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The Conspiracies Behind COVID-19 and How it Will Change Your Financial Future19 min read

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  1. Michelle says:

    I’m truly with you on this, I saw the Amazing Polly 201, I believe that the USA already knew about the virus. The Covid 19 was the one virus they talked about. Bill Gates now wants to put a chip into the vaccine so they can track the virus. The only way to do this is track the people. The richest people in the world are the most evil. I know that if we the people all went against them and take them down it would be a much better world.

  2. what a bunch of crap is this real??

  3. Mike Shannon says:

    You are kidding right! This is a smokie screen for those leaders who partake in a pedophile lifestly of the rich and famous. Trump is compromised and likely the front jerk for oligarchs who wanna fuck kids. It’s really not that complicated.

  4. Richard Jensen says:

    Definitely agree with the conspiracy theory that COVID 19 could have been prevented but instead I believe that it was a plan to cripple the global economy.

  5. r Mackay says:

    ‘And then think of the Federal Reserve, who will be lending trillions of dollars to the U.S.’ But isn’t Donald Trump now the head of the Federal Reserve?

  6. So what are you offering other than to ‘buy’ gold? What solutions/investiments or are you thinking we should just invest in a bunker?? You have made claims but have offered nothing but that. Not really worth the read.

  7. Pierre says:

    I just would like to become a millionaire trading stocks and keeping my mouth shut Thank you.

  8. Lady says:

    I’m not an investor, but I always appreciate reading Equedia for the valuable insight it provides into global and political issues. Thank you providing a window for people to see the world in a different way.

  9. Darrell Garza says:

    Given all the facts that we know today. One would think that a vaccine has already been discovered. . I believe that we need to be very cautious going forward. Test on an as needed basis, treat everyone the best we can. I would suggest we use antibodies from the 90000 people that have already been infected and have recovered to help develop the cure.

  10. gary L pare says:

    Yes, The vast majority of it is. And anyone who does not think something like this
    cant be true, IS A FOOL!

  11. Sam TORTUMLU says:

    Well, one thing for sure that HK won’t see many protests anymore.

  12. al says:

    With respect to the assertion that neither China or the USA would benefit from the pandemic, that would only be true if it were also true that these countries value the well-being of their citizens above the well-being of the government itself and furtherance of the government’s goal of being all-knowing and all-controlling. I submit that is a questionable assumption.

  13. Equedia says:

    Valid point – but why would any country want to Destroy its own economy? No economy, no taxes.

  14. Ed says:

    Absolutely moronic..take set of facts and through hind sight wrap a conspiracy theory around them..

  15. CHRIS BROWN says:

    I’m in Canada. In 2006, Health Canada put together a report, “Canada’s Pandemic Influenza Plan” in response to SARS. In that report, they described Covid19 perfectly – place of origin (Asia), its rate of spread, loss of life, and damage to the economy,etc. But the biggest takeaway, and in my opinion the smoking gun, the report emphatically stated that shutting down air travel early on was the crucial first action to take if any hope to contain the virus was the goal/outcome. We all know the outcome we got. How come its not the outcome that all the planning and reports were suppose to be aiming for – did I mention AIR TRAVEL.. The WHO in early FEBRUARY, “We don’t feel that restricting air travel is called for”. Whatever or wherever the source of this thing is, the ‘inaction’ of not shutting down international flights became the lid on Pandora’s Box, and they opened it in order to get the exact chaos that is ravaging us all now, both from a life and an economic outcome. They are pure evil.

  16. Equedia says:

    Yes, the facts are all real.

  17. JB says:


  18. Jen says:

    Its the zionist jews who have controlled the central banks since the privately owned bank of england was started. Anyone who cant see the jewish names in control of the media, banks and politics is fucking brainwashed or scared of being called a ‘antisemite’ or ‘racist’. Two words used by jews to hide their work. World need to wake up and remove this parasite to all humanity.

