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Why Obama Will Soon Make a Very Bold Move14 min read

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  1. matt oconnell says:

    God works in mysterious ways–is this one of them?

    1. asghar says:

      what a foolish letter by the writer,if usa did not threaten syria with attack ,syria would never have given up chemical weapons ,go to putin and get life writer,are you gay by any chance?

  2. Skeptical says:

    Putin lecturing Obama about God is like Satan telling us how to be pure.

  3. a. fortier says:

    putin 1
    Obama 0

    1. Ojay V says:

      I disagree, Putin made this move because of the US warships at Assad’s door. Putin is responsible for most the people who lost their lives in this conflict.
      Soon Assad will have no more chemical weapons

      The score is Obama 2, Putin 0

      Once Assad is out of power then Obama will score again.

      To be continued…

    2. bill says:

      It is worse than that Putin has Obama like a little kid that there Mom says be home when it gets dark, now he is not even allowed outside till this new press guy learns how Obama likes to lie, so the count is more like 10 to 1 Putin with the 10 and I am giving Obama 1 just because instead of bowing to China he will be kissing some —. You are right on and then he just did a 5 for 1 terrorist trade, big math problem just got a lot worse. You are so right but people just keep going like it is ok but it will hit the FAN in a big way.

  4. W. CRAIG HARVEY says:


    1. Brian Thompson says:

      Apparently you didn’t finish the article – Putin’s real intentions are far from peaceful.

  5. a. fortier says:

    Obama lost the game. putin won.

    1. asghar says:

      here goes another on ,go and see snowdon.

    2. bill says:

      Putin made Obama look like not 1 but 100 idiots, Obama has made the USA the laughing stock of the World !

  6. a. fortier says:

    offer quatar and saudi arabia to build nuclear plant for peaceful purpose and also to the rich republic surrounding russia. Obama should intervine to liberate the jailed president of Gazprom and free the candidate who ran for mayor in st. pet. also insist that the united nation start an investigation on the death of a russian spy who died from poisoning by the kgb a few years back. putin wants to throw shit at the fan let Obama play by the same rule.

  7. RaymondofCanada says:

    “Obama, it’s time to stop being cool and start being President.” That statement shows to me you do not have a deeper understanding of Obama than me. It is probably given because you want to appear neutral on Obama, but that man is who he is. He has come to America only to deceive, accuse and destroy and I have not seen him do anything otherwise.

    1. asghar says:

      here goes another trumpet.

    2. Len Holliday says:

      Amen, Brother! What has Obama done for America except take away the future of our children and their children’s children? You cannot spend your way rich! Economics 101! The American people have become so brain washed I have no idea where this will all end? One thing is 100% a fact; Until we put GOD #1 in America once again, we are done my friend, cooked! Len Holliday(Retired stockbroker of 20+ years)!

  8. Dave Kempster says:

    I would work with Saudi Arabia to build a pipeline from the Bahrain-Kuwait area on the Persian Gulf up to the Mediterranean probably Egypt east of the Suez. Big LNG terminals at each end.

    I would work with the UN to “expropriate” chunks of Syria along the borders with Jordan, Lebanon and Turkey to build model refugee camps with housing, streets and utilities and invite Syrian refugees into them. Protect them with 1st class troops under UN mandate.

    You can see where I’m going with this. Come out of the shadows, allow the world to see that we are really good guys who lost our grip for a moment. Meantime do good things for the people and the riches will flow.

    I apreciate that it will require some really effective diplomacy to get Saudi Arabia and some others to come along.

    Anyway them’s my ideas

  9. Jim says:

    There will be a bigger story tomorrow. Yawn. And that letter looks like it was written by an American on behalf of Putin.

  10. Suzanne says:

    Obama is both incompetent and evil. I hope we can find a way to neutralize his destruction of this great land.

  11. Merle Loudon says:

    I wish that Obama would understand what Putin is doing. I don’t think he comprehends what is happening. However George must be on vacation and hasn’t given him any advice lately.

    1. asghar says:

      you must have a bushy tail.

