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Shocking Truths About the Labor Market and Stock Market Outlook5 min read

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  1. gold bug says:

    Commodities will recover slowly as the world is in a depression so there is no great demand.
    Precious metals may defy this.
    What is interesting is the uranium market. There are 60 plus power stations under construction world wide , but what investors need to know is when these plants are coming online so we know when uranium is likely to increase

  2. What does the productivity rate look like? Is this the reason that businesses are doing well and employment lags? Doing more with less is a great way to help profits, but, lower employment.

  3. Harvey J says:

    Looking only at technicals, I believe a bottom is trying to form in the commodities.

  4. Goldeye says:

    Gold and silver specifically have been drastically oversold so the likelihood of an UP move in the short-term is very high. As the U.S. debt clock is now pushing US$17trillion and a new debt ceiling will need to be approved probably within the next 2 months, it is very likely that the USD dollar will come under considerable selling pressure heading into fall. This in turn should make the coming UP move in gold instruments more sustainable and result in still further gains. Jmvho.

  5. A. FORTIER says:

    the whole game is rigged. unfortunalty not in favour of the middle class. if the super rich had paid the taxes they should like the middle class do, there would probably be fewer super rich and the middle class would be reliefd of the tax burden. the tax system has to be overhauled. taxes should be paid on gross income for all companies included. no expense deduction and no subsidies. we would all be richer

  6. Dennis Drake says:

    analysts claiming the market is cheap, in spite of technicals and fundamentals is remarkably reminiscent of that “Pied Piper” tune about what good investments the housing mkt related products, derivatives, etc., that Goldman was singing to its clients at the exact time they, Goldmen, was SELLING their own holdings in those very same products into the market. I guarantee you some, if not a lot, of these analyst are now, have been already, and will continue to to quietly take partial profits in this “cheap” market if it continues an upward trend. Additionally, being privy to brokerage info and intent, they will have both feet out the door as they graciously warn their clients of imminent danger

    1. Lloyd Vernon says:

      Couldnt Agree with you more Dennis. Analysts really have no clue what they’re doing, imo. They’re analysts because they couldn’t cut it as a money manager. They say things are good when theyre good and things are bad when theyre bad, never really making any real calls. Anyone can do that.

  7. kevin thurlow says:

    great bounce for the TSX today. Well timed newsletter. Thank you, Kevin T.

  8. Tim says:

    I wonder sometimes if the prices of gold and silver are being manipulated down so the gov’t can buy it up and then later talk it back up and give a lot of it away to pay down the debt. Then they can drive prices down again, buy it back and then manipulate the prices back up and then the debt can come down and the gov’t ends up with their precipous metals back in their position. Bernanke says QE could come to a halt and prices drop. He then says well maybe we will have to keep it going and possibly increase the monthly amount and drive the prices back up. When from what I have heard, the U.S. tells Germany it will take years to give them back their gold when if they have been paid to hold it for them, why can’t they just ship it back to them? Where is Germany’s gold? This whole game is rigged by the gov’t, the Fed, and the ultra rich.With as much money that has been created out of paper, why do they not have $10,000.00 bolls or $100K bills.

    If the U.S. ever goes back to a gold standard, they will have to all of a sudden increase the price of gold and silver to astronomical levels.

  9. Tim says:

    when the market was crashing in 2008 and a company was expecting say $400 million in earnings and only hit say $300 million, the prices crashed. The so called experts then lowered expectations to say $250 million and then they hit $275 milion, people acted like that was great because they beat expectation when they lost more again but the gave such low expectation only to make it as though a company was doing well. I see it first hand all over the U.S. and things are horrible.

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