  19. WILLIAM says:


  20. Darrell Garza says:

    Conspiracy theories are a dime a dozen, anyone can include or withhold facts to support their theory. However since c-19 has invaded our country we will forever be changed. If we continue to practice social distancing perhaps the virus could be contained. Returning to normal would be our reward. Let us hold on for a while longer. It will be worth it.

  21. n gibbons says:

    We will never know. Still reading the whole livestream. Events don’t add up. When Soros ‘s name comes up my hairs stand up straight on end. He or his foundation has championed open borders. Ask him , has he open borders around his many homes. I can guarante he has walls , fences and electric gates plus all the surveilance cameras known to man. No mass movement of people through his land. Just for the “Swetty masses ” to endure.

  22. Michael Beach says:

    These power mad billionaires, oligarchs and misguided philanthropists have too much money and time on thier hands. This idea of universal identity has been around since the mark of the beast and will never come to fruition, except maybe in some closed totalitarian society, because there is just too much political and economic conflict among too many disparate countries, ideologies and religions. How many Catholics do you think will submit to a vaccine/nano implant to “mark” them for life.

    On top of that, this virus like all others has shown it’s vulnerable to natural immunity and will dissipate before any global scheme can be effected to mark everyone. It’s just not necessary. Yeah, some companies and unscrupulous politicians will make a killing marketing a vaccine, but the majority of people won’t participate.

  23. Ed F. says:

    Plausible, but where exactly is the cover up? Seems to me to be a lot of “open source” information available if those who proposed the “take down” intended to be covert. And it darned well would be if whomsoever, nihilists or nation states was behind it. I take of this with a grain of salt, strike that, make it with a large measure of salt.

  24. JJ says:

    Two men sounded the alarm. Chris Matheson of Peak Prosperity and Cliff High. Please see Peak Prosperity YouTube channel and Cliff High’s 3 interviews with Bix Weir at RoadtoRoota.com. Take a ton of vitamin C !!!

  25. Najib says:

    Yes we are going in mixed up era full of confusions and fear , we do not know when will be controlled
    The conspiracy theory is not new all colonial power they invaide to steel the wealth of other nations and did use war germs to be able to make population sick they fight against death but the invaders tried to vaccinate the people to implement their agenda

  26. Yair says:

    Ivan thanks a lot for this article! It’s eye opening, and confirms my take on this situation. Keep shedding light into this world.

  27. Victor says:

    Jews are blessed people, blessed by God Almighty. Anyone picking on jews is picking a finger in the eyes of God who said “they are My people”. If you don’t change your stance to jews – you will get a miserable life. Lord Jesus Christ is jew, blessed His name.

  28. Digital ID, microchips are coming, but how they overcome human rights? Some uprising should happen.
    …. it’s all about money and power, that what I don’t understand, why people are so greedy? Life is so short, why spend some precious moments of it fighting for miserable money if you can die any day? I don’t understand….

  29. Stuart Ferguson says:

    This article needs to be put on youtube

  30. *** says:

    hello folks,

    the US is now the epicenter like i said it would be last sunday

    i know this would be the case as the US wanted to infect its population
    and China happily agreed to assist as they are godless scum by virtue of being communists
    (communism was the idea of a child of satan if you examine the blood of the one who created the idea)

    remember the US is owned by the same satanic scum that used the greatest zionist (hitler) who ever lived
    to wipe out the jews and kill 10’s of millions of christians because we christians loved killing each other
    as they knew we would gladly do that as national pride was above serving the God we claimed to be a servant of)

    just a few years ago the US requested the saudi’s to send over some nut bars so they could fly planes
    into the WTC so they could use that as an excuse (false flag) and then destroy the mideast

    so given the above we know the US would be so corrupt and evil …lets examine the logic as to why u would want
    to infect the world with a virus

    in 30 to 50 years the system would crash due to underfunded pensions

    so since we know this to be a reality how would you solve it

    kill off the old now so you would not need to pay them later is the reason this virus was made

