Justin Trudeau’s Broken Promises13 min read

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  1. don taylor says:

    the liberal party has been one big lie ,just to get elected, led by a very unqualified delusional leader,that is going to lead Canada to being very much in debt within the next 4 years

    1. Bryn Fox says:

      There is the problem. It is in the lies of the politicians to us the electorate. There needs to be a call back law established where if a party goes beyond what they promised to do, the people can recall them and have a new election. To not impliment such a law leaves us exposed to their lies that are in fact criminal misrepresentations and fraud. And for the politicians to then do other than what they promised is treasonous. They need to be held to account rather than be allowed to (what really amounts to ) get away with murder at our expense.

      1. Your thinking is very much the same as mine in this regard. I might add that it does not matter which party they are, a crook is a crook. As politicians all seem to be of the same stripe it wouldn’t take too awful long before they would be weeded out and replaced with leaders.

  2. don taylor says:

    I thought that CBC meant “Crowned By Corruption”

  3. Mike says:

    Absolutely they knew. Your statement is right on. What is happening though is a change pushed down by extreme liberal thinking, preying and/or catering on the growing class of people that luck education and actually not interested in making any effort, the entitled. They would rather get more without putting in the effort to better themselves and have bought into the income redistribution theories of Obama, Clinton who has gone far more to the left than ever to claim this new source of voters and of course Bernie Sanders who champions socialism!

  4. Gerold says:

    Liberal means they liberally spend taxpayer’s money to bribe voters. Unfortunately, it works.

    “A democracy cannot exist as a permanent form of government. It can only exist until the majority discovers it can vote itself largess out of the public treasury. After that, the majority always votes for the candidate promising the most benefits with the result the democracy collapses because of the loose fiscal policy…” – Tyler

  5. Gerold says:

    And, contrary to the myth of Canadian banks’ stability … they were actually bailed out by the taxpayers.


  6. wal s says:

    The sheeple species needs to hear stories and fables in order to feel good. The political animal knows this therefore only the most skilled liers are elected in most modern democracies. The governing class and the entitlement class usually far outnumber the productive informed segment of society who are given the bill for the redistribution of their wealth.

  7. Mr. Trudeau’s most basic commitment is to “sunny ways.” He is far more interested in the power and drama accruing to a Sun God Prime Minister than anything else.

    We should look forward to many grand gestures and impressive initiatives – followed by the eventual, necessary accommodations to reality.

    The Budget (March 22, 2016)

    As the money erupts in a blaze –
    Let’s rejoice in the new sunny days;
    We’ll party right on
    Till the moolah’s all gone
    And we’re trapped in the debtor’s dark maze.

  8. Fred Dimmick says:

    He was taught by the best, his Daddy!

  9. Billy G says:

    Why is it if i lie about my taxes i am threatened with jail time and when politicians lie about my taxes they get off with an excuse ?????

  10. It is extremely unfortunate that those who voted the Liberals were being duped or are they really that ignorant.. What did they find attractive in the liberals campaign promises, anybody with any financial sense knew the promises could only be kept at massive deficits. Trudeau, is an idiot whose pie in the sky ideas are really worth nothing.
    Liberal voters pay please pay that is what you voted for. Maybe in about another century you will have learned that the liberal party is the tax and spend party because government knows best rather the dumb citizens.

  11. Mac R says:

    This article is right on true to fact. But I am surprised that no mention of the Bank Bail-in Regime on page 223 of the 2016 budget. CBC does not report on it. This makes every depositor a creditor in the case of a bank failure. Think banks won’t fail in Canada! Think again they all exposed to oil & gas which is a dying industry and high derivative exposure. 2 out of the 5 banks will fail in a derivative crash alone! This us what Canada now has in common with Cyprus
    Sign the petition http://www.handoffmymoney.com should be viral!

  12. David says:

    What happens to Canadians if there is a financial catastrophe? Mr. Trudeau could balance the budget by selling selfies with Himself.

    1. Dianne says:

      Good one, David….except who would buy them…….The photo op king….

  13. Brent says:

    The problem we have in Canada is wages aren’t keeping up with the cost of living. When 4 years of University scores you a $20 job and you have to pay half a million for that box to live in…… something is out of whack !!

  14. Barry Davis says:

    Hi there:
    On hearing the original 10 billion Deficit, I e-mailed Trudeau to say that it will likely be 20 billion, perhaps 30! And for the amount of Refugees, I said the real number will likely be closer to 50,000….and I see this number being bun-teed about lately. I guess you would call me a Racist as I do not like at all what I see. If I was a Native, I would be mad as hell that they can do all they are doing for Refugees and especially in such a short time Period.
    The thing that really burns my Bunns is Chemtrails and related Projects! If you TRULY UNDERSTAND the Operations of: Chemtrails, Morgellons, HAARP, Codex Alimentarius, GMOs, Vaccines, the Cyanide type of RFID Chip, Fluoride, Agenda 21, Iclei, Nexrad Stations, Ebola, etc…..you quickly come to the conclusion we are being slowly systematically KILLED. It takes an extremely good understanding of all these Projects…..once you have this understanding, you will believe it. I’ve been at trying to shut down Chemtrails since 2001. My MP freezes when I bring up the subject but keeps inviting me to her Environmental Meetings. Not one MP, MLA or Municipal Person has answered me as to what is going on……and on and on the Trails are delivered each day and up and up goes our Autism numbers including Dementia and Alzheimers being on the dramatic increase, too.!! As Bill Gates, Ted Turner and David Rockefeller, on Video, have said, they want the World down to 500,000,000 with Ted Turner wanting 300,000,000! That is one Powerful lot of killing to be done which plays well into my beliefs about the Common Denominator of Death!! Even the Georgia Guide Stones call for 500,000,000.