  12. tim bray says:

    143 golf games, divided by 56 months in office = 2.55 games per month, or about 10 hours a month. his predecessor took off for “the ranch” for 6 weeks after his inauguration. plus a lot of one and two week breaks down at the ranch.
    obama blew it, no doubt ! he made a fool of the US over the snowden affair, NDAA, NSA lying and spying, Evo Morales plane being forced down, an employee of AIPAC picked as the US negotiator for israel/palestinian peace talks. and now, Larry Summers of harvard and glass-steigel fame, as the new fed chief ! and don’t forget penny pritzger, and the “ladies who lunch”

    he didn’t, and doesn’t, deserve a nobel prize. and he was the cause for me to give up 40 years as a registered democrat. , but he didn’t steal two national elections, start two pointless wars based on lies, give tax breaks to the wealthy and subsidies to industry, bail outs to theives on wall st.

    theres plenty of fault and blame to lay on the president, but playing golf 2-3 time a month isn’t one of them. should your newsletter biz falter, you’re a shoe in for anchor at FOX !

    1. Alec says:

      The tax cuts were across the board, prove he “stole” one election let alone two, and Obama has his own questionable military actions like in Libya going in without Congressional approval.

      That’s just scratching the surface. By the time Obama is done, his “transparent” administration will be worse than Bush.

      1. asghar says:

        you bet.

  13. mike says:

    Obama the neighborhood lawyer/community organizer pulled the wool over the world’s eyes as everyone was taken by his oratory. and being the first black to assume such a high post. The media immediately embraced him and made him invincible! So for 6 years now he has destroyed The US with huge debts, by changing society from individual responsibility to wards of the government, lifetime dependency. A person that never had held a real job, a person that was influenced throughout his life by extreme leftist ideology. His vision of stealing from the rich (hard working, self sufficient, responsible individuals) is in progression of destroying what America has achieved, stood for, admired for and envied by the whole world for over 200 years. His lack of experience has led to blunder after blunder, excused at every step by his loving, forgiving and blind media that has influenced the public opinion. Would any corporation worth it’s salt ever hire a community organizer to do the president’s job? If they really screwed up would their board of directors not fire him after the first or second year. Instead we sit here and hear that the poor fellow inherited a mess. Wow, that’s why you hire a new president in order to change the direction for the better. Mr. Obama gets praised and excused for all his goofs. Has anyone ever heard of a newly hired president with a mess in his hands playing golf and taking advantage of all the benefits of the job. (expensive vacations) while Rome burns? As a result everyone wonders now that the chickens came to roost why Obama (the USA and the world are in such a mess.The man can’t lead, he knows how to divide, and can’t make the right decisions BECAUSE he lacks experience. He screwed up Egypt, Libya, he missed a huge opportunity in Iran by siding with their repressive government and not helping the revolting public, he does nothing when over 100,000 Syrians are killed, then procrastinates when citizens are gassed and finally he puts a red line which he denies and then tries to push it away by claiming it’s the world’s line not his. On a Friday after six when everyone in Washington has fled from the city he pushes through his famous Obamacare and Pelosi declares that you ‘ve got to pass it in order to find out what you signed into law. This comes from a president that declared the most transparent government that the US will ever have!
    Anyway I can go on and on, but I hope that everyone can put aside their political leanings and look at this fake for what he is, before his mess becomes irreversible!!

    1. Tukinde says:

      This is another angry rant with not enough facts. Obama is a cool headed president who hasn’t allowed emotions and his personal feelings take control of his judgement like his white predecessors especially George W Bush. The truth is that the world has changed, the USA or any other country cannot just fire missiles at targets in another country where human beings may be killed in the process, just because the USA feels it is justified.Such mentality is used by Islamic extremists against the West whereby they set up explosives and harm innocent people because they feel that these people are justified targets. With Syria it has now turned out that there were much more chemical weapons than what the so called clever agents from Israeli and the West though they knew about. Any strike and subsequent retaliation by Syria would have been a major human disaster in that region.

      1. JRIP says:

        Oh, hello racist.

    2. asghar says:

      go get some education and try to understand maths.