    the other reason was to bankrupt all the people who owned their own business so that the powers that be can
    consolidate their power in totality by creating 2 classes the poor and super rich (no more middle class) as the best slave
    is a poor one

    the final reason is the usher in the new world order which is a few nations versus the 192 we have now as
    when the economies of africa collaspe as they cant contain the virus will lead them to become one nation as is the case
    with europe as it will implode due to the fact you cant save italy from its debts

    the end game is when india collapses under the virus it will create the grounds for a war between india and pakistan as
    that serves the interests of the people who created the virus …. this is the war i have been speaking about for years that
    starts in and around 2025

    the benefits to china is it eliminates its enemy india and america gets rid of the only muslim nation with nukes as the zionist
    scum have realized that the christians today will no longer fight wars on their behalf

    if it wasnt man made China would have multiple epicenters but they dont as that was the agreement
    they made with the owners of the US who asked them to infect europe and the world

    why is italy the epicenter in europe..its because rome is within europe and the goal of the zionist has
    been to murder christians since time began as God sent Jesus to save the jews from the grips of satan and
    because of this christians have been slaughtered whenever a chance presented itself (ie. wars)

    this my friends is the future

    i hope u stay safe as it will pass and the good news is we will be made poor but at least we wont be destroyed in a war

  31. Vando says:

    That’s two questions;
    1. Could the elites have known… about the potential? Obviously otherwise they wouldn’t have been there.
    2. Is it a coincidence that the Event 201 exercise? Yes, unless proved otherwise.

  32. Sacerdote says:

    Thank you for this info, It Confirms what I see happening for a long time now, things will get really hot when
    the 3rd Temple is up in Jerusalem, after all this battle has been going on since EA splashed down +/-

  33. izam says:

    How to dominate the world quickly?


    1. Create a virus and the antidote.

    2. Spread the virus.

    3. A demonstration of efficiency, building hospitals in a few days. After all, you were already prepared, with the projects, ordering the equipment, hiring the labor, the water and sewage network, the prefabricated building materials and stocked in an impressive volume.

    4. Cause chaos in the world, starting with Europe.

    5. Quickly plaster the economy of dozens of countries.

    6. Stop production lines in factories in other countries.

    7. Cause stock markets to fall and buy companies at a bargain price.

    8. Quickly control the epidemic in your country. After all, you were already prepared.

    9. Lower the price of commodities, including the price of oil you buy on a large scale.

    10. Get back to producing quickly while the world is at a standstill. Buy what you negotiated cheaply in the crisis and sell more expensive what is lacking in countries that have paralyzed their industries.

    After all, you read more Confucius than Karl Marx.

    PS: Before laughing, read the book by Chinese colonels Qiao Liang and Wang Xiangsui, from 1999, “Unrestricted Warfare: China’s master plan to destroy America”, on Amazon, then we talk. It’s all there.


    Worth pondering..
    Just Think about this…

    How come Russia & North Korea are totally free of Covid- 19? Because they are staunch ally of China. Not a single case reported from this 2 countries. On the other hand South Korea / United Kingdom / Italy / Spain and Asia are severely hit. How come Wuhan is suddenly free from the deadly virus?

    China will say that their drastic initial measures they took was very stern and Wuhan was locked down to contain the spread to other areas. I am sure they are using the Anti dode of the virus.

    Why Beijing was not hit? Why only Wuhan? Kind of interesting to ponder upon.. right? Well ..Wuhan is open for business now. America and all the above mentioned countries are devastated financially. Soon American economy will collapse as planned by China. China knows it CANNOT defeat America militarily as USA is at present

    THE MOST POWERFUL country in the world. So use the virus…to cripple the economy and paralyse the nation and its Defense capabilities. I’m sure Nancy Pelosi got a part in this. . to topple Trump. Lately President Trump was always telling of how GREAT American economy was improving in all fronts. The only way to destroy his vision of making AMERICA GREAT AGAIN is to create an economic havoc. Nancy Pelosi was unable to bring down Trump thru impeachment. ….so work along with China to destroy Trump by releasing a virus. Wuhan,s epidemic was a showcase. At the peak of the virus epidemic. ..

