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Water Wars: The New War of the 21st Century13 min read

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  1. Steve Bennett says:

    Greatly agree with your comments on water resources crisis.

    Fracking is a huge domestic (US) threat to drinking water.

    Fracking impact on water is extreme and has been ignored. Up to 6 million gallons per well are injected 5 plus miles into the earth and are forever removed from the ground – sky – ground water cycle unlike almost every other use where the water does eventually get recycled naturally. Fracking water is gone!

    Cases where farmers cannot afford irrigation water to grow crops because fracking companies have bid the price up too high.

    Cases where farmers with their own water make more money selling it to frackers than growing crops.

    Cases where municipalities sell water to fracking depleting their own supply.

    Chemically laced fracking waste water is permitted to be disposed into ground wells directly into water bodies that years ago regulators thought would never be needed for human consumption but now California is considering tapping them.

    Chemically laced fracking waste water in offshore drilling goes directly into the ocean, unregulated

    Also fracking results in pollution of water supplies, flaring excess gases, extreme methane releases, earthquakes, and local transportation/trucking nightmares.

    I get very discouraged at the willingness to destroy water in order to get more oil and natural gas.

    Keep up the fight!!

    Steve Bennett

  2. Tildan says:

    This should be on the front pages of every news outlet, yet they talk about other stuff like the Ferguson shooting to keep our minds off the stuff that affects millions of people.

    The world we live in is a funny place.

    1. Michael5152 says:

      This is part of a global management system. Keep them in the dark and feed them a lot of &&&&&! Mushroom management!

  3. Keith Allen says:

    I spent 48 of my 72 years roaming areas of Northern Ontario, Manitoba and Quebec in the mineral exploration business. Just take your cup or bottle and dip it outside the boat or canoe and just drink the water. We would just pump the lake or creek water to the camp kitchen and use it. At one time I read of a proposal to collect the water from the rivers before they poured into Hudson’s Bay and pump it to the Height Of Land near Kirkland Lake Ontario and gravity would take over and it would run south to where ever it was needed. This may have to be done to help out North American drought areas.
    Catch Canada’s fresh water before it dumps into the salt water and pump or haul it.

  4. People that live in climates that require thousands of gallons of water for their lawns, pools and so on should be the most concerned about the over use of water. Arizona, California, Nevada should all have limited water rationing and maybe, just maybe they wouldn’t be in the dire strait that there in.

  5. Desalination. Expensive but effective. The oceans are their last resort. There is enough money, resources and manpower to put this into action. It may be their only hope. We all need water.

  6. Joe Martin says:

    I have been involved in researching and looking for water answers for well over the past two decades. The Glen Clark government in BC. legislated a proposal we had to export one million acre feet a year of fresh water from the Fraser River – the entire river system is in BC – to California. (BC accounts for about 2% of the world’s fresh water runoff. The annual flow of the Fraser is about 100 million acre feet.Your comments on the Mid East are well taken. However, many African countries do not harvest water. Australia is suffering. Lake Meed is reality. But not enough reporting goes on about the depletion of theUS Ogallala Reservoir which accounts for about 30% of US irrigation – plus a lot for human consumption. California provides US/Canada with the majority of its non-banana fruit and vegetables. No civilization has ever survived on irrigation – yet. Will we succeed? Water is understood by many – but not by the markets. Watch for the resurgence of North American Water and Power Alliance (NAWPA or NAWAPA) which was prominent in the 50s.

  7. Michael5152 says:

    A part of the solution is to encourage birth control. There are far too many people on our planet completing for too few scarce resources. The second thing is to tackle climate change fully and not half heatedly as it done at present. However, I still think that the world is on the cusp of a new world war.

  8. Dave says:

    You should look to the US involvement with Europe in attacking Libya under Qaddafi. He had a plan in place to deliver fresh water to all of the country’s citizens and we used a lie to remove him. Look at the disaster we now have. The rich keep getting richer and our current regime is deeply involved. Look at the actions and outcomes, not the rhetoric. The State Dept. was deeply involved in gun running for the express purpose of getting arms for the Syrian rebels and our FBI is managing the coverup.

