How Mogo Finance Technologies Could Disrupt23 min read

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  1. Nobody says:

    Wow everything is positive………how much were you paid to pump this baby???
    Call me old fashion but how about the HACKING of all these accounts…….security anyone???
    I cut up my Target and Home Depot cards when they were hacked.
    Has any hacker been caught or sent to jail or prison??? Internet wireless hacking is very rewarding!!
    What about the companies own Tech. employees hacking or passing customer info to hackers???
    So this fintech will kill millions of bank jobs. I guess they can become Internet Hackers.
    For now, I like my brick and mortar bank. They have names and addresses.
    When I start seeing public executions of Hackers, I may be more likely to get on-board.
    I may buy some stock, knowing the stupidity of Millenniums who go “Gaa-Gaa Goo-Goo” over unproven
    Tech stuff. Example: UBER So just how many women have been driven away to be RAPED!!??
    Enjoy your news letters.

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