Liberals Table Bill Making Canada First Member of the G7 to Legalize Pot

Canada will become the first country among the G7 to legalize recreational use of cannabis, and will have a profound impact on legalization efforts around the world. Here’s a look at what to expect.

Why the Canadian Government Should Support Research into Medical Marijuana

A lot of people believe the claims made for medical marijuana are a hoax. Just a fabrication designed to push for legalized recreational marijuana. But are they wrong? Here’s a look at why they’re wrong and what it means for Canada.

What Just Happened to My Weed Stocks?

Weed stocks took a pounding over the last few weeks, with many stocks in the US and Canada saw single day declines of up to 15 per cent! Canadians share prices started to recover just days later, then dropped sharply once more, followed by a quick recovery. So, what the heck is going on with the cannabis industry?

Will the White House Declare a New War on Cannabis?

The announcements by US Attorney General Jeff Sessions and White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer on a federal crackdown of recreational marijuana could have serious ramifications on stocks. Here’s a look at what could happen should Sessions get his way.

The Biggest Benefit to Marijuana Legalization: Less Blood on the Streets

One of the biggest topics for 2017 is the legalization of marijuana in both the U.S. and Canada. While there are opposing views to this still controversial topic, perhaps we should be looking at one of the biggest benefits of legalizing marijuana: less blood on the streets.

Investing in Marijuana? Know Your COGS!

The medical marijuana industry has been the hottest area of investment in Canada. Unfortunately, many investors are not looking at the most important metrics of the companies they are investing in: Cost of Goods Sold, or COGS.

How to Invest in Marijuana

Marijuana is one of the hottest investment trends of this decade. Read this to find out why the sector is exploding, what it means, and how to invest.