  9. Ronald Adler says:

    Great article. I told a friend of mine-it’s time to start building cisterns and to buy land with glaciers on it. Though I live in Canada- nation with huge freshwater resources, we too already have areas with water shortages. Who knows, maybe that will be the issue that leads us to future strife between our countries. I sure hope not.
    I saw a show last year where orchardists in the US were tearing up THOUSANDS of trees because they couldn’t afford to water them anymore. And this was just at the start of the problem. So “I drink to your health” will really mean something different in the future. Pray for rain.

  10. brian says:

    answer – CWCO – desalinates sea water….don’t miss the train, just starting to take off….

  11. Lee says:

    Look up the word HEGEMONY on Wikipedia
    How the US won over UK and the US dollar currency reserve was established
    The Evil of the world. One country dictating what all other must do
    One comes to a more realization of what Foreign Policy dictates and the troubles it brings to us all..
    If one controls the water supply then all else is controlled.

  12. Lee says:


    a message to JUSTIN TRUDEAU (Liberal Party)

    Phase out the FED. Stop the Servitude of many just for a few. Cause of inflation the deflation on our currency is about 90%. stop this robbery/legalized…. B.S. economics.. Between 1974 (free-trade implementation(Conservatives) the growth of inflation is unbearable and cannot be sustained. we are heading for DISASTER. We are intelligent enough to govern our own economics and future.This is not what I want for my Kids and future linkage.
    The exchange of fictitious assets for Real Assets (LABOR ASSET) is outmost illegal on all its aspects yet Politicians do NADA.

    P.S. Steven Harper visited Israel with a monetary gift $$$$. without the permission of Canadians but this is what happens when the People have no control. A month or so later the War started… ARE WE FIANCING THE WAR…. This is B.S…. the homeless just Toronto would appreciated the gift .etc. Did anyone connect the dots. or is it just me going blank. here..I do not blame Mr. Harper for under the current government structure/institution his instructions come from way up above most can’t perceive- imagine.

    Corporations should be Looking after the population along with Government not the other way around.
    Government should be responsible in looking after the Elderly and the Young. DON’T KNOW HOW.?. ask me. its quite easy.

    Nationalize the Human necessities for survival, such as banks, food, Transportation,water etc/gas. this is a JOKE and politicians don’t get it cause they work for a Foreign corporation..(UK).. we all should do our home work. in understanding how things are. I have no interest in UK

    Stop sending oil to USA and instead refine it here in Canada. build the jobs here. Build our own cars here and stop this robbery of hidden agenda taxation based on free trade.

    Nationalize our resources for with them we have all we need. Stop giving out our needs now and future needs of survival. We do not need outside controls specially on our basic survival needs now and future. Corporations should pay taxes based on simple math.

    Simplify the personal Tax return form to one page. Dissolve tax loopholes specially for corporations.Foreign corporations should leave their Canadian derived wealth in Canada.

    North Pole. We need to seriously establish the Canadian boundary for there is much energy for future survival of the Canadian Population
    We must think long term so that our sons and future generations are not forced into economic misery of Free Trade. For those who do not understand economics the Word Free misleads everyone. Wake up..this is masonry language.. These are obligations we Canadians can do without. There are better ways to do commerce-economics

    Canada should become the Leader in Technology.
    With no debt and allot of assets by the exchange or fictious-monetary assets for Real Asset (Labor Asset) we can surely achieve this and be an example on how free society should live and look like.

    Increase our Military Force, a Peaceful -force in order to protect our interests and guard ,Our Land.
    We shall not be dependent on any-one-else. but our Selves. by so doing we become servient to ideologies that may not fit our aspirations as a People/Country

    If Justin Trudeau does not Know How to get Canada Free of Debt in a very short time. I am sure that there are others like me who have received the wisdom to know HOW…. contact me if you wish..

    We do not want politicians. We want direct Government , full disclosure on all aspects. For the People by the People. Monarchies are not part of our future. All empires come to an end of their cycle.(history)
    Mother Earth belongs to all those who live on it. not just a few.
    There are no special People for the God given Rights encompasses all Souls… this is major Law breaking.
    Countries are simply territories to help manage a Population.