    I believe our Canadian Governments have ALL been told to shut up! The Media will not touch these Subjects and Governments will not touch them. The US Government wants Chemtrails for the Operations of Missiles and HAARP plus many other Reasons. In other Words, War is more important than the numbers of Autism greatly expanding. I’ve told Obama that he needs to get out of the business of meddling in other Countries Business, however, it likely fell on Deaf Ears. I will send you my Letter if you want a Copy! It is not just Autism……Nano Aluminium falling on our Glaciers will accelerate their Melting…….eg…….the Mt. Waddington Moraine was once 16 miles long….it is now 4 Miles long…..there goes our Fresh Water. Our Forest Fires will burn much hotter…..I’m in BC. Nano Aluminium burns hotter and better than Gasoline. Our Oceans will go more Acidic. Were you aware that Nano Aluminium changes the color of our Brains?? Yep, Dr. Russell Blaylock MD Neurosurgeon has done work to determine the Damage Chemtrails do to Brains……does anyone listen…..so far, after all these Years of asking, not a Sole replies. In the last Fed. Election, I thought opening up this subject with Opposition Parties would be the Idea they needed. Not a Word!! Don Davies MP, here in the Lower Mainland, has tried to help me have others in the NDP Respond. The excuses……we lost the Paper or just send it in again and my e-mails are never answered except for their Auto-responder. And I see now, this response is being left out.

    It is amazing the job being done to bury anything on Chemtrails or any of the other Names i have mentioned above! They have obviously been told to shut up or else. We certainly seam to be far too close to the US as what they want of us, yes sir, yes sir!! To me, this is very unhealthy especially with us having most of the Water in North America. I sincerely hope Donald TRump wins it all as the Democrats and Republicans are really one…….and want this good-ole-boys club to continue. Trump, I believe would make some major Changes for the Better. The Names of Clinton, Bush and Obama must be taken out of the World Scenes if things are to improve!!

    PS…..We breathe the Chemtrails and we eat them…..all 49 Ingredients. If you wish, I can send many Sites that will show you what is going on. What is going on…….remember all the Money the Major Car Companies paid to make their Cars meet the Pollution Limits….they spent Billions!! A Chemtrails Plane uses 3,000 Gallons of Fuel per Hour. I’ve counted 80 in one day over me. Sooooo, we clean up our Cars at great expense and at the same time, drop CO2 on us at great expense! As I say, 2 ahead and 3 back! And….the Jets of course do not drop just CO2 from their 3,000 Gallon Exhaust! And once again, nobody will answer me as to who Pays this Bill which I estimate is at least several Billion a Month! Canada is not getting out of this free!

    1. Chris says:

      Barry I would love to have a copy of that email and some of your research. I’d like to go to our own health ministers as I have kids and I don’t want them ingesting any of that garbage. It’s also very expensive to live healthy now, which is the on icing on the cake

  15. Jim Stewart says:

    My main concern is that we have a return to an inclusive government not what we experienced for the past 10 years.
    Harper warned us but we didn’t listen.
    As for the deficits and debt..why are Harper’s debt and deficits good and Trudeaus bad.?
    I have asked MP Rona Ambrose and MP Lisa Raitt to explain. No answer so far.
    As to Budget2016 and its debt and deficit implications, bond strength rating agencies on whom we rely for unbiased objective financial report card of our fiscal health, agree that the budget is reasonable in these economic conditions.
    No changes to credit ratings are foreseen.
    Imagine how much better Canada’s fiscal strength would be if we had had another $100 billion in tax revenues over the past 10 years. This could have happened but a vote seeking faith based eco isn’t turned PM cut the GST.
    He could have had smaller deficits..And so could we.

  16. Kingsley Beattie says:

    I believe that Trudeau and his associates did lie. I believe that, with very few principled exceptions, all politicians lie, or mislead, to get elected. Once elected the practice continues. I spent a lot of time preparing correspondence for various Ministers. I believe that anything one does, or does not do, with intent to deceive, is a lie. Direct lies were dangerous and were avoided. When truth was to be avoided we resorted to deception and avoidance of addressing the issue in question. When I get replies from politicians I recognize the pattern has not changed. We Canadian voters should not expect the pols to admit to failures and incompetence.

  17. Kingsley Beattie says:

    I believe that Trudeau and his associated did lie. I believe that , with very few principled exceptions, all politicians lie, or mislead, to get elected. once elected the pattern continues. I spent a lot of time preparing correspondence for various Ministers. I believe that everything one does, or does not do, with intent to deceive, is a lie. Direct lies were dangerous and were avoided,. When truth was to be avoided, we resorted to deception instead of directly addressing the issue raised. When I get replies from from politicians, I recognize the pattern has not changed. We Canadians should not expect the pols to admit to failure and incompetence.

