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Time is Running Out: The Charts You Need to See9 min read

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  1. aws says:

    please adjust the images as I can not see the charts??!!

    1. admin says:

      Sorry! The charts have been updated and you should now be able to see them. Thanks for your patience.

      1. RT says:

        Balmoral etc….Three months later……Ouch
        Now watching to see whether the uraniums do likewise
        Can’t say we DON’T appreciate your coverage however
        Keep up the good work

  2. shroyer says:

    I purchased mining and gold shares at the end of September and some are up 25% plus. I expect a small pullback in gold thru late September, then it should take off again thru 2016. Good investing

  3. Brent says:

    Witth your comments on the TSX attracting investors, shouldwe expect to see better performance, particularily in energy?

  4. sean J says:

    You were pushing Uranerz in past couple of weeks when you probably knew that company was doing a placement at a lower price , unethical! All your ” stock picks” are doing horribly!!!

  5. G Antoniak says:

    All of the predictions in this news letter turned very bearish within 10 days. After reviewing the chart pattern moving averages, I found that all the rallies mentioned on the stocks and index’s were in the context of a Bear Market. Thus signifying the rallys as a “BULL TRAP” in technical lingo.

    For what it is worth Gold has been in a Bear Phase since March 2013 “within the context of an extended 12 year Bull Market”.
    Fibonacci shows a top in the 13th year, 2014 – 2015. It would only take Gold to a new High in the most likely low $2000. range.

    It only today displayed continued over-extended selling to $1241.70 with the days trading displaying golden cross close. (Island Reversal) Fridays open and close will lead the way into February.

    My suspicion is with option expiry monday Nov 25, a sustainable rally will commence Tuesday Nov. 26 carrying the gold price to $1400 by January 2014.

    The US Major Market index’s have been in an extended Bull Phase and should show weakness into year end with trader lockup profit syndrom. Bond yields have been very Bearish since July 2012 so it is likely the Indexes will show strength to Mid February.

    Important long term Gold moving averages are at an Index convergence; with the 4 year moving average. Should Gold not Rally substantially to around $1500 by Summer 2014, which should carry Gold to the low $2000. price tag. It is likely a very volatile sideways market will develop for several years most likely between $1150 and $1450.

    With oil back to $95 today, is becoming apparent that it may also channel between $90 and $110.

    Dont forget production (supply) over the past several years has been in a decline. While demand although latent in North America is well and alive elsewhere in the World.

    Dividends for cash flow from mid to senior producers would be a minimal risk entry before Xmas. Look at ETF’S with assets only in gold producers paying out monthly dividends and option writing profits.

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