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US Missing $6.5 Trillion and About to Lose More4 min read

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  1. Stephen Verchinski says:

    My brother was a defense dept auditor and found United Technologies overcharging the US govt millions of dollars for jet aviation fuel. No prosecutions were ever made.

    As for the 6 plus trillion one might look at the Clinton Foundation. Heck we still have not seen Eric Braverman have we?

  2. john says:

    This is the sad commentary of the Bush/Cheney/Rumsfeld era, of wild accusations, no intelligence in the military, and lies to support increasing funding to the limit and beyond. Someone got this money.

  3. john says:

    This is a sad reflection of the Bush/Cheney/Rumsfeld era of creating wild accusations without any facts or intelligence to support. The mid east invasions were to protect oil and gas operations in this highly valuable area, to the benefit of the oil interests and defense interests of the President and his cohorts.There was no conspiracy here, just good profitable business as usual for the governing Bush clan.

  4. Steffen says:

    Nice. Is this how Donald Trump will put biillions of $$$ in his own pockets, and in the pockets of his billionaire friends? THe money did go somewhere. I wonder where, and to whom?

    1. Kay says:

      This was Obama, NOT Trump. Ask Obama about this, and lots of other money, guns, more missing money. Where did it all go??? Hmmmmmm, dems where was all your outrage with Odumer????? Odumer and Clinton have your party so brainwashed, none of you can use you own brain.

  5. Mark Henkins says:

    6 plus trillion dollars could’ve funded many of Bernie Sanders’ initiatives. Not lazy freeloading but subsidies for families in of Help in certain consumer sectors like housing, food, utilities, and transportation. The Bush/Cheney/ Rumsfeld clan funneled it all to Halliburton which has never given the American people accountability. My Danish cousins live in a society where they don’t walk past urine soaked people living in the streets – at least before the European refugee crisis initiated by: Bush/Cheney/Rumsfeld/Halliburton / Saudi.

  6. John Miller says:

    Is anyone really surprised? This is business as usual. Since this country was founded the leaders have started wars, stolen tax dollars and got young men killed. All in the name of national security. Read 1984, by George Orwell. Keep everyone scared!

  7. Robert Murray says:

    President Trump shall have to open a new can of worms,which will upset a lot of past and present
    Swampers ….America’s tax dollars being used as petty cash.
    Is mainstream media ready to demand accountability investigations or just keep on making
    Partisan show biz for better ratings

  8. Chris Summer says:

    Why does the majority of both houses does not lay a law, that the Pentagon has to have a certified Balance sheet and a P/L. Statement every year?
    Like any BIG CORPORATION????
    Why not find out about everybody, who is involved in this fraud?
    The drug business looks small to these infos.
    If BIG OLD AMERICA /USA. is not able. OR DOES NOT want to get a clear sight
    On both problems, drugs and Pentagon,
    It means it is the biggest and mist corrupt state on earth!!
    Everything can be done:
    If they do not want, they have a good reason!
    Start building death – chairs for all
    the criminals, who are pretending to be the houte vollais in the USA.
    This makes me feel like the old Romans
    In their last years of power!!!
    All this in a so called “Democrathy” of ~ 250 years of age!!
    That makes me think,
    that we have to renew
    our Democracies , the inner organs, to a status of the third millennium,
    and not working on rules and laws which were made before electicity was invented,
    before we had PC’s and software,….
    And so on and so forth…
    Why not make an historic update???????

  9. Trevor neale says:

    It’s a story that’s played over and over down thru history. Gandhi said ” Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely ” and it seems there is no permanent remedy.

  10. Roy Martinez says:

    It is evident that you can’t keep going without checks an balance this is very serious billions lost! Some good bookeepers can find the trail! I know, I was a victim of fraud, moral of the story, someone needs to be responsible! There is always a mommy trail! However it definitely needs to be priority now!I will tell you this I don’t trust donold trump He is known to cook the books!

  11. Vicki says:

    How can they possibly not account for $6.5 trillion dollars? Do they not have checks and balances like any other department head per sector in our government? I can not believe this. Someone must be accountable for this money, The need to follow hte trail of money.

    I agree that many of the contractors do overcharge the government for services and get away with it. If they would just get a few quotes from reputable contractors then we would save some money. Our government waist more money than I have ever seen, This is disgusting.

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