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Back to 1968: History Repeats Itself11 min read

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  1. Mike reynolds says:

    Have a look at Rye patch Gold RPM -TSXV

  2. Stu says:

    Too bad Canada sold sold its gold, eh!!!

  3. Richard Silversides says:

    Do you think that the NATO move into Latvia is a ploy not only to neuter Russia as much as possible but probably mostly to divert us from what is really happening with worldwide debt (particularly the USA??

  4. Hayrick says:

    If my memory serves me correctly the gold price spike after 1968 collapsed in half catching many people before the massive run up in prices commenced in the 70s – and the 1974 bust was actually more damaging than the 1968 blip, especially in construction and banking. Your graphic is not clear on this. Present circumstances cannot be compared because in those days there was less interference by Central Banks and money had not been totally captured by them. Today money is a joke but the means of suppression available to ensure compliance with thought bubble paradigms means the joke is on us, unfortunately!
    We are entering a period when Facebook and Google can cause more personal damage to our welfare by selective prejudices or denial of service than a massive sunspot or space warfare. Not to mention our Governments treating citizens like a big feedlot or mushroom farm. When people get hungry the social contract that gave rise to the idea of the State and citizenship collapses. Maybe the idea of a State is already becoming redundant in favour of a plutocracy for those in control.
    Gold is only valuable to those who can afford it in times of stress. As surveillance and control improve the stress goes away – maybe for generations before the natural cycle of random fractals results in system collapse or mother earth rebels 🙂 Until then Gold may be an option for the dispossessed but only if it goes underground in a black market…hmmm.

  5. lee says:

    Markets keep repeating the same song over and over…It is almost like the elites cannot help hide their moves.
    January action spoke the truth again that something big is in the works… The brits exit from Europe. but it also said something about the repeating the move Go back in memory and do your own replay…This recent pullback is the sign given for the large correction comes oct-Nov..
    Everything is calculated and measured so that things happen for a reason…Economic and racial unrest is definetly a game played over and over. so read the signs…
    CYCLES: 1908-2008;;;;;1913 war-2013 war;;;;;; 1922–2022 recovery; rates to climb….;;;;1929–2029
    If one squares root the dates and keeps adding one gets interesting numbers that fall in place…


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