaluable insight. Thank you Sir, thank you very much.

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