    China’s President Xi Jinping…just wore a simple RM1 facemask to visit those effected areas. As President he should be covered from head to toe…..but it was not the case. He was already injected to resist any harm from the virus….that means a cure was already in place before the virus was released.

    Some may ask….Bill Gates already predicted the outbreak in 2015…so the chinese agenda cannot be true. The answer is. ..YES…Bill Gates did predict. .but that prediction is based on a genuine virus outbreak. Now China is also telling that the virus was predicted well in advance. ….so that its agenda would play along well to match that prediction. China,s vision is to control the World economy by buying up stocks now from countries facing the brink of severe ECONOMIC COLLAPSE. Later China will announce that their Medical Researchers have found a cure to destroy the virus. Now China have other countries stocks in their arsenal and these countries will soon be slave to their master…CHINA.

    Just Think about it …
    The Doctor Who declared this virus was also Silenced by the Chinese Authorities…

  34. Bud Thomas says:

    OK someone mentioned Donald Trump being head of Fed Reserve he is not . The Fed period is the cause of alot of loss of freedoms put together in early 1900s by private bankers and US president..but that’s a conspiracy for another time. What I’m reading is about this outbreak it could have been orchestrated here in the U.S. as well as China or maybe Soros and company had a big hand in it, I wouldn’t put anything past that bastard getting the stage set for global takeover. When I heard a friend in China say they heard hearsay that some of their leaders were blaming the U.S. Army I thought that was the most stupidest statement that could be made. But I had no idea world wide military games being played there. I don’t put anything anymore as unbelievable. WE’LL NEVER KNOW SO i”M NOT LOSING SLEEP ON WHO’S THE BLAME. but.. but there’s evil in this empire too and some evildoers that would LOVE to run this country down to chaos

  35. Frank says:

    I tried to leave a comment yesterday,but it was axed just before I finished. It was intentional and I guess it was too blunt and truthful. I will most likely unsubscribe. The old saying,”The Truth Hurts”, is so true. I wrote only the stark truth. Too bad you did not want to hear it,but I bet a lot of your readers would have.

  36. I think your analysis is faulty at best and certainly damaging to the public’s understanding of the situation. Ft. Detrick is at the forefront in the fight to combat COVID19. They have an ongoing mission to prepare defenses for possible pandemics. It is always easy to suggest time links with events when one of the players is and has been working continuously in the field. You are doing much to create panic and distrust at a time when facilities like Ft. Detrick need support desperately.

  37. Thomas W says:

    Well Ivan, I think China made the COVID-19 virus for 2 reasons:

    1) Their population is made up mostly of aging, unproductive people. The elderly are a drag on China’s economy. The elderly are more prone to die from the virus. So the young family members go to work, pick up the virus, go home and spread it to their parents and grandparents who are vulnerable and will die. Remember, the chinese custom is for the young to take care of their parents and grandparents in their homes. The government takes care of the healthcare, so killing the elderly will free up valuable resources for the government to spend on productive areas in order to become more dominant in the world.
    2) China is not our friend. Having the virus spread to the US to kill and weaken as many of us citizens and hurt many businesses will help China advance their power on us and the rest of the world.

  38. Equedia says:

    Hi Richard, We believe our point was actually quite valid, given that we never made an opinion about Fort Detrick – only, we gave the reasons why China was asking the US questions about it. Even Maryland’s senator asked questions about it, demanding to know what happened.

    I do have to ask, as much as Fort Detrick has an ongoing mission to prepare for possible pandemics – can you name any scenario since their inception where they have actually helped – in any pandemics or outbreaks? Given we have over a hundred outbreaks per year, what profound breakthrough has Fort Detrick provided in preventing and dealing with outbreaks?