  14. P. Lau says:

    This is Putin s politics. If the USA did not threaten with force, you think Putin would tell Assad to depose the chemical weapons. Putin used this political game to help Assad to save face for getting rid of the weapons.

    1. Ojay V says:

      100% agreed.

  15. Gary E. says:

    You present an interesting commentary. What surprises me is that to date I have not heard anyone raise the question of how Assad got his 1000+ tons of chemicals. Chemicals of this nature have been outlawed for many years. I’ve read that Russia has sold much of the stockpile. If so……..how is it Russia has been able to manufacture, in violation of the ban treaty, and then gain financially from such action and sale, all without coming under the microscope??? Putin does not have the high ground if this issure is properly investigated and the spotlight placed where it belongs. Additionally, he’s trying to play the same strategy with Iran, setting up lucrative sales of military hardware and such. Aiding and abetting until the curtain comes down again.

  16. will says:

    Got him!
    Right between the “I’s”.

  17. Ian Thomas says:

    I was surprised that Putin threw Obama and the US political establishment a lifeline as there is no way Obama was going to get the support of congress. The chaos over the vote and resultant lack of support for military action would have made America look weak and dysfunctional. On the surface it is surprising Putin chose to prevent that from happening. However the answer is as simple as; given the choice between America looking weak and dysfunctional or making him(Putin) look strong and competent he chose the latter. And then with the letter which was professionally crafted and not partisan, as it took shots at both Busch and Obama, he made a strong play for the support of the American public. If he can control the hearts and minds of the American public he effectively controls the American military establishment. No bullets, no cruise missiles, no one killed, just brilliant strategy. Checkmate comrade Obama.

  18. Ian Thomas says:

    Further the point of the whole reason for being in the Middle East would it not make more sense to have a sound North American energy strategy. 1. Sell all the gas currently being flared in the Bakken to the Europeans. 2. Come up with a plan to back up Boone Pickens regarding the conversion of the heavy duty fleet to natural gas.3. Approve Keystone.
    Then if friends of America need help in the Middle East do as the Russians – sell them planes and bombs and missile systems – they have lots of money. They also have lots of unemployed youth who can learn to fly the planes and run the missile systems. No point to risk American lives.

  19. jack smith says:

    Quoting Fox News, an ex-Reagan underling and ex-KGB thug Putin in one newsletter! You failed to ask the obvious question – who supplied Assad with chemical weapons? Was it your “saviour of the planet” Putin? Let’s ask the Chechens who they would prefer to broker a peace deal. BTW did you ask your Putin sources how many times Russia has exercised their veto in the Security Council and how many for the US. More in-depth and balanced research might add credibility to your rant.

    1. ironore068 says:

      Did you ever stop to think it may have been the USA supplying the CW’s in exchange for secretly detaining and torturing prisoners for the USA?

  20. Ed.Greulig says:

    Putin does not have the handicap of having gone to Harvard, and he also does not see the U. N. as the worlds ultimate authority. Regardless of the hype from the News Media including Fox’s Bill O and his talking heads and has bins on both sides of the aisle Obamba is not has no common sense, is inept and a serial liar along with all White House.
    The whole World knows this so it is no surprise Putin is putting all over Obama.

    1. Obama has NO American citizenship, and Pelosi knows it. She was sent a certified letter and received it [I’m positive] a couple of days AFTER she ARROGANTLY nominated him for president that he is/was NOT an American, has NO American citizenship AND COULD NOT BEE PRESIDENT
      , but she refused to acknowledge that she made a mistake, and now must be taken down along with Obama. States CAN sue if people get behind them! His second election was won for him by the Saudi government who bought it for him. As a Sunni Muslim born in Kenya, he owes his allegiance to the Saudi King. His father was a Kenyan who met him then 17-18 year old mother at college in Chicago where his father was attending college under our government scholarship program at that time. He was already married to three other Kenyan women at the time. I’ve done my research – six years worth – and I used to work as a Legal Assistant to a U.S. Attorney. Jerome Corsi also has the correct information as well as Supreme Court Justice Roberts. Their families have been threatened to be killed by Obama’s Muslim Brotherhood who are in the White House with him helping call the shots. I have been warned when I was on email too to stop talking that they knew me and knew ALL about me. (I’m 84 yrs. old, but I’m not dumb.)Obama also in his first term ordered coffins/caskets for ALL Christians, and 80,000 Muslim immigrants (forget our immigration policies) to help do the job for him. He also ordered Plenty of bullets, don’t have the exact count off the top of my head. I have been receiving a lot of info because some people thought i knew enough that I might be able to help.

