The Quiet Energy Boom that No One is Talking About

Here is an alternative energy play that is quietly booming, and trades far below its projected revenues for this year. In fact, this Company has a value of just barely over C$20 million, but has a pipeline of over $100 million – with over $34 million in backlogs already. But first…

UGE to Develop and Build New York City’s First Community Solar Project in Brooklyn

UGE International Ltd. (TSXV: UGE), a leader in renewable energy solutions for the commercial and industrial sector, announces that it has secured a contract to develop and build New York City’s first community solar project at a multi-tenant commercial facility in Brooklyn.

How Light Will Change the World

Every one talks about drones, self-driving cars, super computers, and virtual reality. But do you know what makes them tick? Here’s a look at the technology behind the solutions and how photonics, and light-based technologies, will change the world.