What a Stock Bubble Looks Like

In today’s “Single Best Chart,” Bloomberg’s Scarlet Fu displays equity bubbles in various sectors over the past 40 years on Bloomberg Television’s “Bloomberg Surveillance.”

High-Frequency Trading Risks Prompt Crackdown

Bloomberg’s Keri Geiger and Columbia’s John Coffee discuss the crackdown on high-frequency trading with Trish Regan and Matt Miller on Bloomberg Television’s “Street Smart.”

U.S. Stocks vs. China Stocks

In today’s “Global Outlook,” John Dawson takes a look at the U.S. stock market compared with China on Bloomberg Television’s “On The Move Asia.”

The Outlook for Canadian Stocks

Here’s our outlook for Canadian stocks in 2014, why the TSX Venture could do well this year, the Multilateral CSA Notice 45-312, and the outlook for mining stocks focusing on gold and uranium.

Are The Markets Rigged?

Are the world’s stock markets rigged? Amanda Lang takes a closer look at the system that’s supposed to benefit many, but actually enriches a few.

How Hidden Fees Swallow Gains in Managed Futures

Starting with a long-standing and successful fund in Florida to show the attraction of Managed Futures, Bloomberg’s Willem Marx travels to NYC, Austin, Chicago and London for interviews that explore how fees for some funds and their intermediaries can swallow up every cent of the trading gains over a ten year period.

The Reality of Canadian Debt Levels

A look at the realities of Canadian debt levels, the direction of Canadian housing, the trend of Canadian stocks, and the Fed’s real intentions.

Carson Block Vs. NQ Mobile

Bloomberg Television’s “Lunch Money” Host Adam Johnson reports on the battle between Muddy Waters’ Carson Block and NQ Mobile.  

How Leveraged is the Stock Market?

How leveraged is the stock market? A look at the record margin debt level of the NYSE vs. the S&P and what America pays in interest on its loans.

How the Government Borrows Money

A look at how the government borrows money, how money works, how the biggest paper asset bubble is being created, and a simple explanation on gold price.

Mark Cuban: Glad I can afford to stand up to SEC

Mark Cuban is “glad he can be the person who can afford to stand up to the SEC.” Cuban also says the SEC needs to “treat American citizens the way they should be treated,” reports CNBC”s Andrea Day.

Why Banks are Being Forced to Create a Stock Market Bubble

A look at why banks are being forced into creating the ultimate stock market bubble, and a look into past Equedia Letters to explain market performance.