  39. Equedia says:

    Valid arguments for sure Thomas W. But the other side could argue the same about the U.S. and its medicare and social security issues – which, perhaps, the age issue is more of a concern to the U.S.

    Take a look:


    I am not sure China cares about their old age population as much as the U.S.


  40. R2D262 says:

    If they are trying to kill a lot of old people so that they don’t have to pay the huge pensions money they owe and money they don’t have, well that ain’t working too well isn’t. As of today, 38,000 have died out of a population of 7.5 Billion and that’s a 4 month period. Let’s say, by really exaggerating that 1 million in 4 months have died already, times 3 for 12 months is 3 million in 1 year but I’m really overblowing the numbers here. Let’s say that 40% of the population is old, past 65. At that rate, it would take 3000 years to kill off all the old people and remember that out of 775,000 reported cases, only 38,000 deaths and 169,000 recovered. No, I think that trying to destroy the world economy is the number one option so that later they can control people better by exactly what is said, injecting us with a microchip using the new to come coronavirus vaccine or future pandemic.

  41. David says:

    Has anyone looked for antibodies in the blood of people from Beijing, Shanghai or Guangzhou.
    Why has the greater population of China not seen the spread of the virus like elsewhere

  42. Caltrop says:

    A manufactured pandemic – any strain of corona virus can test positive!

    “The idea these kits can isolate a specific virus like COVID-19 is nonsense.”

    Insider Exposes COVID-19 Coronavirus Scam

    “…………………..The Mickey Mouse test kits being sent out to hospitals, at best, tell analysts you have some viral DNA in your cells. Which most of us do, most of the time. It may tell you the viral sequence is related to a specific type of virus – say the huge family of coronavirus. But that’s all. The idea these kits can isolate a specific virus like COVID-19 is nonsense.

    And that’s not even getting into the other issue – viral load.

    If you remember the PCR works by amplifying minute amounts of DNA. It therefore is useless at telling you how much virus you may have. And that’s the only question that really matters when it comes to diagnosing illness. Everyone will have a few virus(es) kicking round in their system at any time, and most will not cause illness because their quantities are too small. For a virus to sicken you need a lot of it, a massive amount of it. But PCR does not test viral load and therefore can’t determine if a(n) osteogenesis is present in sufficient quantities to sicken you.

    If you feel sick and get a PCR test any random virus DNA might be identified even if they aren’t at all involved in your sickness which leads to false diagnosis. And coronavirus are incredibly common. A large percentage of the world human population will have covi DNA in them in small quantities even if they are perfectly well or sick with some other pathogen.

    Do you see where this is going yet? If you want to create a totally false panic about a totally false pandemic – pick a coronavirus…………………………………”


  43. Marianne says:

    I believe there is something going on with the mutation of the Corona virus . I remember a few years ago birds where falling out of the sky , whale , dolphins and sharks were beaching themselves. Then you start to hear about the 5 G network starting to roll out. The 5G network is huge , we will be able to have millions of people on this network with amazing speed. It comes with a cost , the radioactive waves cause our Immune system to be Compromise November 2019 China opened up the biggest 5G network. I believe that mutated the virus to transfer to humans.

  44. Fred Apire says:

    The Elites are capable of anything and this pandemic might be a population control measure that people like Bill Gates have been warning about. My question is why they have dramatized this pandemic to such unprecedented levels of having to even ground planes and yet it’s statistics are no much for Ebola! Could covid-19 be just the beginning?

  45. RedDog says:

    The majority of us have no idea or facts on how COVID-19 started and can only offer opinions or thoughts on the matter and that’s too bad.
    I think it’s hard to fathom that the coronavirus was purposeful started or brought to Wuhan for Machiavellian reasons where the means justify the ends.
    I mean to somehow think that by spreading this virus around the world, would be the catalyst into forcing society into a digital ID society is somewhat far fetching for me.
    The way society is already going, we are almost there anyway so why bother creating a pandemic and threatening our very own existence.
    There is no way in the world that this could be called a controlled experiment, but do believe that perhaps the US did want to put a scare in China, and or something went terribly wrong at some facility.
    Excellent article.

