Even Harvard Can’t Fix Stupid….

A look at how a popular reality tv show has become reality across all of the US. This is how smart society has become.

Let’s turn our analytical and intellectual prowess toward what we consume via the mainstream media, including a reality TV show, and see what comes of it.  

The title of this article is suggestive that perhaps we are not exactly overcome by the Christian spirit of charitable giving as we race headlong into what will be the weirdest Christmas of our lifetimes.

I begin by making an admission that is certainly worthy of regret. What would that be, you might ask?

Sadly, it’s true. I admit to watching a reality TV show called “The Bachelor” and its female counterpart, “The Bachelorette.” 

There is a certain price that every husband has to pay to keep his wife happy – this is mine.

A few weeks ago, the lucky group of Alpha Males, not to be confused with America’s Best and Brightest, were vying for the attention of their Bachelorette prize by competing in a contest that featured good old fashioned “reading, writing and arithmetic.” In the end, only two of the three subjects were addressed. After all, the men and their jacked-up libidos could only handle so much mental strain.

The harmless little contest included two rather mundane tasks that Generation Xers and Millennials seem to have relegated to a calculator or Spell Check. You guessed it – simple mental arithmetic and the spelling of common words.

So, I’m sitting in my favorite armchair quarterback chair, a pre-requisite of being able to endure two hours of folly, when one of the contestants, a “Harvard Man,” was unable to spell limousine and also failed to answer a simple mental arithmetic question correctly.

Now, this got my attention.  

Like you, I asked myself the fairly obvious question: “How can Harvard lower its admission standards to such an obscene level to allow someone like that to be their representative?” Surely this is not in the interest of keeping the “great lie” alive.

And what exactly is “the great lie?”

Last night, a TV host, Tucker Carlson, shed some light on it. He concluded that it is not who we are or what we have accomplished in life that is important but rather how others hold us in regard. In short, Ivy League Education = Good = Respect. Respect evolves into a leadership quality. 

“Listen to me, for I am your leader and command your respect.”

Do you see how it goes now? Even a “dumb TV show” can produce some “not so dumb” observations and conclusions….

The Greatest Lie of All

As the next four years unfold, we will have a front-row seat to “the greatest lie of all.” In the footsteps of the Harvard Man comes the next President of the USA, Joe Biden. The very same Joe Biden that received more votes than any other Presidential candidate – ever. Quite the accomplishment, and one very worthy of Respect. Right?

Now that the political rhetoric is starting to fade, another simple truth will start to emerge. America made its choice, and it will soon find out that carrying out the policies of the Left will not result in a society that is we can all “Build Back Better.”

Think about it for a moment, what is the resolute cure for a lie? The truth.

This is why people like Assange and Snowden must be relegated to the sidelines…they expose the truth. My guess is that Trump has a real moral dilemma to resolve regarding their pardons. On the one hand, there is consideration for government secrecy, and on the other, does this consideration extend to a government that spies on its own people?

Let’s review a few accepted “truths”:

We all believe that Harvard provides an excellent education.

We all believe that the next President of the USA won the election.

We all believe that the next four years will be the best ever.

In four more years, let’s see what we all believe then…

-John Top

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  1. Thank you for an informative and entertaining letter. I would happily read it even if I weren’t an investor. Keep up the good work. I have been a subscriber for two or three years, but do I ever have to renew?

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