  18. WakeUp Peaple says:

    “We should do away with the absolutely specious notion that everybody has to earn a living. It is a fact today that one in ten thousand of us can make a technological breakthrough capable of supporting all the rest. The youth of today are absolutely right in recognizing this nonsense of earning a living. We keep inventing jobs because of this false idea that everybody has to be employed at some kind of drudgery because, according to Malthusian Darwinian theory he must justify his right to exist. So we have inspectors of inspectors and people making instruments for inspectors to inspect inspectors. The true business of people should be to go back to school and think about whatever it was they were thinking about before somebody came along and told them they had to earn a living.”
    ― R. Buckminster Fuller
    It’s not Trudeau, knowing or not knowing, or who is rightfully to blame; it’s all of us and the system. Accept it, Get over it, Keep moving towards your ambitions. The system will change, but you don’t have that much time.
    Finally, think about this.
    “You never change things by fighting the existing reality.
    To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.”
    ― R. Buckminster Fuller

  19. Bryn Fox says:

    A law needs to be established to prevent this insanity of bald-face lying to the voters just to get elected. The Liberals are notorious for it. THE LAW NEEDS TO ALLOW FOR A CALL BACK OF THE GOVERNMENT IF THEY FAIL IN THEIR PROMISES TO THE ELECTORATE. A law as such It is essential to prevent the country falling victim to this fraudulant and treasonous behavior. Theres no way in hell the Liberals would have been voted in had they honestly said they’d indebt the country another $120Billion. Trudeau commited a crime of fraud and misrepresentation against the electorate.

  20. Greg Finucan says:

    There is NO doubt in my mind that Trudeau and his lackeys blatantly, willingly, and thoughtfully lied to Canadians.
    The absolute BS of politicians is destroying Canada.

  21. RedDog says:

    I don’t think the Liberals (or anyone else) realized how far the economy was falling until after the fact (oil and C$ sinking to 52 week lows), and going back to change his estimate during an election campaign is something he did not want to risk leading the polls. However, I also think that even if he did come back and say it would cost 30B, he would have an ailing economy to blame and believe he still would have won easily because of Harper’s government collapse.

  22. Terry McCoy says:

    Trudeau panders to Ontario and Quebec. He does not care that due to low world oil prices thousands of Canadians have lost their employment. Low prices are not his fault but the delays, additional red tape that his government has instituted towards moving oil to tidewater is criminal. Canada is a puppet if the US as our oil services their economy at prices below world level. Cheap oil from Canada is a bargain for the US and we are doing nothing about it. We sell to the US barrels at less than world price but buy oil from the Middle East at world price due to delays in getting a pipeline built from Montreal to St John.. The truth is this is the new National Energy Policy that he has resurrected from his idiot father.

    1. RedDog says:

      I wouldn’t sell Trudeau short even though his bias is green energy. My expectations are that Quebec will support an energy east pipeline provided Bombardier get that rescue package. I say they both go through …

  23. David Stafford says:

    I see some good advertisements on TV, and I see some that drive me nuts. Truth is, a good advertisement does work. So, why is advertising mot being used to point out to people that we have to look after ourselves,…..that we do not need more government – in fact, we need less government. We need less people being paid out of our taxes and less intervention by our government. I really think someone should be bringing this message to the masses. I don’t care who pays for the TV adds, but I think someone should give it a try. It just might work.

  24. TheTick says:

    Sounds like sour grapes from a bunch of Conservatives overwhelmed by a government with contemporary and creative ideas. Harper couldn’t buy an idea that didn’t involve war mongering, fear mongering or cuts to anything that might bring joy to Canadians. Trudeau’s been a breath of fresh air to Canada. He’s rebuilding Canada’s reputation as a peace-keeper and a force for growth and progress – something Harper destroyed every time he got in front of a microphone. The Harper ‘regime’, a never before used term to describe previously open and aware Canadian governments, was fitting to describe the oppressive, aggressive and paranoid rule of Harper. There’s nothing wrong with a government running a deficit to do what’s necessary to repair the country, especially one that was left as damaged as ours was by Harper.

    1. Craig White says:

      Can you readT? Can you comprehend what you read?

  25. dave galloway says:

    if he would support alberta and sask. oil industry instead of being ust like his dad he wouldnt have to be in debt at all

  26. Jack Notley says:

    JT will ruin Canada

  27. Samuel says:

    JT is an utter disgrace to Canada.

    Its appalling to see the way he spends the money of future generations at whim, not supporting our own at all.

    This guy needs the swift boot. Every $ his family has should be taken from him, and he should be cast to the streets.

    He doesn’t mind doing that to your family.

  28. Richard Patton says:

    Trudeau`s constant travelling/traipsing with selfies accompanied by hungry media needing print & video reminds one of Shakespeare’s cogent comment: “all sound and fury signifying nothing”. Canada`s debt will be evident for future generations. Government is not accountable to the public. Government has become arrogant. In the past, similar situations were handled by the public…called revolution. Too bad there is no legal documentation in our constitution to impeach incompetency.

  29. Alan Parkin says:

    Of course they lied, they are Liberals!!

