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How the Commodities Market is Manipulated12 min read

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  1. Myron Martin says:

    BRAVO: I call this the “UNHOLY ALLIANCE” Corrupt government in bed with equally corrupt bankers. Couldn’t agree more, it is time for handcuffs and confiscation of fraudulent gains with massive fines that sends a clear message that these shenanigans will no longer be tolerated by serially abused taxpayers.

  2. Kent Harvey says:

    The CFTC has already investigated JP Morgan and the banks for precious metals maniuplation so many times before. They can never do anything about it because the people are involved are too powerful and have direct ties to the government. They control the government, the government is just a pupper.

  3. Instigator says:

    It;s clear that the author of this article is just angry that his gold position when against him and is now blaming it on market manipulation.

    An why pick on Cramer?

    Take everything you read from this website with a grain of salt.

    Don’t believe anything they say about gold its going down to $800 per ounce. A stronger USD means lower gold prices.

    1. Tiller says:

      Clearly you have no clue how the dollar works.


      1. Instigator says:

        Point taken. I still believe that the fed will taper its bond buying program in September. But i could be wrong.

        1. Tiller says:

          I agree the fed will have to taper but also believed its prices into gold. tapering also means they will slow down, not stop. Going from 85-75 billion a month is still tapering. Most people forget that

          1. Instigator says:

            What your saying makes sense and many analysis believe what your saying but what about the augment that markets are forward looking and will price in a stronger dollar because tapering if the start of withdrawal from stimulus.

            Do you have any insight lol

  4. I would like to think something would be done about this manipuation its an ongoing saga which i hope is coming to an end.

  5. Peter P says:

    Cramer is an idiot. That guy just rants and has no clue what the market is doing.

    He is a coke addict and doesnt have a clue how to invest. When has Cramer ever made anyone any money?

  6. Tank says:

    Instigator, you dont make any sense. Whose pricing in a stronger dollar? No one expects the dollar to rally much further. There is a lot more than tapering that will affect the dollar.

    How about we talk about the 17 trillion owed?

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