A Record Breaking Event

A Record Breaking Event: A look at the World Gold Council’s latest report on gold demand, as well as our great monetary easing era.

Beating the System

A look at why gold will continue to rise, the overall economic health of the world, and beating the system.

The Central Bank Secrets

The world is confused. The world is overleveraged. And the world continues to explode with new supplies of fiat currency. What’s next?

The Last One Standing

The New Year has begun and we’re off to a good start. While worldwide economic health remains in limbo and European woes remain, there is a great chance the first half of this year will surprise us…

The Gold Hero

It’s no surprise that we’re seeing more sell-offs. Last week, I ended my letter telling readers to “Protect (themselves) from inflating currencies: Buy gold.” Without a doubt, the biggest headline in the investment world this past week was the big gold and silver selloff. So was I wrong? Was telling my readers to buy gold the wrong thing to do?

Mining Valuation Lesson: Cut-Off Grade Theory and Practice

The world’s central banks have come together to help with the severity of Europe’s problems. Unemployment in the US fell to 8.6% – the lowest level in more than two and a half years. Markets soared with the biggest 3-day gain since 2009. Things are looking good. Or are they?

The New Gold Discovery

For the last few months, I have been waiting for the initial drill results from Abzu Gold’s (TSX Venture: ABS) Nangodi project. On Thursday, they finally came – unearthing a new Ghanaian gold discovery. And the initial results are BIG…

It’s Not That Simple: Mining 101

Unless you truly believe the world’s financial system is coming to an end, then investing in the markets shouldn’t keep you up at night – not yet anyway…

Preventing the Collapse

There’s an old adage that “haste makes waste.” In a world dictated by politicians and bankers looking for a quick solution to solve decades of greed, we are now left with nothing more than a world full of debt – a growing debt that will remain beyond the lives of our children’s children…

How to Double Your Wealth in One Year

Five straight days of gains and the best week we’ve had in over six weeks. The markets are finally showing some life. But is this all a grand illusion? Despite the negative news engulfing the world markets, stocks are not only holding up but have seen a tremendous rally this past week. Perception is reality and it looks as if investors are thoroughly expecting a big round of stimulus coming from Bernanke as he takes the stage at the two-day FOMC meeting on September 20-21. While this may appear to have helped our markets, it could also lead to disaster…

The Russian Secret: Russia Unloads US Bonds

I know things have been volatile and people are running scared, but even as the market looked like it was about to collapse – it didn’t. Even as short selling bets against the Standard & Poor’s 500 Index rose to a nine-month high last week, that doesn’t mean we’re going to see a major pullback. If we do, those will be prime opportunities to pick up more cheap stock. That’s why I have been proactive in telling readers…

The Hoarding Has Begun: Venezuela Nationalizes Gold Sector

There is a major disconnect from reality. While the long term outlook for the US and the world remains dismal, the near term outlook really isn’t as bad as the media has been making it out to be. We can’t ignore numbers and forecasts – even if they are being changed week after week. Just when we thought we were in the clear for a short term rally, we get slammed with more negative forecasts and numbers. Take a look: