Just before December last year, gold was climbing to yet another all time high. Now one year later, gold is still climbing and many fund managers and analysts are calling for $1500 gold in the near term.<br /> <br /> With investors hurdling toward gold as the governments prints more money, we are reminded of a story that many gold enthusiasts may already know.<br /> <br /> Our long time Equedia Weekly subscribers will have already heard this story before. It has become so popular amongst our readers that it is now a tradition here at Equedia for us to publish this story before the last month of the year begins.<br /> <br /> With our strong focus on the junior resource sector, in particular precious metal stocks, it's only fitting that we revisit this incredible story one more time.

It's funny how the stock market works. It seems every week we have the fight of intraday bulls against the weekend selloff bears.<br /> <br /> While scratched and bruised, neither of the beasts are winning.<br /> <br /> As bright as the markets may look at times, there's still a lot of economic issues that have yet to be fixed. From foreclosure troubles to unemployment, the markets remain shaky for all of the right reasons.<br /> <br /> But have no fear...

It's been a week that had everyone scratching their heads. We started off with a bang. Stocks climbed and commodities continued their rally from last week (see Doubling Down for the Big Bang).<br /> <br /> The TSX hit a two-year peak, closing above 13,000 for the first time since Sept. 2008, as gold miners rallied sharply after the price of bullion powered to an all-time high of $1400. Silver also shot past $28.<br /> <br /> But all that came to an end by Friday.

A report on the new world currency the government doesn't want you to know about and shocking proof that even the US is beginning to doubt the Dollar