Abcann: One of the Most Advanced Licensed Producers23 min read

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  1. Zbigniew says:

    Thank you the info…

    1. Johnny says:

      Let’s smoke some

  2. Zbigniew says:

    Thank you for the info…

  3. jim Griffin says:

    Great article. I bought 5000 shares @ $1. Intend on picking up much more,partially based on this article….Thank you.

    1. Allen says:

      How did you do that, the stock has never traded at $1?

      1. jim Griffin says:

        yes,it has. The day of the IPO.

      2. rocko says:

        jim is a scam. only stocj he might have is a promoter at best. but as with every one of the guys on this site are not actully real. pushing stock or lobbiest at best

  4. Colleen Kincaid says:

    Where do I purchase some stock?

    1. jim Griffin says:

      Go to your bank,…set up an investment acct. you will get all the info on HOW TO buy.

      1. Lisa says:

        What if your bank don’t have it in their info , is there somewhere else you can go to buy stocking this?

    2. John.lacey says:

      Where can L purchase. the stiock

  5. steve says:

    well written

  6. jerry gates says:

    have been watching Abcann for a while-seems like it is run by people who know what they are doing

  7. Mohammed Rais says:


  8. Amos T.Daye says:

    The courses is educative. Thanks

  9. devendra patel says:

    is warrants are publickly traded?send me details of warrant.

  10. Wayne Batten says:

    Looks tremendous

  11. Simon Lundy says:

    How & where can I buy shares in ABCANN thanx in advance

  12. R Buck Gray says:

    You want to profit in marijuana? The weed that leads to hard drugs? Destroys thousands of lives. Encourages listlessness. Get a life. Encourage productivity.

    Don’t be a burden to others.

    1. Earl C says:

      You obviously haven’t done your research. Would u rather take in chemical drugs that have a list of side effects a mile long?

    2. Nikki Davis says:

      Haha and where do all the manmade drugs atleast 1000. Weed is in dead last next to baby asprin

  13. Khadra Abdirashid siyad says:

    Thank you very much

  14. Benni says:

    If this thing would just move somewhere in penny increments – not 5 decimals – that would be something at least.

  15. David Brander says:

    How and where can I purchase some of ABCAN.

    Kind Regards. P/s Thanks

  16. twoac says:

    iVAN LO~
    Since I day trade this is not looking like a play for me. The market maker is taking all the profit in the spread and I would NEVER hold this overnite. Looks like swing traders could do ok if they were diligent in their methodology but the low vol is also a concern to me. Just my 2 cents.

  17. Nordey Nuggs says:

    Genetics are the key to any grow. Sad part about this is that all these Lp’s don’t have good genetics . I’ve been a medical patients for many yrs and have tried them all… that’s the reason I produce my own.
    I ‘ve been producing cultivars for 25+ yrs and there’s not a Lp out there that can compare to the genetics that I own. If your genetics don’t date back yrs then you will fail in this industry as these new genetics are so watered down they don’t last very long before they break down and are useless. Good luck to you

    1. Kenneth Richardson says:

      I’ve been doing a lot of research on cannabis and this is the first I’ve heard about a perspective on genetics?

      1. rocko says:

        he is correct. if you know anything. everyone on this page is a promtion propoganda pushing what is going to be worthless stock. over priced about 1000 percent. maybe more. the companys have zero value. only wishful thinking

  18. George Pestik says:

    Who will control the quality and purity of the commercial product?

  19. Betty says:

    Good morning I am interested but I do t know how it works or the process of doing it.
    Can someone contact me to give me some guidance.

  20. David Howe says:

    Let me know when I can start

  21. Donald Jordan says:

    I Just need to know how it works, and what I’ll be doing?


    How can I buy shares

  23. John says:

    This market is not tradable in the UK . Even TD stockbrokers do not trade TSX V anymore

  24. ROGER says:


  25. Geneva Phillips says:

    Hi my name is genevaphillips I wish applying for a position that you have open

  26. Earl C says:

    Did some research on the company, even got ahold of them. Very impressed! Thank you for the info on the marijuana industry and it’s explosive growth very, very soon!