      1. asghar says:

        here goes a racist.

  21. Myron Martin says:

    We know the world has come to a major turning point when a Communist dictator starts to sound more rational than our Western leaders. Until governments take control on behalf of the people instead of aligning themselves with the Ponzi scheme established by the cabal of European bankers who hoodwinked Congress into passing the Federal Reserve Act in 1913 there is nothing but more debt and war in our future. The fractional reserve, fiat currency fiasco needs to be changed forthwith, continuing this debacle is insanity.

  22. Martin Gray says:

    All very simplistic except for Putin’s analyses which are profounder and will work out in reality. You have to be real when all these troubles lie on your own doorstep.

  23. Stuart Priest says:

    We all agree that to use chemical weapons in any conflict is wrong, innocent people get hurt. But that does give the right for an country to step in with military action, considering the fact that there is no proof about who is to blame. America seems to think it has the right to step in with military action whenever it seems fit. A warning was 9/11, the more America interfere in Middle East conflicts the more hatred it gains. It is better to talk peace and to diffuse the situation than add fire to the fuel, if America interfere in Syria then more innocent lives will be lost and the issue and hatred will grow. I take my hat of to Putin and he does deserve the peace prize regardless of his intentions in Iran with are more political than hostile. One of the biggest concerns to me is that NATO and the UN always seem to side with America and America knows this. My concerns are that America thinks it has the military mite to step into any conflict, i say beware because in my opinion the wrong conflict could bring Russian and China to stand together and if that should happen god help us all.

  24. tim bray says:

    truly, astonishingly amazing. most of you sound like writers for Fox News, or tea party zealots ! golf is the reason our country is dying. not outsourcing of american jobs, not 50,000 closed factories in 12 years, not a senate minority that filibusters every piece of constructive legislation, not a house that votes for obama-care repeal 41 times. and how bout that national debt; tax cuts for the 1%, subsidies for industry, farm subsidies for house and senate members, ethanol for big ag, no negotiation with big pharma on drug prices by medicare, the lowest annual tax revenue by the IRS in sixty years. that means nobody is paying taxes because bush cut their taxes, or a worker is no longer employed to pay taxes. but let’s blame the black guy.
    and, by the by, when an administration finally makes the staggering costs of two foreign wars a known part of the budget, the interest costs to the treasury go up exponentially, hence the ever increasing national debt. what a bunch of dimwits. 50% of the population believes the poisonous drivel of ALEC, FOX, the GOP , and the hate filled adherents Jesus. the other 50% still hold onto the myth that the democrats are all enlightened liberal progressives that really want to change things, even as they count their corporate campaign contributions and refer to unions as fricking retards !
    the middle class (read that “cash cow”) never understood that they were America. not the rich, not the poor, just the middle class. i think we are losing all that was accomplished for the common good from 1933 thru 1980. thats right, all that socialist law and regulation that cleaned up the air, the water, the food, the working conditions and a decent retirement. the culture that built the greatest country the world has ever seen. it’s gotta be the black guy and his golf game ! !everything was just fine till he got over the fence. keep believing in the kenyan muslim theory. destroying our freedom, indeed. are you really that dim ?

    1. Myron Martin says:

      I see Mr Brays contribution as a “racist rant” this whole issue has nothing do with the colour of a persons skin. The fact is Obama has added as much to the national debt as ALL previous President’s combined, facts that can be checked. To reduce the debate as Bray does to a Democrat/Republican fight is equally ridiculous, the simple truth is NO GOVERNMENT regardless of political party can give anyone anything they do not first take way from someone else.

