The Best Kept Secrets of The Dollar1 min read

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A great video on the best kept secrets of the dollar. Its very basic, but many people have no clue about what really is the money in their wallets. Once you watch this video, then perhaps gold and silver will seem more valuable than what the talking heads on TV tell you.

[youtube height=”326″ width=”580″][/youtube]

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  1. Don says:

    I’ve known the reality for some time but it’s hard to face up to.

    1. Tim Song says:

      The reality is the bankers control the world and theres nothing you, or anyone, can do about it

  2. noIMspartacus says:

    we don’t have to… when the hyenas finish on the carcases of what little is left of the public assets, they will turn on each other – actually, they already have, M F Global was the first “wounding” and the smell of a massive blood letting is in the air…

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