The Truth About the Wildfires and Climate Change

There is a growing debate that climate change is causing the wildfires we’re seeing today, but no matter your view, THIS is for certain.

You’ve seen the flames. You’ve seen the destruction. You’ve seen the catastrophes.

It’s as if the world is on fire.

This summer has been marked by the most deadly wildfire catastrophes in modern history.

Just last week, around 2,500 individuals received evacuation orders for their residences, and further evacuations are anticipated as authorities are “gravely concerned” about the wildfire in close proximity to West Kelowna, B.C.

Meanwhile, in the Northwest Territories, local officials have given the 20,000 Yellowknife residents a deadline of noon Friday (18:00 GMT) to leave.

The Canadian Interagency Forest Fire Centre has now recorded 5790 fires since the beginning of this year, which have burned over 14 million hectares.

There are currently 1048 active fires, with 662 of them out of control.

And this is just Canada.

You’ve seen the destruction in Maui, Hawaii.

Since August 8, the wildfires, predominantly within the vicinity of Lahaina on Maui’s western coastline, have claimed the lives of at least 111 individuals, including children. 

The pictures and images of the destruction is unbearable. More importantly, they don’t seem to add up. 

In fact, there have been many reports of odd occurrences and videos that insinuate the fires were a planned and deliberate attack.

For example, videos have surfaced where a large beam from the sky was seen hitting areas of Lahaina. Many are calling it “direct energy weapons.” Others have talked about the inaccuracies of the reported strong winds and low humidity levels caused by Hurricane Dora that helped spread the fire – that the winds weren’t as high and humidity levels not as low as reported.

Other odd, or rather convenient, occurrences include being unable to use water to fight the fires due to water restrictions.

Via Civil Beat:

“M. Kaleo Manuel, a Native Hawaiian cultural practitioner and DLNR’s deputy director for water resource management, initially balked at West Maui Land Co.’s requests for additional water to help prevent the fire from spreading to properties managed by the company.

…According to the sources, Manuel wanted West Maui Land to get permission from a taro, or kalo, farm located downstream from the company’s property. Manuel eventually released water but not until after the fire had spread.”

But that’s not all. 

Maui’s emergency management failed to activate its sophisticated alarm system.


“Maui’s sophisticated system, which includes 80 sirens around the island, is tested on the first of every month, its 60-second tone a normal part of life in Lahaina. But on the day of the fire, they remained silent.”

Another so-called conspiracy is that the fires were intentionally set for the purpose of an elite land grab and that the governor previously passed a bill that allows rezoning only in the event of a major natural disaster.

The amount of conspiracies surfacing is easy to find, and while some have been “debunked” or “fact-checked,” others certainly make you wonder.

No matter your view, we’re not here to add more fuel to this fire.

In Maui, it could have simply been the case of poorly built electrical lines which started the fire, fueled by the winds from the hurricane, and then a lack of access to water.

But one thing is for sure; there is a climate change narrative to these wildfires.

Which Side Are You On?

There are two sides to this story: 

  1. Climate change is real, and these fires are a direct result of rising temperatures.
  2. The fires are a deliberate attempt to instill a climate change narrative.

Sure, an argument can be made that man-made climate change contributes to rising temperatures – that we’ve witnessed some of the hottest days on record.

But many counterarguments suggest we’re not experiencing that at all.

And while wildfires appear out of control today, are they really from a historical perspective?

For example, in Canada, the number of wildfires has actually been decreasing, despite growing carbon emissions. 

What about the U.S.?

Let’s take a look:

Have wildfires grown more rampant since we’ve been driving more cars? The chart above certainly leads us to that conclusion.

But data can always be manipulated to support a narrative.

So let’s change the time frame and see what happens.

If we start the data going back nearly one hundred years, the annual acreage burned in the U.S. is actually far below the historical average.

Perhaps we have better means to fight the fires now. Or perhaps our actions don’t affect climate change as much as we’re led to believe.

There are many ways to spin both sides of the narrative. But one thing is for sure…

A New World

Suppose you believe that wildfires directly result from climate change caused by oil and gas vehicles, gas appliances, and cow farts. In that case, the obvious solution is to drive electric vehicles, use electric appliances, and eat less red meat.

On the other hand, if you believe that the wildfires have been intentionally started to fuel the man-made climate change narrative, think of how far THEY will go to continue with this narrative.

