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Days of Future Past: Get Ready!5 min read

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  1. Darwin Howard says:

    What a load of crap. The only thing I agree with in this gas lighting letter is that there is a crash coming. Keep ur right wing politics out of ur letters. There are hundreds of thousands out of work and your blaming the gov for stimulus ? Who’s ur editor ? Harper?

    1. Equedia says:

      Sorry, but perhaps you didn’t read the part where Trudeau has set records for record spending – all prior to Covid?

      Your comment is precisely what is going on with people these days – if you don’t like something, you just yell.

      The fact that Trudeau has been the biggest spender is just simply fact, regardless of political views.

      Trump would be considered right and he too launched stimulus. So not sure why you immediately claim that this is a right political view.

  2. Coleman Absher says:

    God bless you! You analogy is consistent through out history! The masses are not educated in history or finance! The USA does not teach civics in our schools

    Fundamentals of Goverment and separation of powers lost in the minds of many! High School graduates can not balance a check book! Civil liberties will soon be lost!

    1. Equedia says:

      You are right! High schools don’t teach the very basic lessons of money. Also interesting to note that the majority of school systems have been overtaken by left-wing politics. In both the US, and Canada.

  3. Karim Devji says:

    Dear Equedia,

    What a fantastic letter. It is sad that we as Canadians are going to witness and experience the devaluation of the worth of our currency due to massive borrowing and interest costs. Its so simple to read the prophecies of the major religions to arrive at the same conclusion; that interest Will effect every person on this planet until collapse of the financial monetary system.

    It would be great for you to advise on how Canadians can protect their families and generations from this interest fall out and how to secure themselves against debt and financial ruin. We need advisors who can advise Canadians and a government that puts in place measures against local and global financial catastrophe.

    Here are some solutions for Canadians:

    1. Educate yourselves everyday on the financial protection of your families
    2. Engage and train your children on how finance works, and to save more, create more and spend less.
    3. How to create passive and active income from all family members
    4. Use Government and private funds to put in place a generational monetary and asset plan that creates passive and active income streams
    5. Training on empathy, inclusion, education, faith and charity to ensure the family survival as the money supply erodes from everywhere…

    1. Equedia says:

      Thanks Karim for your words. I, too, agree that much of what has happened and is happening has been prophesized by many religions. Thus far, my solution over the past decade has been to invest alongside the Fed actions – thus, building your family wealth, so that when all things come crashing, your family is protected. I will write more basic solutions in future letters also, as per your recommendation. Thanks again for your support.

  4. Jim says:

    The writing on the wall has become britghter as age has taken over.There is another factor whitch no one talks about the state of humanity mental health as the middle class becomes a race of junkies and thieves with no hope or way out. I believe this needs to be factored in for without the bottom the top can’t exist. When you back a dog into a corner you will get bitten.

    1. Equedia says:

      Jim. You are very correct! Which is why I am invested in a private company that deals with mental health on a mass scale. Will have more info in a few months!

  5. Hasmet Kansiz says:

    Ivan I wish you a GREAT FATHER’S DAY TOO …I enjoy your well thought out articles and unfortunately agree with most of their content…one caveat though?
    How do we get out of this savage government debt without armed conflict within our country as well?
    Do you think we must spill blood too?


    1. Equedia says:

      Funny you mentioned armed conflict – perhaps that is why Trudeau is trying to guns away from Canadians. Unfortunately, the only way out is to take many, many years of sound fiscal policy, reign back spending on social issues outside of Canada, and lower corporate taxes to entice businesses to come to Canada. However, that is just an ideal solution – the likely solution is much higher taxes in all forms – especially for the wealthy. But, as we all know, higher taxes on the the wealthy includes small businesses, which are the biggest employers of all.

    2. Equedia says:

      Thanks Hasmet! I seriously hope that blood does not have to be spilled. Unfortunately, the road to clearing up this savage government debt isn’t pretty and will take a lot of pain and a very, very long time to get out of. With the short-term mentality of today’s civilization, I fear that this is near impossible without some form of reset. The other view is that we just continue to pile on more debt, and that high debt becomes the new norm – which is likely where we’re headed. Of course, this means less for the lower class and more for the extremely wealthy. The middle class is slowly being eroded away, as government will most certainly tax these individuals more. Meanwhile, the super elite will continue to find ways to avoid taxes. This is also where most people, especially those on the left, have it wrong: higher tax on the wealthy should be higher taxes on those corporations who make billions – not individuals or small businesses who make $150,000-$200,000/year; if you tax these individuals, where will the motivation be to hire more people and grow? These individuals almost always pay their fair share of taxes because it is too costly to conduct the tax schemes required to avoid taxes; these type of schemes are generally only affordable for the ultra-rich – those who make tens of millions, or more, per year.

