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Will America Save Europe?7 min read

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  1. Mike says:

    If United States really wanted to make an impact on Russia and pay down its debt they would need to look at exporting oil, not gas. Increase production, open keystone pipeline, build refineries, not LNG plants. Get oil to china and Europe. Create jobs and revenue in US is key. Any impact this has on Russia is bonus. Playing with gas is a lost cause for US to play in Europe.

  2. Goldeye says:

    Exceptionally researched article — thank you for sharing your considerable insight.

    In my opinion the current U.S. administration under Obama is “reactive”, while Russia under Putin is “proactive”. The ball is still clearly in Obama’s court to up-the-sanctions ante against Russia. He should have done this last week but he didn’t, so Putin not only still has the upper hand, but also the momentum going forward to further test the West’s resolve.

    Going forward, Europe needs Putin as an energy supplier more than Putin needs Europe now that he can count China as a huge energy customer.

    P.S. Perhaps Obama’s focus on the Russia situation will be put on the unresolved back-burner (as he’s done with Syria, Benghazi, Obamacare, the FBI scandal) as the markets are ripe and overdue for at least a 10%-15% correction in the next few months. Plus, look at the Bond market, then look at the Fed’s quantitative tapering, then look at the unsustainable U.S. federal deficit, and now ask yourself “where will America get the money?” The answer, much higher T-bill rates.

  3. James Merritt says:

    What a joke!! America is a day late and a dollar short as usual. The thought that the US can supply any significant amount of LNG to any country in the near future has about as much logic as saying Obamacare is running smoothly. As MOST people know, Obama speaks with forked tongue as the Indians say. Permitting has taken over 2 years and still going on. Only Chienere might possibly be ready at the end of 2015. TALK and regulations aren’t much better than with the Keystone XL pipeline. Meanwhile Congress is like a 1st grade class at recess trying to organize which game to play without any help from the teacher!!! We can supply energy like the F35 was on schedule!

  4. noIMspartacus says:

    Great article – shame about the silly misleading title as Europe is NOT and never was the REAL problem… nor is Russia or China…

    Meanwhile, in the real world – and IF any one is really interested – the main and overriding reason for all the savage cuts and “necessary austerity measures” is to bail out the monstrous bankster “debt”, “bailouts/QE” and liabilities which are now OVER 600% OF GDP in the UK and who knows what in the US!!! – and that’s despite the FED and so-called “bank of England” giving “their banks” a guesstimated 29 TRILLION and still “printing” 85 BILLION rotting dollars a month!!!!!!

    Oh, and btw, the REAL TOTAL debt and liabilities of the UK is guesstimated to be around 1000% of GDP and in the US now at around 240 TRILLION rotting dollars!!!!
    (and for fracks sake, don’t even mention propping up the 1.4 QUADRILLION derivatives bubble time bomb) and yet the parasitic scum make “record profits” and bonuses….

    Well guess what…. their criminal insanity has gone of the charts and the Chinese – along with the Russian, the REAL EU and others – are just giving them enough rope to hang themselves… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pcqDwxAXV0k

  5. noIMspartacus says:

    The real trouble is that Russians are such amateurs…

    They should first do a false flag “terrorist attack”, bomb the hell out of the place and then just invade saying they are “spreading freedom and democracy”…
    come on Russia, get with the program…

    …and if there’s one thing more sickening and vile than the hideous, blood drenched, hypocrisy by the “west” – make that the US/UK – squealing like stuck pigs about “respect for international law” it is the pathetic chorus of silly sheeple regurgitating what the presstitutes feed them while they are being fleeced blind with another round of “weapons of mass ‘distraction” from some real world realities – and all the squealing hypocritical americans would do well to look closer to home… there’s some weird kaka going down in the US and things do not look good at all… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MkAn3VIe1yQ

    1. Lee says:

      Got it. amateurs are they??, for honesty gets you no where in politics. “US” will never get control of that area. Soon China will join in with some type of agreement on energy supply from Russia.
      Russia has been in war mental state for long- time and is not a country with the status quo like the middle east or Vietnam. US is weak now and that is just fine for Putnin and the gang.
      Here is the DRAMA being played as part of distraction and confusion play. They are all involved???, in creating the mess in Ukraine ( poor people) its all orchestrated and well planned and may be by both sides and mostly from the west. I am getting sick of politics and the non-sense illusion displayed to the public. This is not even close to what Democracy should be. So the plan was to disrupt Ukriane , create disorder, ENSLAVE the Ukraine folks with debt (this is major law breaking) in order to have control in the area from both the LABOR ASSET AND ENERGY, for the benefit of a single society..called ???? and not even the USA population. THEY are so predictable………Lets wake up we are all educated beings now (2014) we are not in-1800”
      I hope that the United States of America people would wake up from Slumber and brain wash. Same for Canadians and make a stand for what real Democracy is ..(Freedom to all) for earth is one planet and one alone where we all depend on her and on each other.
      Canada should safe guard our own energy. no need for free trade agreements/Obligations.These serve only a few. We are self sufficient and so is the USA ( not the US)–if we give in on our dealings with the US elite they will eventually dictate what goes on here, word by word. Yes in the north where only snow exists mentality????? Canada can and should export to whom is mutual beneficial to deal with.and learn that a self sufficient society can and will survive just the same much better than being subordinated.Why on earth we give our own power to these political figures beats me and undermines Democracy big time. Canada is already manipulated by the Free Trade Agreements since 1974 (conservatives) with the US. I really feel for the USA population and the continu-ance misguidance by the US elite towards USA. The USA is a self sufficient country no need for wars and foreign policies as these are not democratic sugestions but rather enslavement of those who don’t have big enough canons to fight back. This will never stop till the USA society makes a true stand for Democracy. Its about time we the CITIZENS take full responsibility of the reins and implement true Freedom/Democracy. We can all share the energies provided by mother earth. we can all benefit in research for improved ways of living both for our sake and Mother Earth. If not She will have to correct the situation herself and that is not a good picture but follows the Laws of Evolution mandates. Have we learned much from the Mayans;;Atlantis and other societies gone by in a breath of time.
      I ask GOD and /the Universe to Bless specially the USA;Ukraine and others in need of blessings.
      and yes I am a Canadian

  6. Gary says:

    The question is,,, can the US save it’s self ???

  7. louel says:

    They could easily counter Russia’s energy program. They just have to work eith Canada instead of against it. Canada has some of the largest oil and gas assetts in the world. The Country is an American ally. Development of Canadian oil and gas and helping it access offshore markets, when combined with that of the US would be a very powerfull regulatory body.

  8. Jon says:

    70% of U.S. foreign policy should be aimed at Canada. If the U.S. was smart, they could be just about self-sufficient in everything that matters. Canada is a resource powerhouse, and is truly America’s best friend. Oil, natural gas, Food, Potash, water, uranium, diamonds, minerals, trees… Relax. They’re even a friendly place to visit. If you need it, Canada has it. As for exporting, send your LNG to Japan and S. Korea. Send any extra to Europe or China. Neither place would want to be 100% reliant on Putin/Russia for energy. Europe might need to worry about a Russian pipeline to China. North America would have a new export market if Russia turns off the faucet. Think about it. If he turns off the gas Europe starts to pay off North American debt. Relax.

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