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China’s Next Move in Becoming a World Power15 min read

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  1. James Huebner says:

    Too many Americans feel we are the exclusive controlling force in the world because of our superior Military Power.This is not healthy for us or those we are attempting to control.In the America’s for instance we still feel the Monroe Doctrine gives us exclusive Power in this region.Our continuing Hubris is dangerous to world peace.For instance Ron Paul continues to exclaim that
    we have a Department of Defense not Offense.We cannot impose ‘Our Will” on the rest of the World.

    1. Sam Stevens says:

      James, this is precisely the talk that Putin gave at the UN speech. I love America, but it is time we start to focus at home. China is a growing power and there is no way around it. The best is to continue with dollar dominance by way of innovation.

  2. Fred says:

    No, the USA with Dumbo running it would throw Japan under the bus or Israel.
    Our allies are toast!

  3. Dan says:

    It’s all a Rothschild “operation”.

  4. Dave says:

    I don’t think that the only option is to have a war, but many seek to implement the quick response to their problems at home by deflecting the views of the people to foreign issues. The interest by Mr. Soros is worrisome since he most recently cashed in on his bet with the EPA by investing in Arch Coal in August after years of the current regime’s crushing of the coal industry. Please remember that he was instrumental in smashing the English Pound and reaping an huge gain. I wonder where Goldman Sachs is on this subject?

  5. RedDog says:

    A Hillary Clinton Presidential victory would mean sour grapes for China since she is the foreign minister handling the current territorial dispute in the Asia-Pacific and has said many other unfavorable things about them in the past.

    Hillary will not be a ‘pussy cat’ leader like Obama is and will act on China’s bluff before they can say rumpelstiltskin. Of course that means beefing up military power in the region but she will need Republican support who by the way love starting wars.

    Nonetheless, when push comes to shove Hillary will be tougher than you think which is why China fears her being in the White House. I suspect that means China will blink first and settle it out.

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