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How the Coronavirus Assassinated The Truth5 min read

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  1. emilia czika says:

    I firmly beleive that the corona virus is the introduction of the new world order. Hey everyone! Wake up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Matthew says:

    Absolute arrogance this article is full of. The death estimates went down because of social mitigation. Mitigation is what affected those estimates. It’s already screwed up how you provide no details other than your conspiracy theories. You’re also false on saying it has killed 16,000. It has killed 37,000. And it has killed more people in a month a half than the flu has killed in the past five months this year. Stop spreading fake news and lies. Your are so oblivious and blind to the reality of the severity of the situation.

    1. Equedia says:

      At the time of the writing, it was correct. And at the time of this response, the numbers doubled – but mainly because they now report COVID19 deaths without testing it.

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