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The Biggest Buyer of Gold?7 min read

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  1. Igor says:

    it’s obvious that America has no gold, or not the gold it claims it has.

    Eventually this will be revealed

  2. Rob56 says:

    The gold that Germany refers to was returned back in 1973 when the POTUS Nixon took the U.S> off the gold standard.

  3. Jamie T says:

    Every one talks about how boring gold is but if they knew anything, they would realise that the Fed is trying to take every one away from gold and force paper money in their faces. Its stupid that the general public falls for this.

    Humans are idiots that have evolved to allow a few bankers to make us do their chores for pieces of paper.

  4. gold bug says:

    Your theory about America could well be true as they may be desperately trying to replenish stocks to repay Germany and others. I am curious where you obtained the data from saying China’s reserves did not increase in 2013 . I thought these figures would not be published until the Spring ,if at all.

  5. Slalom says:

    The banks have borrowed all of it and then losing it when they gave it to the ETFs. Now that the Comex and GLD have lost their gold, the US is frantic. There is no reason not to return something other than in its original form.

    Why are people so blind?

  6. Whirlaway says:

    Obviously, the U.S.A. doesn’t have Germany’s gold in pure form in order to ship it back. They probably used gold plated bullion as collateral for borrowing and must now remake new pure bold bars to return to Germany. If that is not the case then Germany’s gold was commingled with other U.S.A. gold so that bullion reports would show more tonnage for the U.S.A. government. Germany is going to have to wait many years to be given back their gold, or they will be pressured to discontinue the return of their gold from the U.S.A.

  7. Larry E Chadwick says:

    With all the lies, lack of transparency, deception, fraud, divisiveness, and corruption, it would seem that Obama moved with the Mafia from Chicago to Washington, DC.

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