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What Happened to NexOptic Technology Corp?16 min read

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  1. Johny Reg says:

    I lived the same situation over and over again with another stock i owed.
    It is painfull to watch and takes à lot of patience.
    TSX denture is ideal for shorts sellers but you just got to get used to it.
    On a second taugh, it would be nice to see NXO broadcast on a Daily planet broadcast and since they are going to releasing their Demo to the grand public on April 04 in Vancouver, i would say that timing is perfect and that could realy hurt the shorts.

    By the way sorry about my english
    I m french Canadian

  2. Ian MacDonald says:

    Four years ago on this date NXO was trading at 12 cents, it currently has a book value of 4 cents, it pays no dividend, its operating margin is zero, a price to earnings ratio can not be calculated. At $2.65, experienced investors would consider it to be vastly over priced. Someone who buys a stock like this is looking for bigger fools than themselves to pay more than they did for the stock. It astounds me that you will find people to actually invest in this stock but I am sure you will.

    I loved your newsletter. You put so much effort into it. I will use it in my own writing as an example to illustrate investing errors.

    1. James says:

      First of all, it would be wise to do some due diligence before posting comments.

      4 years ago, this was not NexOptic.

      And this is speculative investing.

      How much revenue did Tesla have before they sold their first car?

      How much did Facebook?

      How much did Google?

      Sorry, but this isn’t value investing. This is speculative investing. Using price-to-ratios on this is plain stupid.

      Another basher. Go make your 3% per year.

  3. greg says:

    Thanks for posting this article and the original 1st intro piece last year. Looking forward to deal making announcements and good publicity.
    I’m glad I connected to the story. Your intelligent and thorough writing is appreciated. Best wishes to you.
    Greg B.

  4. Andrew says:

    Thank you for the insight. It’s something to pay attention to in the future. I felt it was clearly an over-reaction and put it down to people taking profits to cover margin calls, since the general market was down on those days. Your explanation makes more sense.

  5. Rejean Quiriault says:

    How about the fear of the capital gain tax increase, by the federal budget? did It played a role on the NXO stock on Wednesday?

  6. The gegenerational spending wave is the answer to profits

  7. Jim Lauder says:

    I was on holiday in Curacao when I peeked at my holdings on Tuesday and promptly had a mental heart attack. I know the markets are rigged in favor of the institutions and bankers and immediately assumed a short-selling group was at work. Nevertheless, I did not panic as I am confident the technology will prove sound and successful. I would have purchased more but could not do so as the internet access was not secure.
    Thank you for the detailed analysis. In the future, I will make an effort to take advantage of the ‘shortsters’ folly.

  8. Bob says:

    Short selling should be abolished. Even if you disagree, please visit to fully appreciate the logic and harmful repercussions of this odious practice.

    1. Jim Lauder says:

      Although desirable, that will never happen.

  9. Docell says:

    Congratulations on your foresight. Rewriting Newtonian physics can stir up the most extreme behavior. But someone has to do it!!

  10. Mark says:


  11. Mike Holden says:

    Hi Ivan,

    Love being a part of your newsletter. Also love NXO. Sure would love to see another update to this article in light of this weeks shenanigans by the shorters. Not sure there would be much more to add, other than an update from unveiling.


  12. Joe says:

    This is total manipulation and should be investigated by the Vancouver Exchange (td and anonymous) The companies and the public should have protection against this fraud!!!!!!!
    Vancouver exchange are you a sleep? DO YOUR JOB!!!!!!!!!

  13. Celik says:

    I lost a great amount of money within my means due to that “trick”. It does not look honest from my side to make money at the expense of others or manipulating the market by fear mongering. There should be more checks and balances on the subject by the regulator. It is not enough to have a single circuit breaker to stop the loss.

  14. original says:

    in your disclosure can you add that you have never shorted nxo? that will help us investors.

  15. Jay dee says:

    As a paid promoter of Nexoptic stock your opinions and reporting on this site must be viewed with extreme skeptism.
    I made the mistake of acting on your recommendation for Nexoptic without fully understanding your role as a paid promoter for this and probably other stocks.

  16. Ray Odland says:

    Was this stock just bad judgement or a pump and dump. Looks like the latter to me today

  17. Curious says:

    Do you still follow this company? Does anyone?

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