  6. H Sadi says:

    Fantastic,it shows you how to the real thing the future, based on facts on the past thank you.

  7. william barbour says:

    Trump already set himself up to fail by constantly lying, flagrantly approving and posting absurd and even vicious conspiracy theories, supporting the worst racist and hate mongering publications and leaders in America, and depleting his cabinet of all competent members he had and filling it with ignorant yes men and women. He is a classic egotistical narcissist who is praising our enemies and condemning our friends. And all you and other greedy business people care about is the FUC****G ECONOMY.
    You are the worst of what is wrong with Capitalism, which I think is the greatest creation ever, but not to the destruction of everything else. Trump is an amoral, vicious and vain child who lacks compassion or empathy for anyone or anything. The American version of Joseph Stalin.

    1. Equedia says:

      William, while I appreciate your opinion – I believe you chose the wrong words. “YOU” are the worst of what is wrong with Capitalism. Not sure what you mean by this? 1. We are Canadian – so not a Trump supporter. I simply write what I believe is going to happen. Please don’t let your hatred for one individual cloud and overshadow everything else. I wrote many of these predictions years ago and they have come true. I didn’t say I wanted Trump to win, or lose, simply that he would become President. Did he? Yes. Are there riots and protests everywhere? Yes.

      Hope this helps.

  8. Hank says:

    I am surprised that you still have a connection to facebook and twitter. Wait till something from your website displeases them. Most of the people that are involved in the protests are in it for the money and the loot.

    1. Equedia says:

      Funny you mention this Hank. Ironically, one of our posts was “flagged” for potentially misleading information – only, and ironically, it was a post of CNBC’s interview with the WHO.

  9. Peter Csato says:

    Spot on!

  10. Article very illusive. Cut it down to one third and finally who retires at 55 and lives to 90.?

  11. K. C. Summer says:

    Thank you for your complicated, penetrating article about “..the actual reality that exists today: control.” As most students know, the US Constitution provides for 3 branches of government; Legislative, Executive, and Judicial. These are the 3 de jure branches of government in the States. You further write “If Trump is elected…we’re going to see the building blocks of the Establishment and globalization come under attack”… a stunningly accurate prediction. So’s let’s look at Trumps favorite targets, “the Deep State” and “Fake News.” Many will deny the existence of “the Deep State.” “…the Deep State is not a homogenous or centrally controlled organization. It is not a conspiracy of spooks, meeting in secret and plotting a takeover of the country. Instead, it includes hundreds of thousands of people who already run the country. It is a loose and tacit alliance of cronies, politicians, bureaucrats, consultants, experts, economists, lobbyists…, and the military and its contractors…The most powerful and dangerous…is the one Dwight Eisenhower warned about: the military-industrial complex…It’s gotten much more complex…and much more powerful…since Eisenhower outed it in 1961.” (Bill Bonner, Bonner Part V: The Deep State, Not Trump or Congress, Runs the Country”) The term “Deep State” is relatively new to American politics and is roughly analagous to the older term “military industrial complex.” Now onto Trumps other favorite target, “fake news.” “For a long time there have been murmurings of a fifth estate, an alternative sphere of influence, another component of society” (Artem Cheprasov, Study.com) “The history of the FIfth Estate has been a continuous challenge to all authority, manifested in the 1960’s civil rights and antiwar movements… “(Peter Werbe, History of the Fifth Estate: The Early Years) It is primarily the ever-increasing power of the culturally liberal, politically correct, non-deplorable elite on CNN and similar news outlets to shape and mold public opinion in any way they chose that Trump is railing about when he blasts “fake news”. With the advent of 24/7 Cable News, “the Fifth Estate” has gone mainstream. Although the Constitution provides for 3 branches of government, the States have at least two de facto spheres of power (not explicitly recognized in the constitution), or is there a third? You write “the FED will always control society” and you have written recently about how big banks gained control of society. I mostly agree. Wall Street, the powers that keep it running such as the FED, and those entities that benefit the most from its existence, the big banks, make up the third and newest “de facto” sphere of power. Perhaps the best proof of this is Ben Bernanke’s designation of “too big to fail” banks and the resulting far-reaching economic policies. Unfortunately, the power of Wall Street, the Fed, and banks that are “too big to fail” is expanding quickly. President Trump, whose criticism of “the deep state” and “fake news” is likely on the right path, actually uses the stock market’s performance as a barometer of his administration’s success. This is the contradiction that is Donald Trump. As you correctly write, “he will do whatever it takes to prop up the economy and the stock market.” I believe my comparatively simple observations about the 3 “de facto” spheres of power dovetails well with your recent articles. You are right. It is about control, and hence power (Constitutional or otherwise)

