The Rise of the Information Army

AI and bots have overtaken information and now they’re after your communications – soon, they will control the narrative and you will be silenced.

How much of what you see online is actually real?

I’m not talking about the current state of manipulated media, or as many call it, fake news.

I’m talking about personal interactions like tweets, forum threads, comments, reviews—heck, even private messages.

Just take a wild guess.

According to a recent report, nearly HALF of all internet actions are made NOT BY HUMANS, but by BOTS.

In just a moment, I’ll explain how these obscure bots are responsible for the lion’s share of censorship and propaganda. And I’ll expose the shadow organizations that control them.

(Spoiler: some are directly tied to the World Economic Forum [WEF] and Capitol Hill.) 

But first, let me tell you a story about “Jorge,” a little-known Israeli man. 

Cambridge Analytica’s Secret Weapon

Remember the Cambridge Analytica (CA) scandal?

For a refresher, CA was a consulting firm that collected hundreds of millions of Facebook users’ highly personal information and then used that information to run “micro-targeted” political ads at scale.

CA’s campaigns were so effective they defined most of last decade’s political events, including the:

  • Brexit referendum
  • 2013 and 2017 Kenyan presidential elections
  • 2014 Indian general election
  • 2016 Colombian Peace Agreement Referendum
  • 2012 and 2014 US congressional elections
  • 2018 Mexican presidential election
  • 2018 Brazilian general election
  • And many more pivotal political events…

Many details about this operation have been exposed since it came to light, but one crucial piece of the puzzle was still missing.

As it later turned out, CA didn’t just collect and sell data. It also used an obscure Israeli operative called “Team Jorge” to help its clients dig up dirt on their political opponents. 

Via Forbidden Stories:

“In anonymous testimonies published in the British press in 2018, former [Cambridge Analytica] employees describe “Israeli hackers” barging into the company’s offices with USB drives loaded with what appeared to contain hacked private emails of politicians. “People panicked, they wanted nothing to do with it,” a former employee told the Guardian at the time. According to the Guardian’s reporting, these “hackers offered personal data about future Nigerian president and future PM of St Kitts and Nevis.”

Who were those secret CA agents?

After an undercover investigation, a consortium of journalists found out “Jorge” was an Israeli man named Tal Hanan who happens to run one of the dirtiest global disinformation machines.  

For example, a few years ago, “Team Jorge” carried out a cyberattack against Indonesia’s election committee and, for political reasons, blamed it on China.

Meanwhile, the operative meddled in a Venezuelan election…the Catalan independence referendum…and a number of smear campaigns involving high-profile officials from Mexico to Iran.

In all, it has been reported that they interfered in 33 elections worldwide, 27* of which were successfully swayed in favor of their clients. 

(*According to Hanan’s own words during secretly recorded conversations.)

How did a few covert agents manage to pull that off? (Keep in mind “Team Jorge” is a private underground operative that has no links or funding from the Israeli government.)

First, they had an army of journalists on their payroll who could quickly spread their narratives.

But by far the biggest weapon was what Hanan calls “Advanced Impact Media Solutions” (“AIMS”). It’s an AI program that impersonates 30,000+ profiles across Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and other platforms.

These profiles automatically create and spread contextual information. Based on keywords, they tweet, comment, leave reviews, and otherwise engage in a human-like manner at scale.

They even hack into private messaging apps and impersonate people:

“To demonstrate one of his most effective weapons, Jorge took control of the private messaging systems of several high-level African officials. “We are inside,” Jorge told the reporters, who observed two Gmail accounts, a Google Drive, an address book, and a string of Telegram accounts. (Hacking victims were unaware of the infiltration.) Once inside a victim’s messaging system, Jorge could impersonate conversations with their contacts.”

Let me remind you one more time.

That’s just a few hackers out of Israel.

Imagine what can be done when this kind of “guerilla” information warfare is combined with state-level resources.

Actually, you don’t have to imagine… 

The WEF’s Troll Army and AI

If you think troll armies fighting a “guerilla” information warfare are only a thing of criminal operatives, you’re in for a revelation.

Even globalist organizations admit to using them to influence public opinion.

For example, in the heat of the pandemic, the United Stations (UN) recruited 100,000+ of what they call “digital first responders” to push pro-vaccine narratives across social media.

