Metals and Mining

Beware the Number 13: Why the Markets are Rallying

After five straight days of negative gains the market finally popped back. The euro dropped to the lowest weekly level against the dollar in more than two years. Yet, European stocks climbed for a sixth straight week – the longest winning streak in more than two years. So why the heck are the markets rallying?

New Rules for Banks That Will Change the World: Basel III

Things are beginning to change. Banking systems are about to unravel. Soon the world will be a much different place, starting with Europe…

It’s Time to Get Stinky: Stink Bids

A look at the prediction of why there will be one Euro central bank, why gold will remain kind, and why Ivan Lo is putting stink bids into the market.

The Ultimate Failure of Fiat Currencies

A look at the failures of fiat currencies and why they failed including Rome’s Denarius, China’s flying cash, France’s Franc, and Germany’s Mark,

Proof It’s Still the Best: MAG Silver

A look at why MAG’s Silver Undeveloped silver project, Juanicipio, is still the best undeveloped silver project on the planet.

Uh Oh, Look Out: The Giant Credit Bubble

A look at the why the market is moving higher, the giant credit bubble, and what the likely outcome of this credit bubble means.

How to Succeed When Others Fail: Take Advantage of QE3

A look at why you should be looking at the silver and gold space, why there will eventually be QE3, and what to do to take advantage of it.

An Absolute Monster: MAG Silver’s CRD Discovery

It’s no wonder the leaders of the world’s wealthiest nations, the G8, said on Saturday their governments were going to spend more in Europe to revive the continent’s struggling economy – a complete opposite turn from the idea that the way to recovery was through strict fiscal austerity. Strict fiscal austerity? Yeah, right…With more money printing already confirmed, both gold and silver should move higher – and along with it – the companies within the sector.

A Recipe for Success: One of the Biggest and Best Mining Packages, Balmoral Resources

There are certain time tested business models which have a high probability of leading to major rewards for early shareholders. But not everyone can do it. As a matter of fact, few people do. That’s why I am about to introduce a company whose management team was able to turn their $0.13 stock to a $3.00 buyout in less than 12 months – a potential return of 2215%. A $10,000 investment could have returned you $221,500. That same team is giving investors another opportunity. Only this time they are even bigger…and better.

What I am About to Buy

A look at what I am about to buy and why and a brief comparison of today and 1973.

A Dramatic Fundamental Change: Central Banks Buy Gold

A look at why corporate earnings are hitting big marks, the dramatic change in gold fundamentals as Central Banks Buy Gold, gold’s true value,

The Market Predicts Violence

Ivan Lo looks at the sideways market, the outlook for gold, and two interesting charts that shows the market predicts violence.