Metals and Mining

When to Sell Gold

This week, Ivan Lo talks about when to sell gold, where and how to invest, and gives a teaser on his next featured company report.

Another Record High: How Job Numbers are Derived

A look at how Job Numbers are Derived, the race to debase, America’s QE weapon, Canadian inflationary pressures, gold outlook, and Obama’s reelection.

Watch the Throne: Who Controls the Money

A report on the value of the dollar, who controls the money, the currency war, the QE weapon at work, gold seasonality, predicting Obama’s reelection.

The Brink of War – Why You Should Be Scared

I am about to share with you a timeline of events that will not only shock you, but give you a whole new perspective of the world’s financial system and why its putting us on the brink of war.

The Assassination: The Effects of US Money Printing on World Currencies

A report on the massive initiation of money printing by the world, how the US is devaluing its currency and how it stacks against the Canadian, Aussie, and Yuan.

A Weapon of Mass Destruction: Currency in a Financial War

How currency is used in a financial war: A look at how US is fighting China in trade using currency as the main weapon.

America’s Gold Wiped Out

America’s Gold Wipe Out? A look at whose winning the currency war between China and the US, as well as how bad America’s finances really are.

A Cash Flow Machine: Timmins Gold

I am about to introduce you to another opportunity that many analysts believe is, “poised for considerable growth in both production and earnings over the coming quarters.” I am expecting this company’s upcoming quarter to be the best they have ever had. Combine that with events that are about to take gold into new territory and we could see this company rocket to a whole new level. Let me tell you why…

Another Massive Discovery: Balmoral Resources

A report on the significance of the massive discovery by Balmoral Resources at their Martiniere project.

Your Last Chance: The Debt Crisis

A look at the debt crisis and the only options available to deal with the fiscal mess plus the 2011 NBER working paper by Carmen Reinhart and Belen Sbrancia

A Really Big Problem: The Loss of Manufacturing

A detailed look at the US economy and its loss of manufacturing, as well as the housing, commodities, and credit bubbles that are getting bigger every day.

A Massive Discovery at MAG Silver

Something very important happened to the company that owns part of the world’s most important silver project…It just confirmed another massive discovery. And I mean massive. An absolute monster.