Fund Performance and Asset Price Inflation: The Dawn of a New Era

In the week’s Equedia Weekly Letter, Ivan Lo goes over why the markets are doing what they’re doing, talks about Asset Price Inflation, why the funds underperformed in 2012, and how to protect yourself with gold and silver. He also does a comparison of Silver vs. Dollar.

Equedia Select Portfolio Performance: Desperate Times, Desperate Measures?

In this week’s issue of the Equedia Weekly Letter, Ivan Lo goes over what to expect in 2013, why 2012 was a success for our portfolio, and reviews the companies in the Equedia Select Portfolio.

Should You Be Worried: What Housing Recovery?

This week, Ivan Lo talks more about the fiscal cliff, market outlook, shows you a scary chart, and talks about what happened with gold and silver last week.

Another Record High: How Job Numbers are Derived

A look at how Job Numbers are Derived, the race to debase, America’s QE weapon, Canadian inflationary pressures, gold outlook, and Obama’s reelection.

The Brink of War – Why You Should Be Scared

I am about to share with you a timeline of events that will not only shock you, but give you a whole new perspective of the world’s financial system and why its putting us on the brink of war.

The Assassination: The Effects of US Money Printing on World Currencies

A report on the massive initiation of money printing by the world, how the US is devaluing its currency and how it stacks against the Canadian, Aussie, and Yuan.

A Massive Discovery at MAG Silver

Something very important happened to the company that owns part of the world’s most important silver project…It just confirmed another massive discovery. And I mean massive. An absolute monster.

The Ultimate Failure of Fiat Currencies

A look at the failures of fiat currencies and why they failed including Rome’s Denarius, China’s flying cash, France’s Franc, and Germany’s Mark,

Proof It’s Still the Best: MAG Silver

A look at why MAG’s Silver Undeveloped silver project, Juanicipio, is still the best undeveloped silver project on the planet.

An Absolute Monster: MAG Silver’s CRD Discovery

It’s no wonder the leaders of the world’s wealthiest nations, the G8, said on Saturday their governments were going to spend more in Europe to revive the continent’s struggling economy – a complete opposite turn from the idea that the way to recovery was through strict fiscal austerity. Strict fiscal austerity? Yeah, right…With more money printing already confirmed, both gold and silver should move higher – and along with it – the companies within the sector.

The Market Predicts Violence

Ivan Lo looks at the sideways market, the outlook for gold, and two interesting charts that shows the market predicts violence.

Judgement Day is Coming: How High Frequency Trading Affects Commodities

How high frequency trading affects commodities, examples of gold and silver price manipulation, Pan Asian Gold Exchange Gets Axed, and countries hoard gold