      If you look at America as just one giant corporation with many subsidiaries (states) would it not be fair to ask what EXPERIENCE Obama has to run such a large corporation, or judge him on the RESULTS as stated? Central planning has never worked anywhere it has been tried, America worked reasonably well while it followed the Constitution and particularly its provisions for “SOUND MONEY” but now that so many of the Constitutional Amendment have been breached the freedom of the people has been compromised and a dictatorship looms.

      Under the twisted logic of our age I suppose Putin deserves a Nobel peace prize about as much as Obama did, but make no mistake, Putin is a clever politician and in this case has out manouvered Obama on this issue, I just wouldn’t trust either of them further than I could throw them.

  25. “Obama, it’s time to stop being cool and start being President.” Not likely — he doesn’t even know where to begin, and he is too self-absorbed to listen to anyone else, including President-in-Effect Valerie Jarrett,

    1. asghar says:

      go live in russia,if you love putin so much.

  26. Pete says:

    Mr. Putin..These are the words of a great man. Words that incite hope and elation. I agree with every word you said and I also think your perception of Mr. Obamas statement pronouncing, “American exceptionalism” was a profound and required retort to his arrogant claim. There are millions of exceptional people in this world and they do not all reside in the United States. You too Mr. Putin are an exceptional person and it is my sincere desire and wish that you maintain this exceptionally high level of statesmanship.

    Bravo Mr. Putin!

  27. Stojanovich says:

    There’s been talk for 100’s of years in a person coming unto the world stage that will unite all religions and nation states around his/her vision for world peace. In exchange for this leadership we will need to surrender some of the freedoms that we have taken for granted. I can see this scenario unfolding with these 2 leaders and it seems like the tension between them is working to elevate their position on the world stage. Whether its one of them that become DA MAN or there’s someone else waiting in the wings remains to be seen. One thing you can see though is that the world is ready for someone to unite everyone towards the common goal of world peace.

  28. Walter Volz says:

    Putin is intellegent. He is thinking with a clear head. Heading off a stupid attack on Syria and strenghing his own nation by ensuring gas line energy to the entire area. Something Obama can’t seem to do (keystone pipeline).

  29. Tunk Rezees says:

    Great speech of Putin, lets look Obama like an angry sandbox boy.
    Only pitty, it’s not totally unselfish by Putin.

  30. silver says:

    Wow!! Any of you who actually beleive a word that comes out of Putins mouth are completly insane. This isa man from a country that opresses it people and takes government control to extremes. This man who proclaims us all created equal by God, just signed into law more Anti Gay/Lesbian laws? If that’s not the greatest example of hipocracy I don’t know what is. You who beleive Putin acts in anything but his own communist interests are crazy. He did out duel Obama on this one, no doubt. But if any one beleives that this will ever take place they are dreaming. Whats to say the Russian control of this situation doesn’t either hide some of these weapons from inspectors or funnel new or even these same weapons right back in there?(Who do you think they got them from in the first place???) This theory that the rebels used these weapons is completly ridiculous as well. How in the world would these groups get them? let alone have the delivery methods. Clearly Assad ordered this. And judging by the comments that America and her allies beleive he used them there really is no doubt. They could easily figure that out.

    Come on people open your eyes!! Do they need to attack? I’m not so sure, but believing that Putin now deserves the nobel peace prize in laughable. This man has clearly pulled the fleece over your eyes. Which is exactly what he wanted.

    1. ironore068 says:

      You obviously have not kept up with the world news. The rebels/terrorists were caight in Turkey with Sarin Gas. It was not military grade, rather it was kitchen grade. Note that if military sarin gas had been used, the first responders would have also died from touching the victims without wearing protective clothing and gas masks. Saddam Husseins ex General is the man who cooked up the sarin gas as he used to do for Saddam. Not to hard to believe when you have the truth on all news sites including Israels.

  31. ?? says:

    Putin lecturing Obama is more like one devil admonishing another devil but apparently in politics even devils need to “co-operate” with each other for the better good.