Governments and institutions around the world have poured billions into fighting climate change. 

Last year, the World Bank gave a record $31.7 billion to help countries address climate change. The year before, it paid out $26.6 billion. 

The United States is expected to spend around $500 billion to fight climate change over the next decade: $362 billion from the Inflation Reduction Act, $98 billion from the Infrastructure Act, and $54 billion from the CHIPS law.

Meanwhile, Germany just approved investments in green energy worth $63 billion (57.6 billion euros) for 2024 – a 60% increase compared to this year’s targeted spending. It also agreed to 

boost investments in the so-called Climate and Transformation Fund to $233 billion (212 billion euros), an increase of around $33 billion (30 billion euros) between 2024 – 2027.

In other words, more than a trillion dollars have already been earmarked to fight climate change. You can bet this number will rise.

No matter how you look at it, the world is about to undergo a significant shift – a new green economy that will raise the price of energy and, thus, everything along with it.

As we wrote before, energy is one of the most important inputs in creating every consumer good – including food. 

If the elites’ goal is to wipe out the middle class, increasing energy costs is a great first step. 

It’s basic economics.

We already know there isn’t enough power on ANY grid if every car on the road became electric today.

That means the demand for electricity will be sky-high while supply will be extremely low.

And what happens when demand exceeds supply?

Higher prices.

Renewable Energy Solution

Of course, there are ways to add more energy to the grid. 

We could build more nuclear power plants, which will likely happen. But ultimately, that’s still not considered sustainable. 

But Elon Musk has a solution.

Via the Verge

“There is a clear path to a sustainable energy on Earth,” Musk said. “It doesn’t require destroying natural habitats. It doesn’t require us to be austere and stop using electricity and sort of be in the cold or anything.”

Musk believes using solar and wind farms could lead to a sustainable future, and the infrastructure needed for this will take “less than 0.2 percent” of the Earth’s surface.

But there’s a catch: we need to find a way to store the energy.

“A big part of achieving that vision involves expanding the world’s energy storage capacity by up to 240TWh.”

In other words, the path to a sustainable future cannot happen without the ability, technology, and, most importantly, the resources to store energy.

And that means a MASSIVE investment opportunity is here for those who understand this.

So stay tuned – we’ll be releasing a report on how to benefit from what the elites have in store.

Do not miss our next report.

Seek the truth and be prepared,

Carlisle Kane

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  1. after spending trillions of dollars, what have the proponents(liars) accomplished? Lots of meetings, tons of paper reports, fantastic dinners in far away place, thousands of gallons of aircraft fuel to fly personal aircraft to meetings. Fuel prices for normal people have gone up, electric rates have increased, solar panels and wind mills pollute the countryside, millions of birds killed. BUT WORLD TEMPERATURES HAVE NOT CHANGED. This is a scam people! Wake up!!!

  2. We are at least a hundred years to late to change our ways, fact one – we are probably well on our way to the destruction of this planet by another Amazon or Ice Age which we have as much control over as instant bad diarrhea . two- the cost to the population being able to too survive and the moneys it will take is incomprehensible and people will be dying daily by the thousands from lack of food and water and other things needed to survive. three – the greed that we are experiencing by governments and others today is insurmountable, we are heavily taxed but the money seems to be spent not on people but pipe dreams by our country’s. This all adds up to a one way ticket to hell. Enjoy the ride I’m 71 and soon will be at the end of my gas tank, when I depart I will probably be in the second quarter of this planets demise

  3. Dr. Michio Kaku says we are headed for another ice age.
    Didn’t say when. If we look at a chart showing the temperature cycles
    of the earth over thousands of years, we are in warm period.

  4. If the connection between wildfires and climate change is a false narrative, it doesn’t prove that climate change isn’t a problem worth addressing. There are plenty of other impacts worth talking about. It will take time to debate and understand the data in an objective way without bias, but the trend is tipping heavily towards confirmation of climate change as a real and serious problem. If there is confusion in one area of the macro dataset, then we can toss that out for now and look at the rest. It doesn’t disprove the rest.