  30. Jan says:

    You bet he is a spoiled brat born with a silver spoon in his mouth and has no idea about money, Canada is in big trouble

  31. Natalie thoma says:

    As a Canadian I am truly disappointed in what kind of man he truly is. Apple doesn’t fall far from the tree so I’m not to sure why anyone thought that he would be different . Canada is in serious trouble!!!! And thanks to MORON pm it will just get worst. He is going to bring this country to its knees. And the sad part he is just starting, look at the bull he has already created in just few months, never mind what’s to come at the end of his term. And please Mr. MORON, hope you read what actual real Canadians think of you, it is not only the west that you betrayed, Canadians across this whole country feel the same. And I’m sure if people could take back the huge mistake on voting for you, trust me they would. You are a disappointment on a massive scale. Traitor to your own people and much worst your own words. Here is maybe a word you should and probably will come a custom to…..YOU SUCK HUGE!!!! U don’t deserve to be where you are, and this is just the start of how people think of you, never mind what they will feel in four years. And P.S. Maybe you should brush up on your public speaking skills, you sound like a smuck, you embarrass the rest of us with your kindergarten tactics. I’m actually embarrassed for you….. Yours truly a proud westerner, who’s disgusted with YOU!

  32. Randy N says:

    I`m not sure where you have been looking but the Canadian economy was in trouble before JT took over. Harper just rode the wave of $100 oil to reduce the deficit. Created no jobs, sold us out to emerging countries and did nothing to create jobs that would be in place once the oil patch busted once again. Not like Alberta and Canada hadn`t seen this before.
    Canada had been a player in the world economy long before JT and will be long after, So JT has not sold us out in the 34months he has been in power.
    A big deficit just to create a big deficit is of no use but have any of you looked at what he is planning to do with this deficit, Spread infrastructure work from coast to coast not just in Alberta or Ontario for once. Jobs that will create income, which create taxes, goods and service purchases, that in turn create jobs and more taxes. DUHHH.
    Like I said Harper did little other than pay down the deficit with oil money total dependent upon Opec and foreign producers as far as its price goes. We needed him to create manufacturing jobs that would have turned our natural resources into finished products so that we can control the price of exported goods. But we sold raw materials to Asia and then bought back the finished product, Have you looked at China`s GDP lately compared to 10 years ago. Because if you have you might have a clue as to what went on in the past 10 years and not be concentrating on the past 4 months.

    1. Frank Shannon says:

      Randy he ran up the deficit by $138.9 billion in his time in office ! 8 deficits in 10 years ! Don’t forget the government of Paul Martin handed Stephen Harper the largest surplus ever given to an incoming Prime Minister

  33. Alvin says:

    Our govt like all the other governments of the world are tied to the country banks ie: bank of Canada that are owned by the ROTHCHILDS, they have signed agreements to borrow huge sums of money and collect taxes to pay it back with

  34. Gabriella says:

    Yes, Canada is in a bad shape and getting worse. But, who elected that young, inexperienced, ignorant man, into the position he is in? We did! We kept comparing him to Mr. Harper without knowing who Justin was, what he was capable of and what his intentions, the true intentions, were. We praised him for his youth, hair, looks, energy, his family, we were in love with him because he was an alternative to Mr. Harper…and many did not like Mr. Harper because he was tough, he cared about Canada, deeply, he did not play games.
    Justin caters to minorities because he knows that their numbers are to his benefit. The newcomers love him, he is their best friend – and he loves them back, for they are his ticket to the seat of the PM. We, the older generation , the men and women of this country that have built it, supported it, felt at home in it, are feeling ostracized, left behind, not cared for, ignored. We have what they wanted, those who voted for him, and should be happy today, they will do well by him, – and we will pay for all of his gifts to them!,
    My Canada is gone! – thanks to the shallowness and ignorance of the Canadians who voted for Justin!

    1. Frank Shannon says:

      Yes he cared so much he ran the Country in to debt $138.9 billion in the time he was there ! 8 deficit years out of the 10 he was there along with ruining the reputation of our Country , THE MOST HATED Prime Minister in Canadian history

  35. Frank Shannon says:

    Your obviously another Conservative organization or big time supporter of the Tory Party you are quick to jump on Justin Trudeau but Stephen Harper in his reign ran up $ 138.9 billion dollars his contribution to the net debt of the Country ! Then Brian Mulroney in his 8 year reign runs up deficits of $286.9 to add to our net debt of the Country ! The total for these two dumb dumb is $ 425.8 billion, and you people are ready to jump all over Justin Trudeau . As history will show the Conservatives run the Country into debt and the Liberals come along long enough to get us back running a surplus and Justin Trudeau will do it again !

  36. ” Without Prejudice”
    Justin has the same smock smile, like Obama. He’s just giving it to the Canadians, just like his father did. Did he not convert to Islam??? That is were his dislike for the Canadians come from. And he’s taken from Washington. Any other take on this???

  37. Louanne Bell says:

    Liberals Lie????? bite your tongue, Mr.Trudeau is a spoiled little boy who lives in a fantasy world. He will be the ruination of Canada. His Justice Minister is already playing the game on Bay St. where the Lawyers and big business is. Hang on Canada and watch the oil leave for the green green. A farce in itself.

  38. Heather McKenzie says:

    I don’t think they had any intention of keeping the deficit to what they said. Maybe they should not have taken the big raise for a start. How about for every lie they are fined part of their pay?

