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Venezuela has the world's cheapest gasoline and criminal gangs are shipping gas every day to Colombia, where gas is much higher, in exchange for cocaine.

Energy has sparked wars and cost the lives of many all around the world. Without it societies would crumble. Every nation knows this. The countries that control energy will remain - or become - super powers. Read this Letter to see how one nation is becoming an energy powerhouse and using it to gain global power.

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JP Morgan continues to be under investigation for numerous offenses since 2008. Just recently settled a civil suit for energy manipulation. Now they face a new FBI criminal probe in the California energy market case. Are they being targeted?

Global solar energy capacity has soared in the past 5 years, largely due to solar-friendly government policies and precipitous drops in the price of the technology. Yet Earth's most abundant energy source still provides only a fraction of our total energy--less than .25% of consumption in the United States. Why isn't this energy source making more of an impact? The numbers reveal the truth about solar.