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Shackling of the Press6 min read

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  1. Timothy Worthington says:

    If you have been watching everything happening, including the testimony from Comey, you can see quite clearly that the problem is not that the media is ‘under attack’. The problem is that the media is ‘on the attack’. There has been a growing problem of the media trying to drive public opinion, and therefore influence policy. Over the past several years this problem has grown exponentially and come to a head with the dismissal of the last shreds of journalistic integrity. The ‘fake news’ tag line is little more than a distraction, with the heart of the problem being much deeper than just the spinning on up to outright lying about anyone who is not a liberal. Deliberate misreporting of facts, as well as selective reporting which are all intended to mislead the public at the hands of those who we are supposed to entrust to bring us a clearer picture of the world around us. Anyone who tries to claim anything different is happening with all of the supporting evidence at this point is either a liar or a fool. As far as claims of treason on the part of trump the bottom line is that it is bs. The illegal surveillance of Trump by the Obama administration (which the media tries its best to ignore) would have brought it up long ago in their desperate attempts to discredit him.
    Moving on to the 1st amendment. As the author points out, there are no special protections for the media but they have the same freedom of speech as everyone else. It is certainly fair to hold them to a higher standard simply due to their ability to influence the public (which has not been done up to this point) “ In other words, Americans have the right to criticize the government, to report honestly, and to hold the government to account.” I agree with the author completely on this point but the key word is ‘Honestly’, and therein lies the problem. Trump has not ‘convinced’ the public that the press are liars, the press has done that well enough on it’s own. And it is not unfair for the President, or anyone else for that matter, to point it out. Journalists are protected from libel if they are honest, so where is the issue? There is no threat to free speech, at least not from the right. The left on the other hand has undeniably tried to silence anyone who does not agree with them, on all fronts, and the media has jumped right on that bandwagon.
    The real issue here is that the media is butthurt about being called out on their actions. And instead of trying to regain the journalistic integrity they have so freely tossed by the wayside, they have doubled down on the same actions that have caused them to lose the faith of the American people. The real threat here is the media, and while freedom of speech must not be infringed, there is no legitimate reason that the media should not be held accountable for its actions.

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