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First Mining Finance: A Massive Gold Mineral Bank8 min read

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  1. Myron Martin says:

    IVAN; GOOD CALL. I recommended First Minng Finance 6 months ago, also his other Co. First Majestic Silver and last Tuesday only 7 stocks made the 52 week high list and all were precious metal stocks and everyone was in my portfolio and I had others recommended over the past year that exceeded their y/y percentage increases.

    1. Ivan Lo says:

      Thanks Myron – always great to see your comments. I was actually looking at First Mining around that same time and was looking to introduce it earlier — but it just popped from $0.40 to $0.70 practically over night. Which is why I was looking for a pullback – luckily I didn’t wait too long!

  2. daniel says:

    I am still interested in red eagle mining which you recommended a month ago I am wondering why it s not mention with all the other company.is it still a buy or should I sell all my position on that company and buy the one your recommending this time look for your answer

    1. Ivan Lo says:

      Daniel: I still hold Red Eagle and it is most certainly in the portfolio. However, with regards to your question, I am not permitted to give that sort of advice – something only your financial/investment advisor can do.

      So here’s a broader answer: I really like the gold space right now – and I have since last year. I am invested in numerous gold stock opportunities to diversify my gold portfolio – some are producers, while others are development.

      I would never just bet on one company alone – especially with the rising gold tide.

      Hope this helps!

  3. Seanj says:

    Insiders have just awarded themselves massive(multi millions)number of options at 0.75, and at 0.40 so they need you to buy them …

  4. George C. says:

    Hello Mr Lo,
    I have just read your newsletter for the first time, which I came across accidently and just wanted to congratulate you on a most interesting and extremely informative newsletter. How refreshing it is to read someone who is so totally Honest, non-biased and backed up with his own finances into the Company/ies he is recommending. I now look forward eagerly to becoming a true regular follower of your letters.
    I am living in Germany but have a lot of time for the Canadian TSX Market members, coincidentally I have held First Mining Finance since January this year and certainly can concur with your views on this stock but really good to have some more detailed descriptions from an expert.
    Thank you very much again and I look forward to your Sunday updates from today onwards.

    George C.

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