    Putin the dictator….? Must be rubbing off on Obama considering his track record.

    How much longer before they initiate martial law in the US?

    I see some still believe 19 Arab buffoons beat the shit out of the USA. Now that’s sad!

  32. Alexis says:

    Soon now the United Nations will close down All religion in fulfillment of Bible prophecy.

    1. Guy says:

      Can’t happen soon enough… religion is the root of all evil in the world.

  33. Alexis says:

    This will be the beginning of the Great(est)Tribulation that the world has never experienced before, in fact if it is not cut short, no flesh will be saved”.

  34. M.H says:

    I just can’t shake the feeling…..that Snowden and Putin spent a thoroughly enjoyable evening well into the morning…..penning that letter together, lovin every minute of it.

  35. John Dorian says:

    This article smacks of partisanship. Please leave partisan politics out of it, and just report the news. It’s an embarrassment and an affront to anyone who can think critically and intelligently.

    If you are siding with Putin, how sad are you not to mention his oppression of his own citizens, his ruthlessness, and his hypocrisy.

    Towards the middle to the end of the article, it was indeed a little less disparaging of our President (not sure of the nationality of this site or the author). So, I’ll give you that. However, the beginning of the article is very offensive.

    If you are an American Republican, imagine how George W Bush would view your comments and remarks. “If you’re not with the President, you’re anti-American and a traitor,” is the (para)phrase that was used back then. Does anyone remember that? If you, the author, are an American Republican, you too are a hypocrite and/or a bigot.

    Ivan Lo and Equedia, your motives are transparent, and so are you.


    1. John Dorian says:

      Whoops! This is a Canadian website. My bad. Please accept my apologies.

      Go ahead and disparage the American President at your leisure, not that I have any power over your writing.

      However, please note that, even though we don’t always agree with our current President, we did vote for him, and, for the most part, we think he’s doing a MUCH, MUCH, MUCH better job than the previous one.

      What were we thinking voting that “Dubya” character not once, but twice? {facepalms} What a complete disaster.

  36. Myron Martin says:

    I am also Canadian and I find it laughable that John Dorian considers the article, “smacking of partisanship” when he so blatantly exposes his own bias with the ridiculous assertion that anyone “not with the President” is anti – American and a traitor” quote, and then in his second posting says; “What were we thinking voting that “DUBYA” character not once, but twice, WHAT A COMPLETE DISASTER!” WHERE does freedom of expression and speech come in, and what does the situation say about the American voter? Apparently they have not yet learned that NO GOVERNMENT can give anyone anything they do not first take away from someone else. Believing the promises of politicians is apparently a lesson yet to be learned.
    So the initial quote from George Bush is A-OK applied to the now Democrat President, but the FACT he has increased the national debt by as much as ALL previous Presidents combined going all the way back to George Washington gives him a “pass” because he inherited a mess. The FACT is most Presidents from both parties have contributed to the MESS America is now in, so where is your “critical thinking” John?

    Just because Putin came across in a more clever way than Obama does not make him a saint, but Obama’s near total lack of economic understanding IS quite apparent and justifies criticism, and what does electing him TWICE say about the American voter? Wasn’t it Einstein who said; ” continuing to do the same things repeatedly and expecting different results is a definition of insanity!”

  37. R Gray says:

    Where do I resign from the human race?

    I am so sick of the conditions in this world: no-backbone Democrats/Liberals; Repugnicans/Progressive Conservates (can’t even find a name that doesn’t start out as an oxymoron); and other parties all filled with no common sense and only looking to serve their backers interests; numerous religious idiots looking to kill everyone who doesn’t hold the exact same beliefs as they do; and almost all are iignorant savages at best who can’t put two thoughts together without deficating on someone; that, were I a microbiologist instead of a retired computer person, I would devote my time and effort to removing the human race from the face of the earth and letting the next species take over.

    Who or whatever it was that took over, could not be worse.