  39. Ted O'Hearn. ..not afraid to stand up for Canada says:

    I am very confused by your statements that all the increases and debt is the fault of our current PM when all your information is based on our last PM.
    As for a solid chunk of the new debt from 2014 to current spending, is also due to unpaid bills that the last PM failed to pay in order to create the supposed surplus, re-opening the veteran affairs offices that harper closed, transfer payments that were reallocated to cover over spending in other departments as well as spending still to come from harper promises that will adversely affect this nation.
    Those cover almost half the current budget spending, and the rest of the budget is allocated to bringing this country to where it should be.
    I for one, am very happy with it and look forward to seeing if he keeps the rest of his promises to implement change that will bring a better life for all Canadians.

  40. Brian Wallis says:

    Liberal and NDP are made of same garbage. They lie so often they think it is the truth.
    We shouldn’t be one bit surprised by the deficit and hate of oil. It was in his genes. I’m
    wondering why he doesn’t travel by horse and buggy.

    Fortunately the people of Saskatchewan weren’t fooled last week as the socialists got kicked
    to the curb. At least we have one politcian to speak for western Canada now.

  41. Barry says:

    they sold the uninformed magic and pixie dust and the canadiens bought it just like Obummer 7 years ago who helped o bummer gearld butts who is the prince of papineaus brain trust gearld butts Now for the rest of the equation of magic POOF the liberals are gone dont want to answer any ouestions . we are 3.5 years behind the states before we can get rid of these bums. But it might be to late the damage may be to great.

  42. What does every one expect from Truedope . His old man did the same thing .The interest rate was at 19% before he left power and people were loosing Their houses by the thousands . This was good for the big money people as invested money doubled in five yrs. But the ones with mortgages were in dire trouble . How soon the people forget and vote for a fool with nooo common sense.

  43. Peter Saunders says:

    Trudeau is a congenital liar, just like his father.
    He became PM by lying !

  44. Matthew says:

    Can we impeach the prime minister and bring back Harper now??? I never wanted medical Marijuana anyway! Dumb stoners!

  45. Jennifer says:

    Of course they lied. They would never have been elected on a$30 billion debt. This is a multi-generational debt that will be a huge mess for the next Conservative government to clean up.

  46. Jennifer says:

    JT and his band of thieves have bought the CBC with taxpayer $$$$$$$$$ so what more could we expect.

  47. Wayne says:

    Absolutely they planned the lies. They were banking on the gullibility of the Canadian Voter and that the average voter doesn’t understand the importance of a balanced budget, because they themselves run deficits in their home budgets. I believe the Liberal Strategy is to put Justin out there and build his popularity so again the gullible voter will overlook the economic crisis we are in. Just yesterday Justin was dubbed Mr Suave. OMG we are in big trouble?

  48. Rich Juhasz says:

    Of course they did! Liberals ALWAYS say ANTHING THEY BELIEVE WILL to get THEM elected. Remember PET, he said he wouldn’t bring in wage and price controls…., What did he do 2 months after elected, brought in WAGE AND PRICE CONTROLS!

    Jean Chretien, said he would scrap the GST if HE GOT ELECTED. What did he do? He didn’t scrap the GST, HE RAISED THE RATE!

    Did the Canadian Public really believe they could trust a Liberal to tell the truth?

    What do you get when you take the B out of LIBERAL? LIER AL(L) Emphasis added mine! The bottom line is a Liberal will say anything to get elected. TALK ABOUT A HIDDEN AGENDA! People are duped by the LIBERAL media!

  49. Marc, Earnest Joseph Gagne says:

    I strongly believe the CBC & CTC should be made accoutable for the use of public funds; such as bail out,s.
    I was appalled by the way Mansbridge was going on about Trudaue going through the house of parliment, was a sham.
    All Liberal leaders since his fathers time were nothing but Political Crooks; spending ,& giving our hard earned monies to worthless counties. The solution is quite simple, CBC & CTV be completly Audited. All of the Governing bodies of both of these Media outlets be fired; if one penny is used to promote any political party.
    I know for one Craig Oliver, who was a complete idiot the night of the election.
    There is no way an idiot like Trudaue and his Minister of Defence know what there talking about. They both lie about who they really are. The REMAINDER OF THE CHOSEN CABINET MINISTERS ARE AS BAD AS Trudaue himself.
    In my oppinion if you did not pay TAX,S in our contry, you simply should not be able to vote. This is the reason this idiot got in as the Prim Minister; with high school kids & Universety kids who still live at home and never paid Taxs. Plus the Media were constantly bashing the Conservatives and praising the Liberals. I for one (74 ) year old no longer believe in free Democracy, because of this last turn of events.

  50. richard garrett says:

    I’m convinced from knowing people across the country that the problem is that we Canadians are not concerned enough about
    our governments history and how the system works to make good choices come election time. The attitude of many is one of” it doesn’t matter who gets elected because their are all crooked anyway.” So I believe some how Canadians need to be educated
    and concerned enough to take action .Many people vote for a particular party because there parents voted for that party.
    When Trudeau was running my first thought was oh my God no! I lived thru his fathers reign and I know he was able to talk circles around “common sense”. Is that what determines a good politician. In reality the man was a terrible example to young people with his out spoken” fuddle duddel” smoking up on the hill, and its no secret about either parents vices. As the old saying goes the apple don’t fall far from the tree.I find it very difficult to understand how Justin ever got elected. Again ,common sense has gone out the window on this one.Look at his cabinet and who attends the same Mosk as Justin has and u will see whats happening to our country.If you have seen Obama you’ve seen Trudeau.