  27. I know that over the last 2 years, many marijuana stocks have gone up a lot her in the US and a lot more will go up a lot.
    I have read a lot about the fact that a company that is working in Canada will be the nest best to go up a lot.

  28. corey says:

    some stock share please.

  29. rocko says:

    it is all hype. bubble is gonna burst. not a chance in hell you ever see a profit in long run.
    everone is going to be able to grow in a few months.
    greed is fueling this run.
    numbers dont even come close to reality

    1. Shane says:

      Rocko you have no clue what u are talking about Im going to sit back and count my $$$$ in a few years while you aregoing to be crying because you missed out on a great opportunity

      1. rocko says:

        biggest bubble on market.biggest bubble in canadian history maybe.your money is 100 percent gonna be gone. have seen it in hyped markets like this for all my life.

        1. Nikki Davis says:

          Money is in a bubble. Crypto and weed stock saved my retirment and alcohol is drug no.1. Not weed.its just getting warmed up

      2. rocko says:

        very obvious pretty much everyone commenting on this page is a stock promoter or a in the propaganda spin or lobby biz

        1. Preston V says:

          Rocco clearly has a hidden agenda. Overvalued by 1000%? Clearly this idiot has no idea what he is talking about…the Company has over $45 million in cash! Overvalued by 1000% would make Abcann worth more than half a billion dollars in cash alone!

          Seriously, why such a hater?

          1. rocko says:

            the stock is worthless. zero income . pipe dreams pushed by stock promoters and lobbyest . ponzy

    2. Nikki Davis says:

      Gorilla glue no,4 was an acident by a homaphrdite. Amd it won the canabis cup in 2017. Not along line of genetics

  30. Mpiti Thamae says:

    I always like to take risks

  31. Angela Weeks says:

    Hi, how do you go about investing?

    Thank you

  32. Monet says:

    Thank you for the info.

  33. King Man says:

    I am living in Jamaica now after get deported from the USA for selling weed. look at thing now, I can buy weed stock on the USA stock market. I know that weed price will always go up, I am 62 years old, so I see weed price went up on up. I think that Jamaica should be the leader in producing weed. We went though HELL growing and selling it, now that the world see what we was telling them. Time to get rich Jamaican. WE SAY WEED IS THE HEALING OF THE NATIONS ………. SMOKE OR DRINK WEED AND PUT DOWN YOUR AND LET HAVE FUN.

    P.S I man just drink some weed tea, here in Jamdown …… I am feeling IRE / GOOD

  34. Rich Grabowsky says:

    Interested in further info

  35. Deborah Kazakoff says:

    Very informative; thank you.

  36. where can i get some of that tea

  37. Anthony Abney says:

    Some info I knew nothing about.

  38. Ashley Sanford says:

    More info please

  39. George Oster says:

    I need to be able to make monies to live on.

  40. Bair Ewing says:

    There’s no doubt that this product is about to explode on a global scale rarely seen. I would like to remain informed can you recommend other information sources. Thank you.

  41. Stan Milano says:

    I need directions on how to invest in marijuana

  42. KOMLAN ADETI says:

    I need directions on how to invest in marijuana and how much can l invest in ABCANN?

  43. Art says:

    Great info. Well done.
    Please cary on. …..

  44. Mike says:

    What math? 14000sq ft produces 2000kg, so 71000 sq ft does not produce 20000kg but only 10000kg.
    Other back of napkin calculations are just that a guess that appears made by someone who is very optimistic or has an interest in seeing the stock price rise

    1. Jim says:

      Math is based on the double layering technique mentioned in the article.

      14,500sq ft produces 2000kg but double layering could produce 4000kg.

  45. Krisi says:

    Thank you for the information

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