How to Profit from the New US Farm Bill22 min read

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  1. David Pinsonnault says:

    Do you have opinions on SPR (Sproutly Canada) which bought Infusion Biosciences that you reference in your letter re WTER?

    Also do I assume corretly that you have sold your position in TGOD. I unfortunately still hold shares after the significant drop. Do you think there is still value in holding this position?

    You featured on your website Delta 9 Cannabis a while back. The share price has languished. Can you offer an opinion on this stock .. is it worth holding ?

  2. Marilyn Pendleton says:

    How much do I need to put down

  3. BH Leimanns says:

    Beautiful article , please I need updated information

  4. John Drew says:

    Why would someone drink cbd infused water?

  5. Barry Evans says:

    The Farm Bill has passed, however the FDA has not issued any authorization.
    Any thoughts?

  6. Minh Tran says:

    Tôi nghĩ nó rất đáng được giữ lại

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