  38. M Freeland says:

    I found it interesting that Dorian thought this was a partisan article. He must be one of the far leftists that would follow their great leader off a bridge rather than think for himself. I found it to be very BI-partisan, objective and analytical…it must be why I’m getting more of my news from outside the states these days. I’m a middle class, God thanking, socially liberal, fiscally conservative American. I believe the majority of us would feel as I do. I have no representative, no party, and I have to sit and watch while the dems spend us in to obsolescence and take more from my paycheck and the conservatives fear monger about gay marriage and continuously make an embarrassment of religion. The polarization of our nation is going to be the death of it. I’ve never seen a president behave like such a B-List celebrity- flaunting his status and devoting more time to his golf game than his job. He’s been compared to royalty recently, which I disagree with. At least most of the Royals take their role seriously, and with duty. Obama acts like one of those Disney raised teen stars. I can only hope someone better will come along during the next election.

    I agree with Gray. I would like the planet to stop now, I want off.

    1. Tony B says:

      Well said, Freeland. Sometime, people hate the truth. Sometimes, they’re brainwashed by watching only one channel not realizing that the one channel they’ve been watching is owned by Democrats or REpublicans. I am not saying I am a democrat or republican; I am saying Obama is neither. He has no clue how to run the country and has no experience. Period.

  39. Red says:

    So don’t Obama’s actions speak volumes? Isn’t this a clear sign of his inability to lead because the men behind the curtain are the ones in control and perhaps golfing is Obama’s way of saying, ” I’ve got nothing better to do so I might as well play golf.” Is he letting the world know “the buck does not stop here” there are others who have usurped control of the government? Why would this man intentionally make himself look this inept? Are the previous writers so naive as to believe Obama is actually in control of the government? No disrespect intended but where have you been for the past 50 years? Obama’s handlers are handling him very well aren’t they?

  40. Jawaid Iqbal Butt says:

    Realistic approach for resolving issues makes sense otherwise we are fastly moving forward a worldly coolapse.

  41. Muditha Jayasinghe says:

    Third rate article from a fourth rate author.

    1. Nancy Houser says:

      Rudeness seems to be the thing of the day. Unless you have contributed letters yourself, you have no right to condemn a writer who is sharing his or her own opinion.

      In your eyes, this may be a third rate article from a fourth rate writer, but in my eyes your comment is from a fifth rate person, who really has nothing to share.

  42. Myron Martin says:

    Fifth rate comment from a sixth rate commenter, what is your point? Do you have some FACTS to contribute to the debate on who has the moral high ground, Putin or Obama? A pox on both of their houses, NEITHER one Is a leader on the side of the common person.

  43. nan says:

    Please– you lost me as soon as you quoted fallacies or xtreme.

  44. Dajour says:

    Who gave this fool a platform… your logic and rational is actually comical at best ……

  45. Myron Martin says:

    Be careful who you are calling a FOOL, you may look in the mirror at some future point and changed circumstances and realize it WAS YOU who was the fool. Whatever happened to freedom of expression?

    1. Edison Waley says:

      Sometimes, Obama supporters get wayyy ahead of themselves. They voted for Obama, but can’t give you a good reason why. All they can say is how bad Bush was. No one said Bush is good. But Obama ain’t better and he is going to put America into a massive spending hole that it can’t dig out of.

      Furthermore, I don’t think this Letter is bashing Obama at all. This IS what is happening. There are facts to back it up. Myron, well said.

      Those who think this article is making Putin the good guy should really read it again. All it says is that Putin delivered a serious global political blow to Obama. It doesn’t say we should support Putin. It doesn’t say Obama is a bad guy. It just shows Obama needs to make a move.

  46. DAVEnyusa says:

    Obama; what a gutless phony.

  47. raygun says:

    YEA !!! He’s going to resign !!!

  48. paul says:

    The bottom line is that the U.S. is without competent leadership.

  49. mikeP says:

    It seems that most of the folks commenting dont know what happened: Syria used chemical weapons. Obama let them and the russians know he was ready to take action. To buy time and let that sink in he asked for congressional authorization. The Russians blinked. Now it looks like we will have a chemical weapons free Syria. Six months ago that would have been an impossible dream. Obama was brilliant and you guys still cant see the play!

  50. prom night says:

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