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The Biggest Benefit to Marijuana Legalization: Less Blood on the Streets6 min read

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  1. Michael says:

    Incorrect, yes it will stop the blood in the streets, but it will also allow research into the medical benefits, which is why there was a War on Drugs by Nixon. Think of the millions of people that could have been saved it cannabis was still a medicine and not the devils weed, Our governments are and were responsible for the deaths of their citizens to protect the profits of pharmaceutical industries.

  2. Robert Chi says:

    Gary Symons, if you are truly interested in just why Cannabis was made illegal you should read “The Emperor Wears No Clothes” by Jack Herer. In incredibly enlightening book. With the spread of this “Killer Weed” it should be required reading for everyone.

  3. Dr. Kenneth Tennant says:

    IOWA continues to prosecute marijuana “offenders” as criminals. Iowa District Court For Scott County “judge” Henry Latham threatened Benton Mackenzie with jail if he told the jury that he was using cannabis oil to treat HIS cancer. Benton died one month after being sentenced. His Mother, Father, Wife and son watched in horror as IOWA prosecuted this dying man. They left Iowa.
    IOWA is now prosecuting my 18 year old son after obtaining what they claim was 3.8 grams of marijuana. DPD officer Michael Martin conducted a warrantless search on my son who was doing nothing more than standing near a gas pump. The officer claimed he was investigating dispatch calls about motorcycles driving dangerously. My son told the officer he does not answer questions. The officer assumed my son owned the motorcycle he was close to and had it impounded after charging my son with No Registration and Driving Under Suspension. In order to “arrest” Greg, he used to pretext that Greg was “Harassing A Public Official” (Exercising one’s right to remain silent is a crime in Iowa).
    Go To: Iowacourts.gov click on Case Search, Trial search, type in Tennant, Greg, click on: SRCR380962 or PCCE128223 for another example of CORRUPT COURT actions, then click on “FILINGS” to see how multiple judges “appear” & “Disappear” just like KANGAROO COURTS. We have repeatedly stated that my son wants to exercise his right to self-defense and have the ASSISTANCE of Counsel (NOT a Public Defender to “represent” him) The Court REFUSES to Hear him (due process of law violations are routine here in COMMUNIST IOWA) and refuses to hear or rule on his pro se Motions (save for “denials” without any findings of facts or conclusions of law, just the word: DENIED) ALL oversight authorities are FRAUDS. Iowa S.Ct. is worse. – Dr. Kenneth Tennant, KTennantDC@Gmail.com

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