Stealing Your Cash: The Cashless Society Revolution9 min read

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  1. Dennis Ferguson says:

    I put a large chunk of money in PTCIX. Hopefully it ensures some protection.

  2. Mr. B says:

    You never heard of ID Theft or Hacking?? Ask Target, Home Depot and others.
    Cashless WILL NOT HAPPEN until we see the internet HACKERS get caught and executed
    for their crimes!!!
    EXECUTION is the only answer to stop or control these crimes.
    No Internet control = No cashless system…….this is not rocket science!!

  3. Comiq says:

    I agree with what you’re saying (btw, I’m not sure if you’re Gary or Ivan…. you didn’t put “seek the truth” at the end nor your name…. don’t scare me please, for all I know Trump probably wrote the whole thing). But I think I’m missing a point or two. And/or probably you’ll need to explain a bit more on how the Gov and Banks will function in a cashless society. Going from the basics that cash is a representation of gold used as the main tool for trading, also explaining, the whole printing money and the issuing of bonds.

    On another note, I have this weird theory that the black market is essential for day to day life, and also for privacy concerns. Governments would be able to track everything we do, therefore, let’s say, I want to buy some yeyo and blow it on a whore, how am I going to pay that stuff with apple pay or google’s wallet? what if I want to buy the things I usually buy, but I don’t want anybody to know about it. E.g. I don’t want any record at all in any database that I bought roses for my wife (it’s just an example) because I don’t want her to ever find out how much money I spent on them. What about all the back deals the Army makes with black market arm dealers? will everyone be using that Dasnish app?….

    This reminds me of Chrome incognito mode, that if you want to watch some porn and use it…. they can still track you depending on what you’re doing…. it’s so funny.

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