  51. Ron Cameron says:

    Debt is killing incentive to do better. The Federal Banks should be lending to the governments at zero % interest.
    Governments on their part must keep within certain economic restraints. Common sense should tell anyone what
    the right thing to spend money on is. The governments in Canada have allowed banks to get into the selling of stocks
    on the ponzii Stock Market. Now, Trudeau seems to have signed onto Bail in Legislation. if you want a signal sent to
    banks that they can take more stupid risks, this is it. Governments use our tax money to use on stupid ideas and are
    supposed to handle it with due care and respect. A lot of them should be jailed for malfeasance.
    Never have so many owed so little to so many governmental idiots. Do the right thing and get with it or get voted out of

  52. Christopher Best says:

    To be completely honest with you in regards to this report and in regards to Canadian politics in general. We as a people have set up in poor construct, a governing body that is mandated to protect and serve its people, and then we throw in so much opposition, counter say, appeals, and immature individuals as possible into that governing body that Sir John A McDonald is spinning in his grave. I feel like i want to vomit every time i watch a session of parliament and the immature children who run it. Case in point the assault scandal of Justin when he supposedly bumped that lady trying to fight for DUE PROCESS, but in slow motion didn’t even come close to her on video, made a public apology anyways and then ridiculed by his opposition endlessly. Mulclair should be in prison for speaking to the Honorable Premier (whoever it might be) in the manor he did. Justin was kind enough not to lash back, but Mulclair was treasonous in his approach. If i was justin, i would have summoned the rcmp to clear the house of all those who would DARE obstruct democratic due process and charge them all for treason for that dirty stunt!
    Of course he cant uphold his promises, the system is designed and operated by those who are able to successfully obstruct it. If constituants are not allowed to vote in organized, non harrasing manor even in the house, we have a much more serious issue than a few promises not kept.


    Of course they knew and then completely told the opposite to a whole bunch of people who figure the government should do everything for the population. This does not work in a democratic nation like Canada. We have to work hard and the government needs to look after foreign affairs and govern in a responsible way with domestic affairs. we certainly don,t need 10,s of thousands of refugees into Canada at a time when there is not enough work for everybody now. the present government is spending way beyond their means and my great grandchildren will still be paying for very fiscally ignorant Prime Minister and his helpers.

  54. wayne corbett says:

    lied all the way through ,hes nothing but a vote buyer and hes worse than his ond man was ,his whole cabinent is made up of crooks

  55. Jonathan says:

    Justin is a lot like his father only more arrogant. Growing up I remember Pierre and the mess he made of the country now his son is taking it to the next level of stupidity, in my opinion the Liberal party needs to repay the tax payer every dim they have misspent

  56. john says:

    Trudy and the socialist need to go sooner then later we cannot afford to wait till the next elections we need harper.

  57. D.Parent says:

    They don’t call them LIEberals for nothing. This whole Liberal Gov’t is a joke. Shame on those who voted this fool into power on looks and looks alone! Shame,shame,shame!! The sooner the Liberals ansd Trudough are gone the better!

  58. Tom Eastland says:

    Librral governments have always been liars, self serving and do not care about Canadians only Quebecers.

  59. Sara says:

    This situation is absolutely absurd!! Thats my money their abusing and no i do not agree with this at all!! Lord have mercy on this idiot who thinks taking us into ground breaking debt is smart!! Im sick of this prime minister he is doing things that are completely wrong and we have no proper media to get the truth!! He will be held accountable!!

  60. Donald Mostat says:

    Certainly they knew, it was the long term plan. It is a standard liberal practise, has alway been

  61. Mike peacock says:

    Do not watch CNBC anymore because of this they only paint liberal policy as near perfect what a bunch of bullshit same as Jt complet fool

  62. Craig says:

    We got to get rid pf this idiot

  63. Darrell Lamb says:

    Here are my thoughts on Justin Trudeau, Justin Trudeau is a drain on the Canadian people and should not ever have been elected to office. The only job he has ever held is a barback he is put our economy 30 billion dollars in debt for this year alone, not including the next three years that it goes up by 30 billion dollars every year, except for the last year that goes up approximately 20 billion for a total amount of approximately 117 billion dollars over his 4 year term. Canada needs to hold a referendum and vote NO CONFIDENCE in Justin Trudeau. I cannot will not ever call that man the prime minister of Canada he does not deserve that title, the only reason he has that title is because of his last name. It has nothing to do with any type of policies or anything he stands for. He hasn’t done anything for our country at all there’s been no jobs created, there’s only been money spent he is taking trips and vacations with his family on Canadian taxpayers dollar it is time we stop allowing him to Jet Set around the world. Take our government back. Failing to call the war on Isis is proof enough that he does not know what the hell he is talking about and neither does his defense minister. It just goes to show you how ignorant Justin Trudeau and his cabinet is, not to learn about what’s going on in the world today and what’s happening to Canada because of them.