  5. The global warming thing is a political hoax. No science supports the theories the politicians and their minions espouse. Consider: PhD P Moore Carbon & Climate Catastrophe PhD Patrick Moore Climate Change PhD Tim Ball Climate Change 2 Dr Tim Ball Lifetime Achievement Award in Climate Science Dr Tim Ball 97% of Scientists Dr Tim Ball The Deliberate Corruption of Climate Science PhD Bjorn Lomborg The cost of climate alarmism Peterson Climate Science: What does it say? PhD Richard Lindzen EP320
    There is much more but this should suffice.
    Moreover if you look at the Temperature Vs CO2 Charts for the last 6000 years you see the worst of the political predictions do not bring back up to the temperatures seen in Roman times.
    Best regards,
    Nelson Chenaur PE SE
    Civil & Structural Engineer

  6. Hi. Keith here from Anglemont. At 80 years of age I didn’t much care for all the smoke we have had to endure from The Adams Lake Fire…I see they have now changed the name of that fire as it has merged with another one. Just what we need. I managed to get out yesterday safely. We were consistently told that the power lines were all down (true) and that they were still laying across the roads (untrue). All of the local “authorities” were derelict in their duties, except for the firefighters of course, and they did a very poor job of proving accurate and up to date information. I was stunned by all the damage done by the fires at Celista, Scotch Creek, Talana Bay and by the Squilax airport and the total loss of the new Chevron station by highway 1. So far, I don’t think there has been any loss of life up this way. Surely we all accept that solar and wind power is going to be the long term answer. Except for those whose financial interests do not coincide with that narrative.

  7. The conversation can go many directions. Fact is wind and solar are not completely dependable Oil and gas and nuclear power all can be valuable to the world we live in. It’s not one or the other. So stop the green hypocrisy and work together to reduce pollution where possible and help mankind improve life on earth. There are consequences with 100% green we are ignoring

  8. Read the book ‘Hot Talk Cold Science ‘ this is something that will help in forming your opinion.

    1. Wind power the answer? But if the question is ” Do you like birds?” or “Do you like Whales?” For those questions, and the answer happens to be yes, then the wind power is not the answer. At least until a better design to stop the bird hits. As far as the whales, cut out the sonar when engineering the ocean wind farms.

  9. Actually humans are constantly missing the mark. The listen to the extremes and strike down better ideas to generate electricity. I already see a person striking down wind power by bird strikes. In MN we have a very large wind farm in MN. At this point it has operated for over 20 years, with just 2 bird strikes starlings. So people give up? But reality is we have now pushed the earth to far and will pay dearly for it. As I am in my 60s I hope that I don’t have to witness any true total burn outs but its too late already from Canada and hawaii. Its started and our efforts will be too late and insignificant. So relish in the rest of it as it will just get worse. You and I have caused this issue and as far as animals and birds soon it wont matter.

  10. I find it truly amazing how people cannot tell the difference between TRUTH and LIES with sound facts.
    Canada fires……top dog Justin Two-door said he will NOT put out the fires and “let nature take it’s course” meaning wait for rain. Now who would vote for a mental retard that he is??
    Billions and billions of tons of carbon dioxide per hour going to the atmosphere from these fires and NOT ONE WORD from the GREEN FREEKS. But bitch-bitch-bitch about my auto tailpipe. Sick people.
    If BIDEN is such a Green Freek, why doesn’t he crush that damn gas guzzler polluting Corvette of his??
    Are Democrats really ABOVE THE LAW?? If so, how did that start??
    JFK was secretly talking about getting out of Vietnam. VP Johnson was vivid because he was a top owner of BELL HELICOPTERS in Texas and was making maybe a million dollars a month supplying helicopters to the US military for Vietnam. So he had JFK assassinated by the CIA that had Oswald as an escape goat. The Warran commission lied on their report because of Johnson. About 6-weeks ago at a Trump rally he said if elected he would release the reports on JFK scam. Guess what Biden is secretly doing???? That’s right, like a good Communist he is having those reports destroyed.
    So that is how the Nazi-Communist Democrat party started………believe it or not.

  11. One of the above comments already mentions the huge amounts of CO2 being emitted by the wild fires. An article which I have recently read says that 600 million tons of CO2 have been emitted to date. If you add that to all the wild fires across the world plus the fact that China and India are emitting millions more from their coal burning power plants, then it is quite obvious the governments are not going to bring levels down. They should be spending all the money they are devoting to green energy to developing means to protect the populations from the effects of rising temperatures like flood and drought control plus other numerous possibilities.

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