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How Trump Policies Affect Your Investments16 min read

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  1. Gord Goldeye says:

    Good article but you lost considerable credibility imo when you appeared to worry (several times) that readers may think you as being pro-Trump. Are you actually that afraid of what people might think? Your worries of being perceived pro-Trump reminded me of typical Canadian sheeple who have been brain-washed by the anti-Trump left-wing media. Unfortunately, I now don’t have the great respect I once did for you.

    1. Ronald West says:

      Exactly what I was thinking but this guy is still really smart, even if he is afraid to admit that he likes Trump.

  2. Tim G says:

    Frankly I thought this article was well thought out, very comprehensive, and a wholesome review of the many factors which contribute to our current “bubble”.
    Thank you for that. It’s a good read.

  3. TRUMP says:


  4. G-Unit says:

    All of your articles are very informative and well written. PLEASE KEEP IT UP….WE NEED YOUR WORK MORE OFTEN.

    Just a suggestion….go to greaterfool.ca. Run by a former politician who you might be familiar with Gart Turner. He writes daily on his blog. Shorter articles make for easier reading and help people like myself with short attention spans.

  5. w. Townes Lea Jr. says:

    Guess it’s time to place stop loss orders at some distant beneath all eguity positions

  6. Neil says:

    By time we have a President that loves America and wants to see americans do good.

  7. EV says:

    The top in the market IMO will be Trump Impeachment if it happens.

  8. garfield says:

    Thank you for the sharing. Impressive analysis and information.

    quote:”Lowering of corporate taxes leads to a bigger US deficit, and the US dollar has been weakening as a result. But combine that with increased spending and low unemployment, and it could be the precursor for inflation to finally pick up.”

    If I might add in a one cent worth of thought, the deficit is probably caused by overspending of what the government has gotten and less so on how much tax collected. Most never pay any ways. A good country bestowed with a lot of natural resources in addition to profits from investing government funds and properties etc, might have a possibility not to tax the citizens, or no? There is a reference that I would like to make on how tax was started. Please refer to movie “Robbin Hoods” by Russel Crowe and Cate B. whenever you are free.

    On the other hand, inflation occurs when the companies are making not enough money to cover what they are charging at the moment. They increase the prices to minimize the possibility of negative balance sheets or losses. Or, sometimes, in developing countries, it’s simply the fastest way to gain extra profits with the consent of the authority before they stall the economy and bankrupt the companies?? (People are spending much less due to expensive prices and may be high unemployment rate??)

    In order to have a stronger USD, reduce deficits by e.g. barter trades; spend within the collections . It is understandable how the common sentiment sounds: “what is the use of the reserve if they are not to be spent”……….. Therefore, yearly budget spending of all the collections with the greatest mercy of one dollar (or may be $100) left to the national reserve is fine and acceptable worldwide………….. Tax, might not be the ultimate solution to deficits as commonly believed, nowadays. Or no?

  9. Ted Stone says:

    Today’s announcement of of steel and aluminum import tariff’s could blow up the market’s gains. Do you think Canada,China etc. won’t retaliate?

  10. D. Michael Henry says:

    Whenever someone starts a comment with “typical” this or that and then uses derogatory terms to put down others, well, they say it all about themselves. Too concerned with attacking, misses the topic as titled, “How trump policies affect your investments”. Good article, good info., don’t listen to the GG’s bullshit, he can’t be worth what little time it takes to delete his comments.

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