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Why Oil Prices are Rising13 min read

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  1. CBJ says:

    I think the relationship between the strength of the dollar and the price of oil may not be as strong as it appears on the 10-year chart . The chart is linear, appearing to show a fall of about $20 in the price of oil for every 4 point rise in the trade-weighted dollar index (and vice versa). Such a correlation could not extend much beyond the chart’s boundaries, as it would imply an oil price of zero if the index were to climb to around 104, and a negative oil price thereafter. I think a chart showing percentage changes rather than absolute amounts would more clearly demonstrate the relationship between dollar strength and oil prices.

  2. jrj90620 says:

    The Dollar is definitely what will take the America continues expanding our welfare state,causing deficits to soar and the Fed to devalue those deficits.Also,I believe the 40 year oil bull market,1973-2013 is over.So,maybe a standoff,where the Dollar price of oil doesn’t crash or rises,but the real price of oil declines.

  3. Devon Golding says:

    I mistakenly unsubscribed please reinstate

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