  64. never voted for the liberals saw through all there promises but as they did get in thought l d give them a chance and guess what they failed me trudeau may be a nice guy but definitly, not a leader he has our country in his hands and God help CANADA WISH HE’D STEP DOWN BUT WE ALL KNOW THATS NOT GOING TO HAPPEN HE THINKS HE IS GOD l would say the devil him self

  65. never voted for the liberals saw through all there promises but as they did get in thought l d give them a chance and guess what they failed me trudeau may be a nice guy but definitly, not a leader he has our country in his hands and God help CANADA WISH HE’D STEP DOWN BUT WE ALL KNOW THATS NOT GOING TO HAPPEN HE THINKS HE IS GOD l would say the devil him self

  66. Laurie says:

    Trudeau has been lying to us from day one. I only hope this yahoo does not get re-elected, though by importing votes, we may be screwed and end up as bad as Europe, The lies and the the movie star lifestyle are not doing him any favors, except to naive people who are dazzled by a young prime minister. He is clearly not ready for the role he’s playing at. His advisors should not be school buddies, they should be older, experienced people. He needs to get out, take Wynn and her cronies with him. The Liberals are destroying this country, and I fear for future of us all both financially and for the basic security of this country.

  67. Don hayward says:

    Same as his father only worse, is being led and is not able to see it. Canada can not survive 3 more years of Trudeau.

  68. Kebon Hackett says:

    As long as these politicians, aka ; lawyers are UNACCOUNTABLE, they will govern more & more as if we live in a society if Royalty…or Communism ! Exactly why America / Canada were Founded…to escape ‘ The Old World’ !

  69. Judy Bowen says:

    It amazes me how many people only see and hear what they want to see and hear. i agree with all the comments. Ir was no different when PET was elected. Made no sense to me then and doesn’t now. Justin was elected because he promised to legalize Marijuana and make everyone’s life rosey. It made me sick to watch the meeting with Justin and Obama. Everything may be roses for them but what about the real people? That is why Trump was so popular. He promised change and the average person in North America wants change. There is a total disconnect between those who have and those who do not.

  70. Cari says:

    It’s all got to do with the hidden costs of the Refugees that we have our wide open door policy for. We should be looking after our own citizens first..postal workers haven’t had a contract in the last 2 years.
    The Refugees are being looked after better than our citizens and vets.
    We need to speak up as a country before we get too overburdened as we are now.
    We can’t afford to get into such a deep deficit.. CANADA STAND UP AND BE HEARD.

  71. Sandy Stanford says:

    Of course they did. Without a doubt. They BUY votes to ensure their political future. Lying bastards.

  72. Chuck Phelps says:

    Of course the Liberals knew they were going to have a much larger deficit. Eveyone except the liberal news tried to tell Canadians that the Liberal promises were far to expensive for their budget promises. The CBC can not be trusted on politics because of their ties to the liberal party. Sad but true.

  73. Dan says:

    Trudeau the piece of shit along with CBC a company that is even a worse piece of shit have to be put out of business. Sorry to be negative but enough shit is enough. This is just bullshit.

  74. Ron Cameron says:

    Governments of all stripes have taken our tax money and wasted it. I would not believe anything a politician says anymore , regardless of the party affiliation. The stock market has become another ponzii scheme and anyone who had half a brain would have seen the 2008 debacle coming a few years before it happened. Fools thought they could make money on the asset backed securities. The only way to really make money and feel good about it is to work and hard day
    and come home sweating. Pencil neck geeks tried to make bucks the easy way and all of us took a fall for it.
    Unless we can find a real government that truly believes in common sense there is no point in voting. It is time for politicians to be truthful and not to give us false hope. The stupidly low interest rate will eventually eat us up. Bail Legislation is another way to shift blame to the blameless. If they take money from my savings they had better watch out!

  75. J, HANSEN says:

    I’m so happy that we got rid of Harper and the Conservatives that I think the Liberal debt is worth the gain.

    1. J, McLean says:

      If your so happy, then you can pay my share of the taxes that it’s going to take to get Canada out of Trudeaus debt. I didn’t vote for him so I don’t think I should be taxed for his big spending and neither should anyone else that didn’t vote for him. Let’s see how long you’ll be happy then!

  76. Carl Peterson says:

    The economic outlook for Canada has always been bad for quite a while just that the previous government did not share that information don’t blame Trudeau look beyond that to the government’s from the past don’t be so short-sighted if all you think it’s Trudeau’s fault

  77. George D. Wright says:

    Stephen Harper Led us through one of the toughest times in a long time and he did extremely great , This was a time with great challenges. Stephen handelled this very well and led the country where we needed to be . What we are seeing now is the Trudeau goverment , wasting money and will continue to let out great country go into debt until we are on the brink of bankruptcy, then the next government will have to turn it around once again . A great ammount of the money being spent is not where it will do the most good IE. so much given to the CBC , All other networks have to raise their own money.

  78. Tim Reimer says:

    this is the way the liberals have always been! He had a good teacher! Why people are so stupid to buy into his bs mystifies the hell out of me. Truly insane. I think the west should separate.

  79. Jim Goodwin says:

    This guy is a complete idiot & should have stuck to Drama teaching. He is the worst PM that Canada will ever see & these Liberal-Loving voters are too stupid to see it !!!

  80. Jamie says:

    He has given to much money to other countries, and not created one job. He makes Donald Trump look good.

  81. Darla Demaries says:

    Not happy at all! Trudeau is driving Canada right into the ground and by the time his 4 years are over, Canada will be bankrupt. Trudeau is not competent to run our country and should be made step down from his position of Prime Minister! This is criminal what he is doing and it is not acceptable!!

  82. Kenny Finlayson says:

    Totally irresponsible!

  83. john mclaren says:

    Anyone with an ounce of common sense knew this promise was a complete lie!