  46. Steven says:

    “. . . when money goes fully digital via biometric implants, hard assets such as precious metals will become the only real form of off-the-record wealth.”
    I have been accumulating metals for some time. Lately, in view of the cataclysmic events now unfolding, one question keeps nagging at me: “Will the elites/banksters/globalists allow the “little guy” to obtain and preserve wealth via precious metals? Or will they be outlawed (reserved for CBs, etc), regulated to death, onerously taxed, or even confiscated?

  47. tom bennett says:

    The Chinese say that it was Maatje Benassi (USmilitary participant in the Wuhan games that brought the virus to Wuhan and is patient zero. She evidently was leading in a cycling race and crashed about 60% through the race, but still finished 8th. The Chinese say that the reason she crashed was that she was short of breath (virus), but anyone that is cycling is short of breath during a race. Her account is that she was hit from behind by another cyclist—so that statement by the Chinese fails to pass credibility.
    Then they point out that the 1st patient in the Netherlands has the same last name “Benassi” and there is a connection—well it just so happens that person just returned to the Netherlands from Lombardy (Italy). So the entire conspiracy fails.
    Why have the Chinese been destroying all records related to the outbreak on a municipal scale. Why did they level the Wuhan market immediately. The answer is obvious. They wanted to cover their tracks and destroy all the evidence. It allowed them to say anything they wanted to about the origin of the pandemic. The reality is that the virus came from their biowarfare facility in Wuhan.

  48. Gary says:

    Personally I think governments want to control the growth of their populations seeing that we will see food shortages soon

  49. Equedia says:

    Thanks Red Dog for your non-biased input. It’s great to read a comment from someone who might not agree with what was written, but still engaged in meaningful conversation – as opposed to some who might just say “BS.”

    The thought is that most of those in Western societies – especially in the U.S. and the Southern states – will not succumb to such invasion of privacy as digital implants in their newborns. I certainly wouldn’t want that for myself nor my kids. But if this pandemic, or the next, get’s worse, it will end up becoming a requirement. You are right that this may or may not have been created to achieve this result – regular citizens like us will never know.

  50. Equedia says:

    Steven, I think there is certainly a strong case for gold to be outlawed or confiscated in the future, as it has in the past – just as guns could be as well. But, if that were ever the case, the confiscating authority – in our opinion – will have to pay for your gold in exchange for whatever currency is being used at that time. Again, just a theory, but we certainly do believe that could happen.

  51. TB says:

    Very good analysis…excellent investigative journalism and reporting.
    Whatever started this pandemic or whoever started it or how it started or why it started, one could come to only one conclusion, it is evil in origin whenever the motive is to lie, steal and murder. Jesus said the devil is a liar, a thief and a murderer from the beginning. There are lies around this whole thing, $12 Trillion was stolen and many people are being killed and murdered. No one opens Pandora’s box without considering the consequences.
    You mentioned in the end of your article that there are, “opportunities for investment”. My suggestion is to invest in heaven and store up your treasures there. Another investment idea for all the readers here comes from Revelation 3:18: I counsel you to buy from me gold refined in the fire, so you can become rich; and white clothes to wear, so you can cover your shameful nakedness; and salve to put on your eyes, so you can see.
    Here is another investment idea from Matthew 6:19-20 “Do not store up for yourselves treasures on earth, where moth and rust destroy, and where thieves break in and steal. “But store up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where neither moth nor rust destroys, and where thieves do not break in or steal.
    Finally, having money is not sinful or evil, it is the “love” of money that is the “root of ALL evil. I personally believe this world wide pandemic is “allowed” by God as a plague or judgement to humble the rich and wealthy who think and believe they don’t need God. But I am not just pointing the finger at the lost world, this is also a wake-up call to God’s people. We are told that judgement “first” begins with the household of God. Another sign or judgement that is coming are the locusts in Africa, Middle East, South Asia and moving into China a few weeks ago. The earthquake last week in Idaho and Utah knocked off the trumpet on the Angel Moroni statue that is located on the iconic Mormon church in Salt Lake City. Most Christians do not agree that the Mormon doctrine or creed is Biblical. Just a final observation may be that most of the Jewish people in Israel and elsewhere may possibly be shut indoors during Passover because of this pandemic (plague). According to the book of Exodus, the Israelites sheltered in their home after placing the blood of a lamb on their doorposts as the plagues were being poured out on Egypt. When the angels saw the blood on the doorposts, they “passed over” those homes, hence the word Passover. Just food for thought.
    May God bless you who read this, may he watch over and protect you and your family and give you His peace that passes all understanding. God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of LOVE, of POWER and of a SOUND MIND…

