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How Russia is Working Together with China9 min read

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  1. sherwood romanko says:

    in answer to your question about japan, no l do not think it will be allowed to collapse. it is too important to the rest of asia and also to the world.l believe that the U.S. and the rest of Europe will help keep it afloat.

  2. Mark Nickel says:

    Even here in NZ we have just signed an agreement with China allowing trade without converting currency through USD and I believe that Australia is looking to follow suit

  3. KAY says:

    No, Japan and America and every other country will just keep on printing money and manipulation the markets and gold.

  4. Lee says:

    Putin: will win and make alliance with China. Europe no choice on the matter but to deal with Russia for gas is cheaper. War for energy to continue imposing controls on small countries.

    NOW TECHNICALS ON URZ-T. First wave/swing up 0.90cents to 1.89, second swing up from retracement of 1.46 to 2.18 about 70 cents. this is smaller than first swing up (clue). Price is retracing again below the 50 MAV. the 1.46 stands as support. Half of .90 cents =to .45 and 2.18 – .45 =to 1.73 possible stop retrace. Volume is low perhaps meaning that not many people took profits out.Watch for reversal signs.
    Current markets: For those of us who still remember 2001 April correction on the Nasdaq , is history repeating the same swing.If so look also at the swings that took place. Anybody want to share ideas. Stay safe…

  5. jrj90620 says:

    The fiat currency will crash,along with all the other dishonest fiat currencies.That will take care of the debts.Just hold real assets and avoid holding much fiat currency,which is the common stock of bankrupt govts.

  6. Japan only owes yen to itself, so even if there is a big disruption for the reasons listed, the pain will be much less than for Western nations.

    Re “Sales of adult diapers already exceed those made for babies.” …. by weight/boxes or by #s sold? Adult diapers are many times the size of baby’s and often go on for more than 2 yrs so it may exaggerating the demographics???

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