  84. Pat Guertin says:

    He has no problem sending millions to countries like Iran and other countries that support terrorism. He has send millions to other countries including bringing in refugee’s for us to support ,these people were suppose to be living in camps when later found out they lived in apartments in Turkey.He has not created one job in Canada, yet continues to spend our money like a drunken collage student as well as acting like one. He promotes himself not the country. The money (our money) he has spent on travelling and on vacations is worse that Obama. He drags his family nannie’s extra security around with them NOT to mention taking his mother and in-laws on trips to Washington which was for Canadian Business since when do we elected a PM’s family? He has no right to send tax payers money on travelling with family he is a millionaire he can spend his own money. He sends money to Muslim countries for help build their economy WHAT ABOUT CANADA’S????He is a joke to other countries and so are we. He makes stupid statements and laws. He makes me ashamed to be Canadian. He keeps saying what he does is what Canadians and and expect, how would he know he never asked us! he is destroying our country (as Obama did to us) I doubt is our Allies respect or agree with his decisions on terrorists keeping their citizenship to Canada allowing them to travel to other countries be trained as terrorists and coming back to Canada. Four mosques in Canada have been tagged by US security as radical But oh no Justin just says Muslims are peaceful. Even when Canadians are attacked stabbed and killed by Muslims he has an excuse like they have mental l problems he he get them from the insane asylum? because that is his excuse all the time. He has bought the CBC and other media have Arab investors so we don’t hear anything bad about Canada or Muslim attacks from them. The truth is JUSTIN HAS TO GO while there is still a Canada left.

  85. Kate says:

    Of course they lied. There are only a few of us left as baby boomer voters. Most everyone behind us are “the entitled” or so they think, and they grab with bothe hands. We are on for a big fall. Look at Alberta. Big money, big fall. And Trudeau bought every one of there votes.

  86. Chris says:

    Start using the bank of Canada and stop debt servicing, problem solved.

  87. corey says:

    trudeau is a self serving traitor that is making canada into a 3rd world country

  88. Vance says:

    The economy has been weakened to the point of making Canada a third world country no surprise with the Liberals in power.
    Trudeau was always a spoiled brat that has no clue how the would works. Who ties his shoes and when he through’s a fit who wipes his ass This man is the lowest form of a human Bose not respect anything
    How have we came to this all you Liberals that voted for this garbage enjoy your high taxes you have it coming


    hello if we dont have money why bring Syrians our aboriginals need more help specially the teenagers.

    1. Lucille Marcantonio says:

      Because they want them to vote for the liberals who brought them here.

  90. Carla says:

    I don’t think Trudeau has the brains and I think he is stupid enough to believe everything he says. The Liberal Party was brilliant in their search for a party leader. Lets pick someone who people will get sucked into voting in. Approach so many minorities with promises that Canada cannot afford that we completely outnumber the self thinking intelligent people of Canada and have a popularity style vote. Trudeau has absolutely no experience at being a politician and no life skills either. Come on, a drama teacher and snowboard instructor. Canadians who voted for him should be ashamed. Now he thinks he is some kind of rock star and continues to squander hard earned tax dollars like a self entitled spoiled brat.

    1. Dianne says:

      Well said, Carla…..you hit the nail on the head….

  91. june Dobson says:

    is anyone at all happy with trudeau, i don’t think so,,,,,with him at the wheel,we are in some serious deep S-IT, and no hopes of seeing day light for a very long time,,the next government that gets in will have some very serious problems,,,and saying,”um” “ah” “”ah” “A” will not help us one wee bit,,, canadians should have known a “drama teacher” should NOT be running Canada, but they got fooled by his “nice hair”,, if he had any love for Canada,he would be man enough to step down and admit defeat,,but we won’t be seeing that happen any time soon,, the pay and perks are just too good,,we will continue to pinch our dollar a little tighter,wasn’t then and am not now a fan of trudeau,the writing was on the wall but no one wanted to see it,,,he never had to worry about money like the rest of us canadians and it looks like he never will,,hope we are able to survive this child,, only God knows that though,,,

  92. You know it’s strange that most people that get in financial trouble cut down on their spending.
    Now Our Government , they just keep piling debt on at a horrendous rate About $700 per second.
    That’s $42,000 per min.
    National debt clock http://www.nationaldebtclocks.org/debtclock/canada

  93. george &jean wilson says:

    Cannot wait for the next election when we can boot him out.

  94. Lucille Marcantonio says:

    I never voted for him and the liberals. Harper was 100% better. I am very angry with Trudeau and his crooks. We should have recall legislation in this country.

  95. Jim Goodwin says:

    Justin Turdeau would be the last politician in this country that would ever get my vote, he’s a liar, a spoiled brat that lived on his daddy’s inheritance & has NO idea of how to run a country !!! Just NOT ready & never will be !!!

  96. Kenneth Farrell says:

    Justin is just another Trudeau, no different than his father, cater to Quebec and let the rest of Canada sink into financial ruin!

  97. Arthur Aarssen says:

    Hi I was not one who shared anything the Liberals did to win the election. But I could see that he was going to win because of the large citys where the biggest population was were taking up all his rhetoric as if he was some sort of hero. How easy it is too fool people who don’t do the research.

  98. Rbj says:

    Impeach Him

  99. Janny says:

    Justin Trudeau is far to busy dancing in the pride parade and picking
    Fights with Mathew perry to keep his promises to Canadians

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