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A Simple Solution to the World’s Debt Problem19 min read

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  1. Bob says:

    Great. Canada has less than a ton of gold on hand. We used to have 1000 tons. But hey, we do owe about 1.3 trillion. Austerity for plebs, junkets for Wynne, Notley,Trudeau and company. Next stop: UN protectorate paying annual carbon tribute to crooked overlords. Enjoy servitude kanuckleheads.

  2. Jameske says:

    Do you mean gold bail out as with Rickards view, that gold could be revalued in an attempt to solve the growing debt problem?

  3. Joe Bugger says:

    Way too much verbiage for me.
    How about: “Buy silver and gold, now”.
    OK, gottit.

  4. Ronald Schumacher says:

    First, let me say that I truly enjoy reading your thought provocative articles.
    In response to the New World Currency question, I believe it was somewhat misleading in how it was worded. If you want to know what “should” happen, my response would be not a whole lot. The USD drops from .419 to .4173 as a percentage of the magical SDR. I doubt that a drop of .0017 is enough to sink the country. Now, if you want to know what “will” happen, my response is “exactly what the deep state wants to happen”; an eventual one world government, one world currency (or payment mechanism) and a one world leadership council. FYI, with regards to a previous article, I purchased my property in Novs Scotia 25 years ago. Better early than late, I guess.

  5. petronius says:

    I have followed your splendid comments and analyses for several years, and I simply want to say thank you.

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