    1. Equedia says:

      Thanks for this well-written and educated response! It’s inspiring to know that there are still citizens who read and pursue information outside that of the mainstream media, or rather “fifth estate.” As far as the banks go – we have to remember who truly controls them: the Fed. The Fed is the king of the banks and oversees all of their operations; most people just believe that they are the bank of last resort and deal with monetary policy, but they actually dictate and control most of the rules for every bank in the U.S. In other words, the biggest banks are just an extension of the Fed. Again, thanks for your comment! Very well-researched!

  12. Phil says:

    From what I’ve reading the petrodollar is losing its place in the world , can America really afford to let that happen ? Can the rest of the word survive without an America that will no longer have a say so in almost every aspect the world , a superpower , our soldiers in so many countries , our dominance and our fiat currency that most desire for now.
    Have we sanctioned too many for too long ? Will Gold solve anything ?

  13. Andre Stephenson says:

    I didn’t know property could be defamed.

  14. Ty says:

    The historical correlation with Rome and the British empire (as well as others) is strikingly and broadly similar. Throughout history when the balance of wealth becomes so tilted that the obscenely rich have total control, whether by greed, sin or pride, morality falls and a global reset is inevitable. The flash to bang cycle is faster due to technology, but the result is the same. It continues but usually there is enough time between generations for people to forget and the cycle is repeated. I don’t think it will be so this time. Technology is everywhere and recorded. As much as the rich would like to think the masses are ignorant, we are not, What the rich can’t control though is God. God is watching. Bow now or bow later, all will bow. At some point God will be tired of being mocked and the level of global reset that He sets will destroy even the obscenely rich. Don’t believe me, look at history. Non-believers say it was a natural disasters, a true global pandemic, etc. Believer’s know better. Look at the level of morality and then see what happens in God’s creation. Even those holed up in Belize and other rich people escapes will not escape the reset. We have choices, chose wisely.

  15. Eleanor McIntyre says:

    ?The killing of innocent cops? Did you really mean that, as shown in this quote?

    “We’re already seeing riots and protests everywhere – the likes of which are extremely damaging to humanity. I am not talking about peaceful protests; I am talking about the killing of innocent cops, the defamation of property, and the destruction of law and order.”

  16. Gerry Sykes says:

    What if biden wins?? What will happen?

  17. Malcolm Smart says:

    Buffet, Gates & Bezos. Tell me 1 way their ownership of a large fraction of the economy negatively affect my $70 000/ per annum mostly pension income. Why do you mention Police Killings and not the number of George Floyd killings? You should keep to your rule of not pushing any investment. When you do, it makes you look like a “pumper” – of which I have previously accused you. You never say which stocks you are selling. Incidentally, are you a racist-hater of non-whites? Do you believe that there,s racism in the U.S. and Canada?

    1. Equedia says:

      Thanks Malcolm. Your comment is warranted. However, we can’t tell people when to sell – it is literally against securities rules. We also don’t tell people when to buy – we can only present our ideas. And absolutely not a hater of non-whites, what would make you think that? I am not white. Never have been. I have friends of all races. I have never experienced true racism in my decades here in Canada. I have black, brown, yellow, red, and white friends. I do believe that racism exists, but I believe there are for more non-racists than racists.

      The other day, I was at the park with my son, who is half white and half Chinese. We walked to find a white boy, playing with a black boy, playing with a brown boy. The black child was adopted by a white person. The parents were great, as were the kids. Not one of us looked at each other and said, “Hey, that kid is black. Or Brown. Or Mixed.”

      Racism will never end if we keep saying racism exists – its a self-fulling prophecy.

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