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Interview with Jos Schmitt, CEO, Aequitas Innovations21 min read

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  1. dk says:

    How do you keep the regulators from being puppets of the large banks? The banks have very deep pockets.

  2. wikiderm says:

    Buy an easily and quickly scalable back room, and then go for the US and International market. When can I buy shares in Aequitas for my RBC RRSP?

  3. Alana says:

    Conspiracy Theories – that puts it mildly. How can we, as investors and citizens for that matter, trust anyone. I’m very .disillusioned .

  4. Webgogs says:

    Ivan, you need to expand in layman terms what the future of venture investing will look like. It seems to me that they want to address the issues and they recognize that it is the root of price discover but they are falling short.

    True, many listed companies there should not be listed under today’s conditions. I know several companies who wish they were private now. They place the blame rightly where it belongs. They spent millions supporting this structure only to be defrauded out of what they should have had the right to expect. So, it seems unfair to blame them for not being able to meet very long term capital commitments in a corrupt environment.

    Albert E. published proof that there is no such thing as simultaneity so there will never be an absolute equality between the parallel books out there. Never! I don’t care if you connect them by fiber optic without a router, light takes time to travel. I could thwart that using predictive software and actually place a short before the transition occurred.

    So I sell on one exchange and short on the others then wait for the reaction. Lose on one and gain on the others. I can do that all day and make money. Oh, short term market inefficiencies indeed. What a crock.

    What about painting the chart red? So I want a company’s deposits because I know they have good pay dirt. I take pps and buy open shares until I have a huge position. Then I sell 50 shares at a crack a penny down until I destroy the share value. I starve the company out of money them make a hostile low ball bid. Much cheaper than just a hostile offer and buying up all the shares!

    We really need an in depth explanation from them and you as to what the landscape might look like. Mining and technology are the roots of the future in Canada. Mining and energy even more so than technology. Without these venture companies we are in for some aweful shocks to the system.

    I am predicting an exodus of retail when this exchange gets going. I say this because all investors of size know the true price discovery rests on the millions of minds of the retail and not the hundreds within the corporate walls of the institutions. This is going to impact venture investing in a massive way even if these guys do nothing more than keep the status quo. Venture investing will lose out to a stable market place.

    Why would I buy in a corrupt market when I can buy dividends and get price growth on top of that? I plan to complete my move out of the venture next month, well ahead of the exodus that I know is coming. I’m not waiting until 2014.

    On my blog I discussed in brief how the tsx will lie and try to get back some of the retail by claiming they are listening to the market. The reality is that the damage is already done to the venture. The only volume and green we are seeing is a result of Reuters being publicly outed for predatory data sales to hfts. The brief pause in the collapse of the venture does not mean it has stopped it’s slide into oblivion. The venture is now nothing more than a gigantic Bre-x.

    Your opinions and expanded information would be very much appreciated.

    1. Her Majesty says:

      WELL said. Perhaps Aequitas will change the market? Or perhaps it will be just another big bank taking more fees and wealth through manipulative efforts.

      Time will tell

  5. Kirby says:

    I think Jos handled Ivan’s questions very well, but a lot remains to be explored. There is most certainly still doubt in my mind and I hope Ivan continues to pursue the discussions with Jos.

    I am still a little bit worried about what it will bring to the market, but the current state isn’t doing well so something new might just be the spark we need.

    Please keep us informed.

  6. Bert Coish says:

    I hate losing my hard earned cash, but if i had a
    choice, i would prefer it go to anyone, who
    couldn’t afford a money machine (HFT)

    1. Quinton says:

      Judging by this summary, Aequitas will still slow HFT, but restrict their use

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