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US Real Disposable Income Exposed5 min read

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  1. Sharon George says:

    I am not an economist, but I am an investor. I will express an opinion that will certainly not be popular with your readers. The rise in the minimum wage will not cause the world markets to collapse. But it will give more money to many American and Canadian workers, thus putting more money into the retail sector, and the economy in general. It will not serve the 1% very well, but it will ease the lives of many of the populace of both America and Canada.

    1. Kelso says:

      It’s not a concern about raising the minimum wage, but WHY. If inflation didn’t exist minimum wage would not need to be raised.

      Ask yourself, why does inflation exist at all?

      It’s the fed’s way of making you believe that there money is worth something.

  2. A Zisk says:

    If government is acknowledging a rise in the cost of living, shouldn’t there be an increase in social security benefits as well?

    1. James says:

      Yes, that’s the problem. Bigger government means more taxes. People always forget to look at the long term effects of policy.

  3. Werner Zuercher says:

    As a retiree (Canadian) I would like to see some comments on how todays retiree’s should invest and survive. I have done well sofar used 2008 to invest some spare cash, but I still wonder what will happen to my funds should I leave another 20 years.
    Love your newsletter, you are doing a great job.

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