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Why Banks are Being Forced to Create a Stock Market Bubble10 min read

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  1. Jansen says:

    No one really understands why the stock market is going up when the economy hasn’t been doing well. This is a simple article explaining that. well done.

    1. noIMspartacus says:

      “No one really understands why the stock market is going up when the economy hasn’t been doing well.” Really? REALLY? Are you paying ANY attention or maybe ever seen “Trading Places”?

      And this is dedicated to all those political fucknuckle lackeys, financial “experts” and presstitutes who “didn’t see this crisis coming” either… listen up you pathetic and parasitic muppets….

  2. Kendal Scott says:

    The amount of money sitting in the banks is astounding. Makes you wonder why we aren’t all bankers. Obama and the Fed are not helping the economy. They are just giving away free money, which means our the money we work for will just become worthless.

  3. amabobama says:

    Thanks for your astute explanation of why the QEn haven’t yet produced inflation.

    My question is what do you think Janet Yellen will do about the situation? She surely understands it and knows that if further stimulus does eventually flow into investment (and the sign of that will be rising employment), Americans will suddenly turn optimistic again and start competing for loans–with the inevitable consequence that interest rates will rise.

    Yellen probably foresees this. But she will nevertheless push ahead with more stimulus, because she knows that a 4% rate on U.S. debt, while unsustainable with the GDP at 2%, is easily covered by the new revenues that will come from a 3% GDP. And those new tax revenues will be voted on unanimously by the new Democratic Congress of 2014.

    1. Greg Sherman says:

      Yellen will continue stimulus. The only thing she foresees is using new money to pay back borrowed money. Its all a ponzi scheme, except when the Fed does it, it looks good and no one goes to jail

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