That’s not speculation. The UN itself let it slip during the 2020 World Economic Forum:

“So far, we’ve recruited 110,000 information volunteers, and we equip these information volunteers with the kind of knowledge about how misinformation spreads and ask them to serve as kind of ‘digital first-responders’ in those spaces where misinformation travels,” said Melissa Fleming, head of global communications for the United Nations.”

And these “information warriors” aren’t just screening the web.

They are infiltrating online discussions via YouTube comments and Twitter threads to community forums. Then they organically engage in discourses pushing the establishment narrative.

But apparently, human trolls aren’t effective enough.

Following the example of “Team Jorge,” the WEF has called for utilizing AI to censor non-conforming narratives before they catch on.

Via WeForum:

“By bringing human-curated, multi-language, off-platform intelligence into learning sets, AI will then be able to detect nuanced, novel online abuses at scale, before they reach mainstream platforms. Supplementing this smarter automated detection with human expertise to review edge cases and identify false positives and negatives and then feeding those findings back into training sets will allow us to create AI with human intelligence baked in. This more intelligent AI gets more sophisticated with each moderation decision, eventually allowing near-perfect detection, at scale.”

​​Here’s what that would look like:

If they have the resources to recruit 100,000+ trolls and train an AI that can detect propagating narratives across the entire internet….

…just imagine how many of their bots have already infiltrated online communities.

No wonder WEF founder Klaus Schwab said: “Whoever masters AI will become the master of the world.”

Foreign Malign Influence Center (FMIC)

Capitol Hill is enlisting these “information warriors,” too. 

Director of National Intelligence Avril Haines recently unveiled a new agency called the Foreign Malign Influence Center (FMIC). It’s a revamped version of the Disinformation Governance Board—which was shut down last year due to public backlash.

The apparent motive for forming FMIC is to counter foreign propaganda specifically.

But many fear foreign influence is just an excuse to push the establishment’s narratives.

In fact, according to law, the FMIC isn’t just mandated to fight foreign misinformation around elections, but is also in charge of overseeing “the public opinion within the United States.”


There are few details about this newly formed agency and how it would function—for obvious reasons. 

But one thing is clear as day: it sits at the heart of US National Intelligence, effectively tapping into unlimited resources. 

And most important, it can keep its operations from the public.

Having such discretion, I have no doubt they’ll use every tool at their disposal—including AIMS-type “guerilla” tactics—to push their narratives across the internet.

20 Years Behind Bars

To make matters worse, lawmakers are tossing around laws to further marginalize opinions that don’t fit into the establishment’s mold.

Take Senate Bill 686, the RESTRICT Act.

The bill— often referred to as the TikTok ban bill—was motivated by the rise of CCP-controlled TikTok and its power to influence public opinion through content recommendation algorithms.

I covered this in detail here. 

But in reality, this bill has little to do with TikTok and more with dampening free speech domestically. That’s because it gives regulators the power to shut down any US-based website. 

Via The Last Refuge

“In very specific terms a lot of US websites would be impacted. Why? Because a lot of websites use third-party ‘plug-ins’ or ‘widgets’ or software created in foreign countries to support the content on their site. The “Restrict Act” gives the DNI the ability to tell a website using any “foreign content” or software; that might be engaged in platform communication the US Government views as against their interests; to shut down or face a criminal charge. In very direct terms, the passage of SB686 would give the Dept of Commerce, DNI and DHS the ability to shut down what you are reading right now. This is a big deal.”

And guess what? If you don’t comply—you face a penalty of $1,000,000 and up to 20 years in prison!


So next time you see barrages of brainwashed people on Twitter blurting out gibberish, don’t be surprised.

It could very well be WEF bots.

With agencies like FMIC and “disinformation” laws potentially carrying jail time in the near future, public opinion will be exclusively narrated by globalist elites.

Seek the truth and be prepared,

Carlisle Kane

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    1. This is important information. Our current government is not on a level playing field and only wants to take away your rights. While great investment insights are valuable, I believe it’s time the American people know the truth. I am tired of people being called conspiracy theorist because they question these things or spread the news. Because you can be assured MSM will keep it hidden. And these bills they try to sneak by you by only giving you a hint of what’s really in it. That should not be allowed,

  2. A well balanced article with offer suggestions for those to protect oneself in such a scenario. More research needs to be done.

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