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Going Against the Grain: Why Gold is Going Higher12 min read

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  1. Kenodick says:

    I believe both Integra Gold and Newmarket Gold were your recos. Thanks!

  2. Myron Martin says:

    I agree the mainstream conventional market has topped. because Currency printing (dollars, Euro’s and YEN) by the key central banks has only benefitted the top 1%, it has not for the most part trickled down to the average worker who is up to his eye balls in DEBT.

  3. Albert says:

    Thank you for all your insights. Since following you I now believe I will have a retirement.
    You have never steered me wrong, thank you very much.

  4. robert card says:

    Ivan, I followed your suggestions on the gold stocks and ETF’s.
    Thank you. Nice move so far.
    And I certainly agree with you about Donald Trump as the next POTUS.
    It seems that people want to believe other than what the indications are.
    They do not want to see the truth. Trump is leading because he is offering a strong indication that he is going to do more than the previous bunches never did do despite their promises. I’ll bet with you that Trump is the Man!

  5. Fred says:

    Thank you for you rvery valid opinion,what you explain in your letter makes a lot of sense to me,I am going to start selling stocks and buying GDX and the juniors holding MXN, 10,000 shares at 0.133 a doble now for me,and I am not selling.
    Thank you again MR.LO.On the charts you do not show the symbols and I do not keep copy of your letters,even as good as they are,will start noow,

  6. RedDog says:

    I agree that all the deadwood (bankruptcies) continues to clear the way as global growth continues to stagnate and the SP500 trading within that 1850-2100 range since 2014. If you have been playing those Bollinger bands you have done very well. Nonetheless, it is time to be in Gold, precious metals, utilities and defensive staple names until this dust has settled and economic data and the oil picture gets better in the 2nd half. So some inverse ETF’s would work well too, but am not expecting a recession or bear market any time soon. If interest rates go up, all bets are off.

  7. kwan mah says:

    I bought New market gold last year. Thank you.

  8. Edward says:

    Thanks Ivan.
    I started buying 10000 shares at $1.46 and reinvested my buying power into new shares.My holdings are now 41000 shares and I am waiting for the stock to break through 4 dollar mark. Look what happened to RIC. NMI looks way better to me.

    1. Ivan Lo says:

      Edward: Almost hit the $4 mark today!

      We get a lot of emails from loyal readers who have made a lot of money on some of the ideas from the Equedia Letter. But I must say, I take no credit. All of the risks are taken by you guys – of course, the rewards are your as well.

      Your strategy to go from 10,000 shares to 41,000 with the rising tide is one that not many can stomach, but on this one, it clearly paid off!

      Thanks again for the comment here – it’s great to hear success stories, but even greater to hear a unique story such as yours.

  9. arlene mack says:

    Watching with great interest

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