  52. I am absolutely convinced in my own mind that Bill and Milinda Gates along with a whole lot of other illumanatti’s like Warren Buffet[superme preist in the illumanatti, the Obama’s, and the Bush’s, etc are totally bhind the CV19.
    I have two patents in my liftime. one is still active, and i am astounded that there is a PATENT on coronavirus!!!
    It is owned by Bill Gates!
    What say u guys?

  53. RH says:


    The truth is painful but must be said. Appreciate the message.

    Check out links below. Goes hand and hand to what is spoken here. The truth quite disturbing .



    You can check out the other parts from you tube.

  54. John Zupancic says:

    I am impressed with the effort you have taken to join the dots. To some degree this analysis confirms some of my thoughts that the United Nations is the source of any plan that will weaken the economies of the west. The U. N. Is made up of mostly poor third world countries. They continue to seek ways to have wealth transfer from the wealthier countries to those less wealth. For example the whole issue of global warming was based on the concept that rich nations will give the poorer countries money because the rich countries caused the global warming and the poorer countries will be the ones that will suffer. When the global warming issue lost traction then the concept was changed to climate change.

    The climate change was tied to carbon dioxide or CO2. Many incompetent leaders such as Our Prime Minister Justin Trudeau bought into the farce and starred to find ways to shutdown the fossil fuel industry. To justify this claim they started to call CO2 a pollutant. The only leader that called out this farce was Donald Trump and he pulled the USA out of the this farce. Do you think there is any connection with the covid19 as another step in trying to destroy the fossil fuel industry and the economic base of the West? Is this a left wing conspiracy to socialize the world?

  55. Lylix17@gmail.com says:

    Ofc totaly all true !

  56. Steve Muise says:

    Wealth and Power have been the two subjects we all seem to have been led to admire and heavily advertised to acquire. Not having a means to effectively survive without some attachment to this model or measured purpose has led us to a crumbling society as no proper conditions exist in a bull market of bad behavior. (don’t get me started on religion please)
    The future will be a DRUGGED society with the producers and the dealers as well as the distributors profiting once again.
    If you cant handle that, there is a drug for that too. The spread of disease has been around for centuries, its HOW it is spread and measured in TIME to control and ultimately distribute Wealth and Power once again.

  57. Sally says:

    So in September of 2019 over 380 people across US were diagnosed with mysterious lung illness. 6 died, and then, I guess, the vaps got fixed or something cause we didn’t hear anything about that anymore. So I was just wondering was that the pre-trail?

  58. james dalais says:

    I think it is criminal i think its a conspiracy made in china to take control of the world without having a WW3 but by economic control.Have they not already bought 30-40 % of the world markets when the markets took a downslide recently ?? And if so what prevents them from taking another slice if it goes down again.China has the largest population in the world .Why wouldnt they want to control the whole world also. ?? Heaven help us.

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