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How Light Will Change the World11 min read

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  1. Don Johnson says:

    Simply amazing. Your publications are always so ENLIGHTENING!!!!
    I appreciate what you do.

    1. Bol Voz says:

      Privileged to live in exciting and challenging times. Sincere thanks for all advanced information.

  2. rick bradner says:

    Interesting post on your part, and the future holds lot of promise, but there will be no flying cars in our immediate future. I’m 65 & the idea has been around as long as I remember. It was never practical from an engineering point of view and is even less likely now. The FAA can’t even cope with tiny drones, and you think “carplanes” are doable?

  3. don taylor says:

    we have already developed a society that walks around looking at their smart phones ,oblivious to every thing around them and now we are going to introduce things that will do damn near everything for them, we will become dependant
    on the the next best thing forever. When I talk to my friends , we all agree that we were born in the best of times 1938-2000. We are moving to far to fast, and the game you showed on video was violent, why do all these shows have to be violent ?

  4. j says:

    I do not see much good coming from this

    “Then there’s the cameras and sensors that are now being placed, a la Big Brother, into everything from our shoes and clothes, to every home appliance imaginable – all so we can: track

    I do no need AI to do the simple tasks in life Check my weight, make my toast or drive my car. This is over the top.

  5. Ted says:

    Mr. Lo,
    Did you recently do an analysis on medical pot investments in Canadian companies? If so could you please send me the analysis done on same.
    Thank you.
    Ted Staffen

  6. Hey Ivan,

    First and foremost, thank you for this great newsletter – I’ve been receiving it for over a year now and think it is top notch! Congrats!

    I was intrigued by a remark made in the issue that dealt with the TSX.v where you alluded to the way that Canadian juniors needed to change the way they communicated with investors. That’s aligned with something I’m now about to launch on MediaDiner. (I’ve created and broadcast nationally a business show called “Investors On Line” back in 2000 which was the most innovative financial show of its day). Love to chat with you about how you see resource companies needing to change. Are you at the PDAC?

    Thanks again for your great work!

    Craig Stephens

  7. Simon says:

    I love it, looking forward to next issue

  8. Dennis says:

    Love the insights very anxious to hear where to invest

  9. Conrad C says:

    I have been following this Letter for a few years now and have to say it is the best newsletter I have read. So much diversity that I never know what to expect, yet intrigued every time. I have also been lucky to have made great returns with your ideas and I am very much looking forward to what Mr. Lo comes up with next in this “light” space. Thank you for all your hard work you do for us. Conrad

  10. odey says:

    Generally Tech is great but you cannot eat it. North American Food production is in imminent peril. California is experiencing serious water issues. Up here in northern Canada we have seen 30– 35 % vegetable price increases, on top of can./usa dollar devaluation. IE: So a carrot cost is up 65 %. IN 3 MOS. Wondering if . Desalination is a way out of this issue. Do you have any thoughts on tech remedy/ innovation. Thank for your viewing.

  11. joe shmo says:

    I enjoy your articles but this one is 99% BS!! Fancy gadgets for wealthy people….make me sick!!
    Our country controlled by retarded liberal Democrat evil bastards pushing for communist government is going to hell very quickly!!! 100 million out of work, 50 million on food stamps, jobs only for illegal ass holes, $20 trillion in debt. Solar companies only survive on taxpayer subsidies!! Remember Solindra, Obama gave them $500 million taxpayer money, next day filed bankruptcy now enjoying the good-life in the Caribbean. NASA is the biggest waste of tax dollars, spent billions and billions tax payer money for a close up photo of Pluto (who gives a Damn)!!!
    Young millenniums, brainwashed by liberal thinking Democrats, are so damn stupid about American history and family values, they should NOT be allowed to vote unless they pass an exam on this.
    Mark my words, the Evil Democrats are invoking a major plan of VOTER FRAUD to win elections!!

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