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  1. Richard VEDDER says:

    still in hole with TGOD

    1. Equedia says:

      Hi Richard,

      Thanks for your comment.

      Not sure what happened with your investment in TGOD, but we introduced TGOD at a price of C$3.65, and the Company traded within that range for nearly two weeks. The stock ran to highs of over $8 and is now trading at $5.65 at the time of this comment – still far above where we first introduced it.

      Here is the original report dated May 1, 2018:

      Hope this helps.

    2. Than Tun says:

      If anyone in or near RICHMOND,VA going to NC to deliver supplies to those in need, please let me know! I can offer a few things up like mini shampoos, a few jugs of water, and some canned food, peanut butter… it’s not a whole lot but I’d like to contribute as much as I can. Please feel free to share and maybe donate some supplied as well.

  2. Luc G. says:

    HI Ivan,

    Really great articles. I am happy to have discovered your newsletter. Have bought Vivo and NXO. I really believe in Vivo and think it can multiply several times over in next year. I also think it’ll be a buyout target. I am under impression that buyout offers are roughly double the share price. I would hope that it doesn’t happen until Vivo’s share price gets back in the 3-4 $ range at least. I really think this stock is a home run over next year or two. I am hoping for more than a 2x.

    1. Equedia says:

      Hi Luc,

      Thanks so much for your comment!

      We’re still big supporters of NXO and eagerly awaiting their corporate progress.

      As far as buyouts go, it’s hard to really peg a valuation for offers. In the Cannabis space, I would say its around 30-50% premium – but that doesn’t mean the Company may not run higher before those offers come.

      With tech, it can be much more.

      Best of luck with your strategies!

  3. Ishwar Persad says:

    Hi Ivan,

    Your article doesn’t mention TGOD in that list of Canadian cannabis players. Where does TGOD fit into the Canadian market? Do you still own TGOD shares? Thanks.

    1. Equedia says:

      Hi Ishwar,

      Thanks for your comment. Yes, we still own many TGOD shares, although we have sold some as a result of it climbing to over $8 in just over a month.

      It’s always wise to take profits in my opinion – although we have missed opportunities taking profits too fast, and vice versa, not taking profits when they were presented!

      TGOD currently has the 4th largest cash position, behind only Canopy, Aurora, and Aphria – the three of the four biggest companies by market cap (Tilray in 3rd by market cap).

      However, as far as patients go, TGOD has not announced any, nor do they have any significant revenues yet.

      TGOD is a big bet on management’s ability to deploy the significant amount of capital they have raised.

      In terms of funded capacity, TGOD is number 4 – again, only behind Aurora, Aphria, and Canopy of all the licensed producers.

      We like TGOD – just be aware of when some of the lock-ups that are in the money (including some of our own shares) become free trade in October.

  4. Bob says:

    Hi Equedia,
    Early in your article you mention OTC as ABCNF.
    At the end of your article you mention OTC as ABCCF.
    Which is it??????????

    When you mention TGOD and NXO please mention the OTC ticker.
    Not everybody uses the Canada exchanges.
    My stock (buyer/seller) does NOT allow foreign exchanges.

    Take notice this info will HELP you.
    Bob in Minnesota

    1. Equedia says:

      Hi Bob,

      Thanks for your comment. We should do that when commenting moving forward, thanks for your suggestion.

      ABCCF is the correct symbol – but this will change within the next week or so to coincide with the name change.

      US symbols for TGOD and NXO:

      TGODF and NXOPF

  5. Jeff says:

    Another fantastic letter, thank you so much Mr. Lo. This makes me very excited, I hold shares with Abcann because of your advice.

    What’s your opinion of the hemp industry?

  6. Debbie sheehy says:

    Is this part of the Carlyle group

  7. Debbie sheehy says:

    Is the ceo paul Lyndon bryant

  8. Dipesh dulal says:

    Is this part of the Carolye groups

  9. David Agbah says:

    Thanks lots l want to work if this company

  10. Mash says:

    Can this help the african Market? Because we in africa don’t profit from this

  11. Akin says:

    Thanks for your detailed analysis of these companies.

  12. marcus clay says:

    My first time reading anything form your site. As a matter of fact i cant really recall how i got to it.
    Yet anthor CYber Rabbit hole, except this one is just chock full of GOOd ole informatotin pertainging to Marujuana sectors. Very well written, making is really easy to get the broader picture of this market.

    I been tracking a company particular company. Im not sure about the rules on ticker slinging, so i wont mentiond it, but do offer a offer a company review/anaysis service.

    Thank you

  13. Thanks for this info. I am interested in any product or article on health.

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