    P.S. Pierre Trudeau at least brought us some of the Human Rights however funny enough under our Canadian Constitution it does not say where the rest of the Human Rights are. For those who look for them they are under the International Treaty which is not much talked about. or known. by public.

    Education: Learning the cycles of life stages so that tru-education we can teach the population of their responsibility as a citizen towards one-another and rid of the self EGO. so that society can live peacefully as one Soul that we Are. .
    Education beyond what they DO NOT want us to KNOW is the HOW to evolve a Society to the next level by EVOLUTION FREEDOM. given by the constituents of Universal-Law.
    Here is a good one: How many Canadians ever study the Charter or Rights and the Canadian Constitution Law; Bills of Exchange.etc. Only then can a Citizen have enough basic information to Understand the Principles of the Province and Federal Government & Laws and their aims.
    OH God How much there is to Change and Grow. this is an outmost responsibility of good governing bodies.
    We do not want our people blind but rather fully alert-awakened.

    LABOR ASSET: Mine and Your Physical being. How this temple of God has been manipulated-enslaved AND hardly understood by the masses. and only if they understood the power of it.
    This most Important ASSET of them All. For without Labor nothing gets created in this dimension frequency.
    FED & loose Banking institutions: How they have deprived the happiness of Human Souls on Mother Earth of their Freedom. How the EGO of very few has controlled the evolution of mankind. And worst of all is the lack of disclosure both on governing bodies and the Law.

    I’m 57 already & this Immigrant who loves this Land of Ours, will continue to Peacefully pray for a Peaceful transaction of what must come in this Golden Age Cycle.

    Oh Canada I stand on Guard for Thee.
    and charge you with pure love and Evolution Freedom. My beautiful Earth- Home. for which I am willing to give my life for you.

    PLEASE make sure that Justin Trudeau gets to read this email.

    You may post this email…
    yours truly, without prejudice

  13. Bill Macy says:

    Great issue! Thanks. It is always amazing to me how much we take our water supply for granted. I am currently working on rejuvenating a well on our property for use as a garden supply and a backup for the town supply. Although very local, my effort has been spurred by seeing so many people around the world with such limited amounts of good water. Thanks again for your wake-up article.

  14. F.a. says:

    All of this big water issue could be the less relevant problem in the future. Desalination producers greatly underestimate about future’s technology – is surprising and can be often associated with miracles. This will bring solutions unexpectedly.
    All the countries cited above have a great deal of sunshine duration. Desalination plants would run effortless and cheap, if you were to pour All it takes is an initial investment and challenge – in order to have unlimited water supply – is merely draw seawater from coastlines, and evapourating the continuous flow under the sun until all evapourates at a certain point.
    To put it simple just let the seawater run down into a large network of diaphanous (in this case the glass condenses water better than plastic and steel for disinfection) pipelines across all US (this would cost approximately as building oil pipelines).
    As soon as the water is condensed off the semicircular glass top, it drips down a duct below where the potable water is collected all across the potable water network, and then send it further treatments or use it as it is for agricultural use (having the greater percentage of water use). The remainder is removed with a strong flush system that carries away all brine to a concrete basin where once is all dry it can be sold as sodium chloride for kitchen or any other uses.
    The funny fact is that you can create huge artificial rivers, lakes of pure water flowing even in the barren areas, with no electric charges.

  15. F.a. says:

    The powers that be should know that the blue gold is a big investment nowadays, and pretty feasible and achievable with this method. You pay nothing after the inital investment, pump water out of the ocean and get huge rivers in return, i mean – not financial liquidity from your water corporation bills.

  16. Jacob Veenstra says:

    If you want to upset a Canadian political meeting, stand up and say that we

  17. Jacob Veenstra says:

    If you want to cause an uproar in Canadian political meeting stand up and say that we should sell the water currently flowing North and sell it to our neighbors to the south.
    The real problem is that under Stephen Harper we are following Republican policies and Citenzens United. President Abraham Linoln’s
    dictum “that government of the people, for the people and by the people” is dead. We now have government “of the corporations, for the corporations and by the corporations.” Our future is doomed.

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