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The Quiet Energy Boom that No One is Talking About21 min read

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  1. Arnold Leatherdale says:

    I have always thought solar energy made the most sense of all the forms of renewable energy and that the emphasis for research and development should belong to solar.

  2. Paul says:

    I will investigate further, however I must say that PM Trudeau and the Libreal Government, at this point, do not provide a positive investment climate…..Untrustworthy IMO. Hopefully, if they can show they are capable of managing an economy, I would consider investing.
    PAF SV

  3. alex says:

    Im a foreigner, I live outside Canada…how can I invest in this country…I have looking for a broker in my country but I can not find….any international name you can give me? thanks

    1. Gerald A says:

      You need a margin account or cash account at a Brokerage Company. Secondly, ask them to buy shares of UGE.V on the Canadian stock exchange, You should buy it on the exchange that does the highest volume which quote on TSX Money.com will confirm the bid/ask market. Put in a Bid at the last price traded, do not put in a market order.
      good luck

  4. Robert Tatro says:

    My very first job as a teenager was to sell solorzano, going door to door for Four Seasons in a GE city. I never made a sale, not one. That was about 1980. This is amazing and giving me an opportunity to come into a market set to explode beyond anyone’s imagination action, even to only keep 15% of it for myself is quite wonderful and I dont have to sell this to anyone.

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